Musicals and Opera (musical theatre, drama)

  • Hill Street Theatre - Dunedin Theatre
  • 20:45
  • Aug 27
  • 55 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Reconnect Regal Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, Scenes of a sexual nature and sexual violence, Scenes of violence, Strong language/swearing
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 1 year


1888: a string of brutal murders terrorises the residents of Whitechapel in London. The detective in charge begins to suspect someone close, but who? He is ignored by his peers, he is determined to bring the Ripper to justice. As the body count rises, he begins to question his own sanity as he spirals deeper and deeper into the mind of the world's most notorious killer. The blood is on whose hands? Step behind the knife and find out from the Ripper!

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Jamie Johnstone 34 days ago

Brilliant show!

A well written story with some depth despite the relatively short run time. The musical numbers were well put together, and expertly delivered by the cast - some really incredible vocal performances by all three of them.

Planning on catching one of the group’s other shows today

Tomek Swidzinski 36 days ago

I absolutely adored the music and the plot. Going to see it again actually. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Calum Philp 36 days ago

A thoroughly excellent show with brilliant songs, chilling dialogue and outstanding performers. All three actors are powerhouses when it comes to both singing and acting. I've never felt so uneasy (in a good way) watching a musical before! I'd love to see this production as a full-length musical, it's that good!

Jason Brameld 41 days ago

Watched this on our first day at the fringe.

Vocally this was a very strong cast with all three giving powerful vocal performances - the girl particularly so with a very forceful and accurate voice with a great tone.

The characterisations too were very good all round with Ripper being very menacing. Performance-wise all round very good.

But....the writing needs some work to sharpen it up. The excessive use of swearing is un-necessary and could easily be dialled back 2 or 3 notches without reducing the impact of the piece. It may be 'authentic' but when over-used it loses effect.

It can be difficult to try and squeeze a story into a fringe slot, but I felt that most of the scenes lingered too long - way past the point where the thematic elements of the story had been established and this didnlt leave enough time for the plot to be properly developed. There is a lot of the Ripper story to tell and this script left me feeling that there was a lot missing.

Still, it was a premiere, and perhaps it will go on to do better things with a bit of work,

Deborah Harty 41 days ago

My husband and I attended the show tonight and we were blown away by the music, the show and - principally - the cast.

A fresh take on the ripper story that perfectly encapsulates the horror of the story, whilst remaining engaging without relying on continual gore as is so often the case with the subject matter.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this show to anyone attending the Fringe, a refreshing break from the type of thing we’d usually attend.

Jamie Miller 44 days ago

Was at the show last night with my wife.

Phenomenal show, great production and performance by all including.

Personally the ripper did a superb job as the ripper he made the night with his intensity.

The other guys did a great job too and the connection between the performer’s you feel like they have worked together for years.

The ending comes as a surprise but when the penny drops you think how did I not know this ! Very smart

Paula 44 days ago

Amazing show, cast were fantastic especially the ripper with his great performance! Captivating the audience with his intense eye contact made the show feel like we were included and back to the when it was all happing . It was truly an amazing experience and will definitely be being people back so I can watch again.

The vocals on all 3 are perfectly suited to the show.

The writing was so creative it was just mind blowing how good the show was.

Kayla Turnbull 45 days ago

This show has incredible potential that I feel was not entirely explored. The music and vocals were quite good, however I strongly believe the writing and direction need workshopping. I really wanted to love this show, because I am intrigued by the whole concept of a dark Jack the Ripper musical. I think the relationships between characters were confusing at best, and the pace was jarring. Overall it felt like it was lacking cohesion.

Sarah 45 days ago

This was a very intense show that I really wanted to enjoy. The cast all had impressively powerful vocals and the rock opera style was very cool- unfortunately, it was brought down massively by the gratuitous sexual nature of the play. The character of Jack appearing to leer at women in the audience by making intense eye contact, licking his lips and making me (and I'm sure others) extremely uncomfortable, as well as the distastefully explicit content, made this a show I couldn't recommend. Please consider that if the core message of the show is one of powerlessness and fear, this can often be portrayed much more effectively by leaving some bits to the imagination.

Alison D 46 days ago

Brilliant show, great cast and I loved the music. I particularly enjoyed the performance of the actor playing Ripper. Would recommend this show.

