Singing Sands

Theatre (dark comedy, contemporary)

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Singing Sands is a touching yet dark comedy about how the death of a loved one can sometimes be the only way to restore old bonds. Set on the remote Hebridean Isle of Eigg in Scotland, two siblings return to their late Gran’s house only to find her stuff loaded into a van and their long-lost cousin. They’ve all got until the ferry arrives to reconcile, grieve and resist battering each other.

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Emma 26 days ago

Singing sands was a beautifully written and performed show by all three actors. The way the story was so relatable with many moments of laughter but also bring you to tears touching on a topic that everyone at some point goes through in life was perfect. Looking forward to other performances by Oor Theatre!

Cath Barrett 26 days ago

This show was just wonderful in so many ways.
For a Fringe debut, Oor Theatre has absolutely knocked it out the park! The play is so well written and dynamic, making you laugh out loud to then have you in tears shortly after. The themes of death and grief universally affect us all and are captured so realistically in this piece. Lovely touch to have support resources available after the show too.
The already-fantastic script is then taken to a new level by the performance of all 3 actors. They are a trio that compliment each other so well, with each character being distinct and cast perfectly.
An absolute wee gem of a Scottish theatre piece - this is the beginning of something big for Oor Theatre without question.
Congratulations guys!

Dominic Williams 27 days ago

Their first show as a theatre company and they’ve knocked it out the park. The consistent pace, comedy and energy pulls you in and holds your attention. It ended and all I wanted was to see more of the loveable characters. I became invested in their individual stories instantly. When those characters clashed or came together I was suckered up by the endless amount of talent these three actors have. They bounce off each other so well and their chemistry is comes across perfectly. A faultless play and I CANNOT wait for what they do next.

mark gorman 27 days ago

Today's absolute treat was Singing Sands at Greenside Ivy by a new company called Oor Theatre. My first ever visit to this old school venue.

Aside from the cramped seating and uncomfortable chairs everything else about this little gem of a venue was outstanding, especially the show.

Set on the tiny Scottish Island of Eigg a brother and sister have been arranging and attending their Gran's funeral, whilst unbeknown to them their cousin Ali has set up home at Gran's house. The show opens with Ali (Hugo Shack) rummaging through a box of Gran's belongings which leads to a hilarious imagined conversation between them with only an old pair of Gran's spectacles as a prop. It works brilliantly and sets the tone for this new piece of theatre which is hilarious and a little poignant too.

The writing by Shack, Eilidh Park and Sean Russell (the other two performers in this three hander) is terrifically on point and every single joke (there are many, and some particularly subtle) land perfectly. I laughed out loud many times.

It's fresh, original, funny and beautifully crafted, deserving another life outside of this short, but sold out, run in Edinburgh.

The show explores the relationship between the siblings and their black sheep cousin, taking them back through childhood memories to the Singing Sands of the title, (a natural phenomenon in several locations in Western Scotland) and whilst death is the construct on which the show is based, and leads to some great gags, it's really about familial love, loyalty and the power of blood ties.

Highly recommended.

Michelle Russell 28 days ago

A beautifully written and performed piece of work. The story felt incredibly real and relatable. I wish I could go back to watch it again, it was that good!

I believe I have just witnessed the start of a very successful career for Oor Theatre. The trio’s ability to provoke so much emotion on stage and throughout the audience was nothing short of incredible.

Thank you for a delightful afternoon. 
A truly hidden gem.

Kenneth Russell 28 days ago

Singing Sands is a dark, poignant comedy that deftly deals with the traditionally taboo topics of life and death with intricate performances throughout.

With a sharply written and well structured script the subject matter is handled with all the due care and attention it deserves allowing the young trio to turn in mature performances that belie their tender years. Each element combines to produce a piece of work that is riotously funny, achingly tender and beautifully heartfelt from start to finish.

Having already created a show that will live long in the memory I feel privileged to have bore witness to their blossoming talents and shared some part of their embryonic journey to undoubted success.

Despite it's many sell out shows Singing Sands remains to me an underappreciated triumph that embodies everything that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe should be about. Bravo!

