Trainspotting Live

Theatre (immersive, drama)

  • Pleasance at EICC - Cromdale Tunnel
  • 15:30, 17:45
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: King's Head and In Your Face presented by James Seabright
  • Warnings and additional info: Re-entry to the show will not be permitted. This show contains audience participation, nudity, scenes of sexual violence, violence, strong language and triggering themes. Traditional seating is individual seats; general seating is padded benches.
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    Wheelchair Accessible Toilets
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  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years
Re-entry to this show is not permitted for safety reasons. Seating Note: General Admission seating is padded benches without a seat back. Traditional seating is individual chairs with backs.


Acclaimed immersive adaptation of Irvine Welsh's classic, staged in celebration of the book's 30th anniversary in a unique, bespoke venue. The audience are literally part of the action, including the notorious 'worst toilet in Scotland' scene. Back after six sold-out Fringe seasons, this is a ticket to ride you won't soon forget, so book early! Choose life. 'A big fat hit!' (NME). 'Best way to experience Trainspotting. I was shocked, and I wrote the f*cking thing!' (Irvine Welsh). 'Must see for fans of the novel and film' **** (Telegraph). 'Will get you laughing and screaming' (Time Out).

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Nathaniel Paul-Collis 24 days ago

Great high stakes performances all around, great lighting, etc. I was always on edge wondering if I was going to be victim to having poo thrown on me. I thought Olivier Sublet was an absolute star. Thanks for the great immersive experience.

shannon c 25 days ago

What a ride…this show was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I’m so glad I did. The music, the clothes, the attitude…everything was spot on to re-create the 90s. Actors were fantastic.

Paul Devine 26 days ago

This was my third time seeing this. I think that says something. It's absolutely tremendous. A gem of the fringe and a must-see. I think Begbie was the only new actor since the last time I saw it, and he surpassed expectations.

Go all in and sit near the middle at the front. Get sat on and insulted by Renton, squared up to and kissed by Begbie, held onto by Tommy and threatened with a pool cue by Sick Boy. Be a part of the show. It's some buzz!

Ellen Quinn 26 days ago

Amazing! Fantastic! What a show!. The actors put their heart and soul into this performance and from the second we entered the room they were convincing in their roles! This show took us through a wave of emotions. Loved it so much I came back the following week bringing 5 friends along who arrived uncertaiin it was a show for them but I was convinced they would love it and I was right. They also thought it was fabulous. Well done to all involved. Just brilliant. If you're there next year my husband and I will be back to see you again. Folks go see this show!!!!! It's one you'll remember and will be talking about weeks after you see it!

Seona 26 days ago

Absolutely fantastic show. Was almost more enjoyable watching other audience members reaction to it! Will definitely come see this again next year.

Dr. Anthony Drew 31 days ago

This was one of the best pieces of live performance I have ever seen. While the story may be familiar, the interactivity makes this immersive experience comfortably uncomfortable (which was thrilling). The show then knocks you out with amazing performances by a wildly talented cast of actors. The lighting and directing were spectacular, and the soundtrack incredible. I highly recommend seeing this show; and I hope to see it again.


Andy & Autumn 31 days ago

Breath-taking. A powerful and entirely immersive adaptation of a modern classic. Energy that pumps you through the roof and then drags you under the floorboards.

Audience participation is not requested, you have no choice. Prepare yourself to be part of it, wherever you're sat.

Derek Mclay 31 days ago

Trainspotting Live is one of the best shows I’ve been to in my life. Absolutely brilliant. The highest highs and the lowest lows. I think it’s a must see for your fringe calendar

David Currie 32 days ago

Definitely worth the ride. Plenty of shock moments and nostalgia for those whove known Trainspotting the 1996 film right from the beginning. You never know how low they're going to stoop and if you'll be chosen. That's the fun of it all. Prepare to be offended and deeply thankful because of it. Raw Scotland at its glorious best. Book now!

Amy Walker 33 days ago

2nd time seeing this show and would not hesitate to recommend time and time again. An unmissable immersive experience! (Espically when like me you unwittingly find yourself sat next to THEE toilet (if you know,you know))

Iliyana Dimitrova-Milusheva 35 days ago

Mind blowing performance. Anger, confusion, disgust, excitement, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, relief, appreciation, etc… I have never felt so many different emotions in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Never. If you are in Edinburgh Trainspotting Live is a must-see. ❤️

Douglas 35 days ago

Choose noise choose lights choose tits choose bums choose shite choose smack CHOOSE THIS!!

Venetia Curtis 36 days ago

This is the third time I’ve seen this show. I last saw it in London at the Kings Head in London 7 years ago and came out speechless - I’m never speechless! I went home and immediately booked it again! Seeing it at the fringe this year was so fantastic. The same Tommy who is phenomenal. The whole cast have an unbelievable energy and ability to form at 100% all the way through …. Which given the high octane of the 70 minutes it’s beyond impressive. If the production team read this please can you come back to London asap!! This is without doubt one of the best shows to have ever been.

