Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

Comedy (musical theatre, improv)

  • Pleasance Courtyard - The Grand
  • 21:10
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: The Showstoppers / Something for the Weekend
  • Warnings and additional info: Due to the improvised nature of this show, performances may contain strong language.
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The Olivier Award-winning West End hit is back! Every night is opening night for the hottest new musical in town! There's just one problem, the writer hasn't penned a note and needs your help! A hilarious musical comedy made up on the spot using audience suggestions, this multi award-winning must see show is back at Edinburgh Festival for a 14th year. A Fringe favourite, your Edinburgh experience is incomplete without it! 'The funniest improv on the Fringe’ *****( 'Achingly funny...worth seeing again and again’ *****(Time Out). 'Had me weeping with laughter’ *****(Mail On Sunday).

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Richard Vanryne 95 days ago

This just blew my mind. How these guys are able to create such polished, hilarious, silly, brilliant, clever content ON-THE-FLY, is completely beyond me. Next level talent from the cast and the band and the tech. Awesome.

Jakob Creighton 96 days ago

The entire cast just radiates energy! They embrace plot-twists with vigour and vivacity! The band is perfectly suited for the show, with the two musical directors using their specialities within the musical theatre canon to truly compliment the story action. There is a never a dull moment.

Avril Ritchie 96 days ago

A talented group with lots of energy. An enjoyable show - a fine way to end our Fringe day.

Samuel Murray 96 days ago

Ice to See You to See You Ice was a marvel of entertainment sticking to the audience led skeleton structure and then creating a story that unfolds with hilarity and warmth. What this actors do is nothing short of breath taking and the musicians really bring out the best in them allowing for dramatic shifts that are side splittingly funny!

Karen O'Mahoney 97 days ago

What a blast! Our show was called Two Hearts and the location was a magicians' speed dating venue :):):) So clever, witty and funny, brilliant cast of actors and musicians. The 'eye lock and the clap' will live with me for quite a while:)

Sheila McD 98 days ago

Acting, singing, dancing & inventive comedy all rolled into the one show. There is so much talent in this show, it could be annoying…but I was laughing too much to mind.

Carola Martin-Smith 98 days ago

Lots of fun!

Holly 98 days ago

Loved every second. The cast and witty and very talented, the best thing we saw at the fringe all week!

Jim Campbell 100 days ago

Ice to See You to See You Ice…!!! Best show I’ve seen at the Fringe by far!! Hilarious, entertaining and such great music. If you haven’t seen Showstoppers go see it, it’s just awesome!!

Amy Miller 100 days ago

Unbelievable talent, this show is must see. I really wanted to see it twice this year and that speaks for itself! These guys are truly artists, including the fantastic band, and it always leaves me wondering how on earth they pull it off every night with the same incredible quality. I have rated only two shows 5 stars this year, and this is one of them.

Linda Watt 101 days ago

Fabulously talented cast and funny too. Have been before. Great entertainment

MB London 102 days ago

We went twice in a week, both shows outstanding

Matt Foley 102 days ago

Phenomenally talented cast. So good my daughter went two nights running and was buzzing from both shows.
Clever, funny, engaging and a bloody great night out.
Improv is a wonderful art and this cast are superb.
A must see show.

tim fagan 102 days ago

Incredible jaw dropping virtuosity. How do they do it? A hugely entertaining performance.

JB 102 days ago

This is a fringe must-see if you like improv. Absolutely genius skills, great songs, and an insanely talented cast

Declan 'TéléDex-BaBrBo' Bracewell 103 days ago

Got to see a show about an (unsuccessfully well-kept) Elephant sanctuary, with American accents suddenly transitioning to a family with Surrey accents. As for the songs, I wish to get access to these songs, because they were all genius, the host of the show kept outstanding control of the audiences' wishes for styles of musicals, and the actors and musicians on board. The actors are proper geniuses, I would have gone more than once, and I probably will, soon.

