No One Is Coming

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'A love letter to my mother that I’ll never send...' An award-winning storytelling performance about a mother and daughter, based on real-life events and encompassing elements of Irish folklore. Full of anecdotes, myths, funny stories and tough truths, it’s a rollercoaster experience inside a fun (if slightly traumatised) Irish woman’s brain. This is not only about those with mental health issues, it is about those that care for them, love them and grow up with them. 'Provocative new drama' **** ( 'Sinéad is a natural born storyteller' **** ( Directed by Sahand Sahebdivani (Amsterdam Storytelling Festival).

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Robert 44 days ago

A very low-key, rewarding show that I'm glad I decided to see. The Storytelling Centre is a very intimate setting that works quite well for a show like this. The relevance of the diversions into Irish myth to the main story about Sinead's mother may not be apparent at first, but she successfully stitches the two together by the end of the performance. And, she's a very engaging performer. Of the 35 or so shows I saw this year, this was definitely one of the highlights.

Allison Galbraith 46 days ago

I am so glad I went to see No One Is Coming. I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys well-crafted storytelling theatre. Sinead's performance is memorising; she blends personal childhood stories with Irish myths. Her audience is taken on a tsunami ride of a family's pain and joy—a skilful performer with a lyrical voice and graceful movement, she makes her audiences' hearts dance. You cannot help but be moved by this woman's resilience and humanity. She gives us all a glimpse into her sparkling, beautiful, Celtic Soul. Go and see it - an essential message for our times.

Chris Green 49 days ago

An utterly captivating hour of storytelling that hit home in a very personal way. I was about the same age as Sinead when my mother was not sectioned as such but admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a course of Electro Convulsive Therapy for her depression. Mine and my siblings' childhoods effectively ended that day and it's been difficult to come to terms with it from that day to this, even though my mother sadly passed away six years ago. Sinead's storytelling will help, such that I now will not think of my mother as the diminished figure she became with the ECT and the drugs that followed, but as a golden deer captured against her will by the Darkness. I cried at the end of the show but they were tears of sorrow tinged with joy. I wish I too could, like Sinead, tell her that I loved her, despite everything.

mkg 49 days ago

truly captivating entwining of myth and autobiography — O’Brien’s storytelling is so vivid and engaging and clear it really felt like returning to childhood and being enchanted with stories grownups would tell you. The whole experience was a beautiful exercise in presence…I felt I was able to sit back and allow my imagination to partner fully with O’Brien’s performance (no small feat), and the hour flew by. I saw this show on a whim and am so grateful I did!

ZMCD 49 days ago

This was one of the best shows I have ever seen, performed by an amazingly skilled Irish storyteller. The show is cleverly structured, weaving together tales from Irish mythology as well as sometimes hilarious, and sometimes harrowing events from the storyteller's own life. The story grips you from beginning and you laugh and you weep as Sinead takes you on a journey that will remain with you long after you leave the theatre. If there is one show you see at the Fringe, let this be it!

Emily Ingram 50 days ago

This show is extraordinarily well written, directed and performed. The modern day thread is so deftly and skilfully interwoven with the folklore threads. It’s just brilliant; go and see it.

James Stedman 50 days ago

This is an absolutely exquisite piece of storytelling theatre, expertly performed by Sinéad O’Brien. Relating the highs and lows of growing up with a parent struggling with severe mental health issues whilst deftly interweaving traditional Irish folk tales, it manages to be both heartbreaking and joyous – please go see this.

Alastair 51 days ago

Stories of Sinéad's life that are interwoven with related folklore. Strong stories, engagingly told, describing a complex topic with sensitivity.

Yeah Sure 51 days ago

I am sorry to say I found it exceedingly boring. The folklore stuff dragged on and on for little real point, while real characters were only formed in cutout. I shouldn’t have come,

Mario 52 days ago

Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding. Deep, engaging, and highly emotional, on a very difficult theme.

Wendy S 52 days ago

A show worth seeing - Sinead is a wonderful storyteller - wrapping together stories of what is happening now, the past, and a fantastical world of fantasy. This is a recommended story!

Joe Creaser 53 days ago

Absolutely wonderful, one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen. Sinéad has a beautiful presence that welcomes you into the space and keeps you hooked. The writing is lyrical and whilst it details and deals with trauma, the space always felt welcome and safe. Sinéad is a mesmerising performer, creating beautiful theatre out of the most simple set. The combination of personal storytelling with Irish folk stories is inspired and seamless, hooking you more with each story beat. If you ever need convincing that storytelling is an art form, see this show - I cannot recommend it enough!

Michael Troy 54 days ago

This was spectacular. Woven together were mythical rich stories and a spear like family story.
It is echoing and there is much to work with. Inspiring!

Jennifer Sanger 55 days ago

Very much enjoyed the show! Full review is here: - first 90 seconds.

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