Lindsay 38 days ago

This is without a doubt the best show I have ever seen. The cast were absolutely amazing. Hoping it goes on tour again after this as I feel compelled to tell everyone I know to go to see it and can’t wait to go again myself. It was so much rawer to see as a play than the film, so powerful. The immersive experience is amazing, the staging incredible, I was absolutely blown away by everything about this piece of theatre.

Gianluca 38 days ago

That was amazing. Get ready to laugh, cry … and get dirty (literally)!

Loved it!

Will 39 days ago

Unmissable. I’d been initially worried it might defend into poverty porn but the script and actors dealt with the utter hopelessness of addiction and poverty beautifully.

Feel like I’ll be thinking about this one for a long time.

As others say, it’s a visceral, immersive show - do not wear your Sunday best.

Michael Calderone 39 days ago

Visceral, real, immediate. Not for the faint of heart with many triggers including needles, used condoms, full frontal nudity, and litres of liquid excrement (do NOT wear white or your best outfit to this show - you've been warned). Dare I say better casting then the movie? These actors are SPOT ON, interactive, reactive, and yet at the same time aware of their audience's needs. If they target you individually, know they will not take you farther than you are prepared to to. I am glad this was the last show I saw on the Fringe this year. A true EDINBURGH experience.

Shirley H 40 days ago

The infamous toilet scene is revisited and represents the degradation that drug taking has reduced the characters to. The cast members do a sterling job with high levels of fearless energy and enthusiasm. Lots of bad language, scenes that are at times harrowing and audience members suddenly finding themselves as part of the action. This play has the power to shock and make you laugh in equal measures. I loved it!! 5*

Stephen Haining 41 days ago

This is the second time I have been to Trainspotting Live and it was just as visceral as the first. Absolutely sensational show. The performances are incredible, the show is shocking and in your face and interactive.

I can't ever see a time where I won't go and see Trainspotting Live when it's touring from now on. Incredible show.

Julie White 42 days ago

What a show! Fantastic acting and plenty audience participation! Be warned! Such great energy and one of the best shows I’ve seen at the fringe.

Ege Atila 42 days ago

"Wait, theatre could be this?" This was quite literally all I was thinking about throughout the show. An incredibly eye-opening theatre experience with stellar performances, exceptional direction and a brilliant script. Choose Trainspotting Live.

Rosemary Hopkin 44 days ago

Wow! Wild and fast moving, gritty and grim. Super well acted and definitely worth seeing. Not for the faint-hearted perhaps so be ready for some shocking stuff. I haven’t seen the film and I still thought it was fantastic!

Rachel Coster 45 days ago

THIS SHOW WAS THE BEST THING IVE SEEN AT FRINGE it also might be the best bit of theater I’ve seen in ages. It was so f***ing fun! The actors are all sensational and gorgeous and funny and touching. It’s so immersive and funny and exciting. My heart was racing with the music and dancing and hotties. The cast had so much heart and love for eachother it was unbelievable to witness. I am begging everyone I meet to go experience Trainspotting live. Cannae believe how much fun I had hahah how’s my Scottish. I would go every single day if I could.

Charlie 45 days ago

Absolutely spectacular! One of the best things I've ever seen.

Kerrie Mumford 47 days ago

Wow, what a finale to our Edfringe experience. Coming from the Trainspotting generation this was a must see... This really is a must see! From the way Trainspotting Live is produced, it's a completely immersive up close experience, like no other show. Casting was amazing, performance outstanding. An emotional rollercoaster, true to the heart of the book and movie, bought to you live in a new but epic way. You may already have read the book and watched the film. But if you're at the Fringe, go and see it live too.

Caz 47 days ago

I am a long-time fringe goer and when I first heard of trainspotting live I thought why have they turned this in to a musical? One sentence this IS NOT A MUSICAL! However, the soundtrack is perfect. I would say only go if you are familiar with the book and or film as there are very hard hitting themes. The cast performances are outstanding, they adopt every character to the letter. This show is truly gobsmacking, jaw dropping, adrenaline pumping, mind blowing and transforming.

Shona Mcintosh 47 days ago

Unmissable, immersive, hilarious, shocking. Just dont sit near the toilet! 5*****

Edinburgh born and bred 47 days ago

Immersive theatre at its best, not for the faint hearted …. Go see you won’t be disappointed!!

Pernickety Pumpkin 48 days ago

Utterly unmissable - was convinced it wasn't my kinda thing, came out at the end thinking it was the best thing ever! So, so, so cleverly done and superbly acted not to mention the brilliant staging in every way. Had refused to see the film, now determined to watch it!!!

S431lab 48 days ago

Had no idea what to expect but just like the book and film this was hard hitting, funny, upsetting and provocative. The cast were utterly fearless and I left the theatre thinking I need to come back and see this again !!

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 31 days ago

A truly memorable and nostalgic performance that’s well worth seeing

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Theatre Travels 38 days ago

A piece of genius in all its iterations, the essence of Trainspotting has been not only captured but enhanced in this play.

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WestEndBestFriend (5/5 stars) 41 days ago

This is definitely one you cannot afford to miss! Choose Live. Choose Immersive. Choose Trainspotting.

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