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Winner: Top-tier Fringe World Martin Sims Award 2019. Winner: Adelaide Tour-Ready Award 2019. Winner: Best Circus Fringe World Weekly 2019. Sugar, spice, and apparently "nice". With our bloody good sense of humour, we're going to rip into the uncomfortable using high-flying acrobatics, absurd confessions and groovy dancing. Get ready to witness a powerhouse of female circus performers kick art in the face. ‘Everything contemporary circus should be’ (Danny Delhunty, Melbourne Fringe Producer).

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Ry Herman 84 days ago

Fantastic show. I saw it at the recommendation of the folks who run Missy's Vegan Cake Box, making the assumption that anyone who makes desserts that good can't have bad taste. In this case, at least, that proved to be entirely correct. The show was hilariously funny, had great choreography throughout, and featured one of the best aerial pieces I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

Gabi File 86 days ago

We saw this on a whim and I am really glad we did. It was absolutely hilarious and I was crying with laughter at some parts. It was unlike anything I had seen before and I'm not sure how I would describe it - but I really enjoyed it and it was nice to see something different. For those reviewers who didn't like the show - I would question why they felt uncomfortable with it and I think this is more a reflection of them then the content. Nothing they cover isn't true or a reflection of what is happening in society. And surely fringe is about seeing things which are a bit different and being open minded? Well done ladies!!! :)

Bruce Bunch 91 days ago

Sad to see some reviewers missed the outrageously funny satire of this amazingly talented group of Aussie women. Fabulous dance numbers, group acrobatics and side splitting monologues. Plus some great beer chugging and aerial routines. So don't bring the kiddies and any misogynists and you will see one of the funniest and most creative shows at the fringe.

Tripp 93 days ago

Ummm, this show is not 12+ but should be 15+ or more. There was literally nothing I liked about this show, but I'm a grown man. Sadly my wife and daughters walked out so there goes that audience also. The humor was base, the dancing was meh, there was no circus action and the topics were just meant to shock with no real substance. I saw 5 shows that were free (and 5-8 paid) and all were better during this fringe experience. I appreciate the work and effort it takes to make these shows, and this is my first ever bad review. Sorry.

Jeannette Longworth 94 days ago

This is not a show for faint-hearted men, but is definitely a show that everyone else will enjoy. Laughed until my sides hurt and left wondering if at 55 it was too late to run away and join the circus!

G C 95 days ago

They gave the male chauvinist in me a really hard slap! But I was laughing and marveling at their acrobatic capers too much to care. Excellent Circus style entertainment with a big streak of Australian Female humor.

D 95 days ago

If you like watching women doing gymnastics, performing and talking about menstruation, smearing Nutella in the face, showing pixeled penis and doing silly noises... this will be a recommendation. Otherwise better go somewhere else.

Angie 98 days ago

This show is crazy funny, one big comment on the young female experience, from dealing with period embarrassments to unwanted sexts. Seriously worth the price - go see this!!

Shelley 99 days ago

An incredible performance that proves women can be both strong and very funny - who would have believed it?

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Broadway World (3/5 stars) 78 days ago

Yuck Circus is an all-female circus troupe that uses typical circus techniques to tell women's stories. Striding onstage with painted on moustaches and thrusting their bulging crotches at the audience, they kick things off with a hilarious display of 'lad' culture. The highlights for me were the acrobatic segments. These...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 78 days ago

This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe sees YUCK Circus pull down the pants of the patriarchy in a bares-all, feminist romp. Sporting kohl moustaches, the seven-strong Australian troupe take to stereotypical masculinity, their hands thrust down the front of their underwear. The fabric already bursting with impressive bulges, this group’s penchant...

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Circus Talk 83 days ago

Their irreverence and honesty hits the perfect mark over and over again, as when Dequara introduces an aerial act with , “You thought you were going to go to an all-female show and NOT see an aerial act?! You thought you were going to go to an all-female show and not see someone singing?” Followed up by a hilarious narrated silks act with the expressive clown, Ella Norton playing the guitar and providing sound effects that had people rolling in the aisles.

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UK Theatre Web (4/5 stars) 87 days ago

Loved it, brash, bold and beautiful!

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 91 days ago

Given that half the world gets them, precious little is spoken about periods on stage. ...

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The F Word 92 days ago

It’s a terrifically good show with later sketches making fun of at overwrought plays about periods, online gendered abuse and cheesy chat up lines.

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Fest (3/5 stars) 94 days ago

Why should female circus artists be expected only to perform aerial silks and floor work? Why do men get to take the lead in strength skills, as the base of towers and lifts? Not so in YUCK Circus, a troupe that smashes industry tropes with a subtle nod and wry...

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ThreeWeeks (4/5 stars) 95 days ago

Armed with serious acrobatic chops and a playlist absolutely stuffed with bangers, YUCK Circus have arrived from Australia to show Edinburgh a bloody good time. Underbelly’s Circus Hub continues an outstanding programme with this truly talented septet, who are as comfortable cracking jokes as they are standing on the tops...

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Total Theatre 96 days ago

‘Sisters are Doing it For Themselves’ blares out as we take our seats. The family next to me in the queue have a young girl of around 10 or 11 in their party, and they ask an usher if the show is suitable for her. There may be some things...

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The Times [paywall] (3/5 stars) 96 days ago

Now in its fifth consecutive season, Underbelly’s Circus Hub has helped to raise the profile of Fringe circus by programming a roster of international productions in two tents — one for large-scale shows, the other for more intimate performances — on the Meadows. This year, as in the past, the...

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The List (4/5 stars) 99 days ago

All-female Australian troupe with bags of strength, agility and humour...

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