Jeannie Gray 28 days ago

One word WOW

This show was one of the most beautiful shows I have ever watched and the balance between humour, tears and reflection this amazing trio managed to capture was just mind blowing.
So proud of you all and cannot wait to see what you all do next. Well done for putting “oor theatre” on the map. So much talent and you captivated the whole audience regardless of age.
Such a lovely touch at the end too with the mention of bereavement support, sign posting and the “wee dram”.
To perform a show like you all did and then showcase the important message at the end was very humbling to see.
Well done guys xxx

Archie Middleton 29 days ago

Shame it’s sold out (although not really because they’ve earned it) but this is a fantastically written and wonderfully performed look at bereavement through the lens of being someone’s cousin in Scotland. Entirely authentic and very honest, which is rare these days. I look forward to seeing what each of these very talented performers does next, and you should too.

Louisa 29 days ago

Absolutely spectacular performances from Eilidh, Sean, and Hugo. They wrote, produced, and performed a captivating play which made me laugh, cry, and contemplate life and death. They played with the audience's emotions then buttered us up with a dram at the end, what more could you want!? 12/10, amazing!

Kat Harrison 29 days ago

What a gorgeous show! Gave me a good laugh then tugged on my heart strings. A beautiful reflection of grief, family dynamics and from a very Scottish perspective. Absolutely loved it, not sure if there’s any tickets left but if you can snag one it is well worth it!

Scott T 29 days ago

Saw this yesterday. What an absolute Scottish treat.

Beautiful new writing by Oor Theatre. The dialogue felt natural, the characters were relatable and likeable, and brilliant sound/lighting design.

Favourite moment was definitely the cigar box… I’ll no spoil it.

Wholesome, emotional, and insightful. Well done! Cannot wait to see what Oor Theatre brings next.

William Rendle 29 days ago

Enjoyed the performance. Good to see up-incoming Scottish Actors put on a show at the Fringe. Would recommend seeing the show, Hope you do another show next year(and your father too)!

Douglas Jeffrey 29 days ago

Excellent performance , witty, subtle and very moving. Sometimes found ourselves laughing and crying at the same time.

John Mcghee 29 days ago

Best of the day for me. Laughed and cried during this show which dealt with family, loss and grief with skill and sensitivity. Very surprised to learn that it was the first thing the trio had written. The humour was well placed and well timed. All three performances were excellent. I would thoroughly recommend seeing this and will be searching for more from this group.

A 30 days ago

This play perfectly balances themes of grief and bereavement with truthful and relatable comedy between the three characters. In a refreshingly touching (and Scottish) story, it pulls you side to side from laughter to tears so naturally. Also in the small moments that this dialogue-driven play provides, the lighting and sound is worked perfectly to provide atmosphere without being distracting.

A rare find by a young scottish trio, that really digs into the heart of what the fringe is all about. A must see.

Sharon Gandy 30 days ago

Vibrant, funny show. Very touching and moving in parts. Explored loss, disappointment, grief, love, kinship lightly yet with depth too. Brilliantly performed, lovely rapport between the actors and with the audience.
Excellent show for all ages.

Jean Fraser 31 days ago

This is a traditional play with strong characters, distinct relationships and a heartfelt message.
I have not laughed and then cried at the theatre for over fifteen years. I laughed five times and cried twice. Also it is a real Scottish play in a Fringe dominated by London or US productions.
There is light weegie humour and powerful ancient story telling about the Isle of Eigg. Both tender and raucous.
It reminds me of the early days of 7:84 with few props and a powerful theme.

Dave Park 31 days ago

This is a wonderful show that shines a lens on the complexity of grief, loss and stress when we are bereft.
The show gets the right balance between comedy and poignant reflection . Well written with superb acting . Well done oor theatre looking forward to further productions

Norman Brown 31 days ago

I really enjoyed this production. It was very real - sad and emotional but also very funny in parts. All three players were brilliant. I would certainly recommend it.

Ryan O 32 days ago

Ended up seeing this by freak occurrence, went in without any big expectations, but was really impressed.

All three of the performers were excellent, the comedic elements landed great, and the story they tell is very heartfelt.

Apparently it was their first time putting something like this together, but you’d never have guessed, very well done all round

Gillian Robertson 32 days ago

A great show - true to life, so Scottish - funny, sad, poignant, tender - all the emotions!
Amazing actors. Highly recommend to all!

Sandra Inglis 32 days ago

Fantastic show, emotional, funny, totally relatable and great acting.

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