Jonathan Hassell 103 days ago

Second year in a row watching this captivating company. As they say - every night is different. Both of those we saw were hilarious. Would definitely go again

Maple Baker 104 days ago

I must have gone on a bad day for them but god it was dull for the most part. Some really funny parts from the improv comedy side of things but nothing added at all from the music except intensely repetitive choruses. Huge day for fans of plagiarism and cultural stagnation though!

Alice 105 days ago

Such incredible talent, ensemble work, choreography, lights, set changes, rhyme, plot, style characters and most of all singing with harmonies and fantastic nuanced music. Wham! What a show!

Ellie Baker 105 days ago

Really funny show performed by geniuses in improvisation - wish I could’ve gone more than once to see how it changed

Emily B 105 days ago

Another absolutely flawless show, and a masterclass in improv theatre. A must-see for everyone!

Robin Bernstein 107 days ago

Absolutely hilarious! Treat yourself

David Geisert 107 days ago

The improvisational skills were on point, and the performance was coherent and well executed. The variety of music and depth of character they were able to fit into the improvisation was astounding. There were a few songs that got a little too repetitive, but most of them were surprisingly complex.

Elli Mansfield 108 days ago

I've seen Showstopper a lot and they are always brilliant. As we were going into the venue the fire alarm went off and we were evacuated! 30 minutes later we were watching 'Burn Baby Burn' a Firestarter musical set in a New York Fire station. Fantastic as always, incredibly slick work from all departments - improv at its best.

Hazel Beattie 109 days ago

This was such a fantastic show that blew me away with the talent and quick wit of these fabulous actors. Great vocals and harmonies with loads of laughs. What more do you want?_Well another ticket! ☆☆☆☆☆

Jude Cliffman 111 days ago

The skill of these insanely talented people is unreal. A brilliant show that will never happen again!

The Coupes 111 days ago

Amazing! 5/5 stars. Who could pull together 1 hour of musical with the title of a Tell me about it Stud (based on a stud farm in Kerry) using musical styling from Anything Goes, Chicago, Evil Dead and Notre Dame and not only make it funny but also totally professional? Wonderful hilarious entertainment for all the family, including our 8 year old. Just brilliant.

Nick Tyler 111 days ago

An impressive and slickly created musical featuring fantastic singers.

Avril Carroll-Long 114 days ago

This show is so unique. I have never seen anything quite like it. So smart, absolutely hilarious and you feel like you are a part of the show. It is so good. Amazing performances. Highly recommend

Katrina 114 days ago

I smiled and laughed throughout the whole performance, it blows my mind that this was improvised … go see you won’t be disappointed!

mark gorman 117 days ago

As per usual brilliant and screamingly funny. read my review here

Sheila Hammond 117 days ago

Phenomenal. What a talented group, improvisation at its very best. Fully deserved their standing ovation...we will see again...

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Jenna's Jamboree (5/5 stars) 96 days ago

Elite cast of creators... induces much hilarity and a well-deserving standing ovation.

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West End Best Friend (5/5 stars) 103 days ago

The funniest, cleverest musical show there is!

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Playbill 103 days ago

If you love musical theatre, you're likely to really love this show, a theatre nerd's dream

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Broadway World (5/5 stars) 104 days ago

This show is worth revisiting multiple times, due to the quality, ability and class which is ever-present. Showstopper! The Improvised Musical is exceptional, with performances well deserving of the standing ovation it always receives.

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 109 days ago

I cannot fault my experience of this show and it exceeded my expectations. Improv can be a hit or a miss, this show was a definite hit!

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Lisa In The Theatre (5/5 stars) 112 days ago

Don't hesitate to see this group and this show. It's a marvel.

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WhyNow (4/5 stars) 114 days ago

Year after year, Showstopper! continue to impress with a remarkable eye for surprisingly un-choreographed dance routines, enjoyably daft set-pieces and a band remarkably adept at mimicking whatever song or composer is thrown at them.

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