Claire Reidie 48 days ago

This show was amazing, very dark potrayal of the Ripper, who basically had me scared from the moment that he walked on the stage. Only three actors but boy did they bring us back to Whitechapel. Hifhly recommend

David Hoare 48 days ago

Amazing show, intense, dramatic and compelling throughout. Three great performances. A must for all Ripper fans, and even if you’re not, you will be after this 5 star production.

Toma Surblyte 49 days ago

One of the greatest shows I've see in Fringe so far!
The acting and singing was brilliant, the sound engineer did an amazing job.
Although I think the actors need just a bit more space, especially the Ripper, as the character has so much energy and anger, it would help to express it a lot more.
Couldn't recommend enough, had a great evening!

Andrius Sabanovas 49 days ago

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Brilliant show. Good performances all around and amazing singing. Feels like the transitions between the dialogue going in to songs could be more polished and seamless. Other than that the only other thing was the accent is not a London accent, but that is just nitpicking. Would see again.

Leanne & Niamh Robertson 50 days ago

Absolutely fantastic show by some very talented actors. Would give this show ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and recommend it to everyone

Ross Jamieson 51 days ago

A haunting but wonderful piece of intimate theatre. The actors truly gave their all on the stage making for a very emotional performance. The 3 strong cast of John Christopher, Shannon Daly and Owen Redmond, perform Pete Sneddon's piece with aplomb. A must see for true crime/musical theatre fans. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

JULIAN Embleton 51 days ago

This was a really intense and powerful show, loud and menacing and dramatic. The actors were very well suited to their roles and it was important that such a horrible story is treated in a way which does not dilute the horror, great singing from the cast and great songs from the writer, a real kind of dramatic rock opera

P. Sirodom 52 days ago

The show was so intense. John Christopher who played John was so good to the point that my friends and I were actually afraid of him. He was so captivating in every scene he was in. The writing and the songs were good. The performances by other actors were also great. It was 55 minutes of pure genius. I wish this could turn into a full-length production in the future.

Ross 53 days ago

A great show, with a brilliantly crafted story, and some superb performances from a cast you will definitely see more of in the future. This is a must see.

Olivia Conway 53 days ago

Fantastic show! Brilliant writing, such a gripping story! All three performers were excellent; their performances were truly captivating and vocals outstanding! 100% recommend seeing this show!

Lynn Patrick 53 days ago

A must see for any true crime, thriller, unsolved mystery fan.
Fantastic story telling and really good vocal talents.
Would gladly have watched all over again.

Derek Liddle 53 days ago

Just attended Ripper and what can I say ? The performers were outstanding and the story kept you interested from start to finish.
I thoroughly enjoyed this show and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Jack The Ripper you will not be disappointed

Rhiannon Gilbert 53 days ago

What a wonderfully immersive show. Incredible talent, wonderful atmosphere and an overall fantastic show! I would highly recommend this show as a way to end an eventful day at the fringe.

bernadette 53 days ago

Fantastic show! Was on the edge of my seat! All three members of the cast have amazing voices- will be going to see it again!

Jack Joiner 53 days ago

Smashing Pumpkins style meets The Misfits subject matter in this horrifically wonderful show. The dialogue is natural and sensual, filled with double meanings that keep the audiences ears keen. Instead of sticking to more traditional musical style, Ripper is refreshing and full of powerful metal ballads. A true 10/10 and must see for any fans of horror, metal, or damn good theater.

Faye Antonopoulou 54 days ago

Well written play, passionate performances, beautiful voices, gave me goosebumps! Definitely a must see...

Nate Cass 54 days ago

Just got out of this show tonight and was blown away. The vocals were absolutely mind blowing, the acting skill was incredible and powerful, the writing was beautiful, and all involved were very friendly when talking about the show and directing us to more content of theirs to check out! All around, an absolutely delightful and horrifying time!!

Sam Alphey 54 days ago

Wow what a show! I'd highly recommend watching. A small cast worked really well together to deliver an enthralling hour diving into the mind of a monster. Full commitment from the cast and well written. Loved it

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North West End UK (3/5 stars) 40 days ago

an electrifying performance

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