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Based on the Victor Hugo novel and songs from the Disney animated feature, The Hunchback of Notre Dame showcases the film's Academy Award-nominated score, and new songs by Menken and Schwartz. Peter Parnell's new book with passages from Hugo’s gothic novel make for an unforgettable musical. A sweeping score and powerful story this is an instant classic. ‘Captivating’ **** ( for Shrek). ‘If there’s one theatrical group that can coax the sunshine out, it’s Edinburgh’s grassroots Captivate Theatre.’ (Skinny for Sunshine on Leith). This amateur production is presented by arrangement with MTI Europe.

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Rebecca Moessmer 21 days ago

Wonderful rendition of the musical, wow, this cast can SING! I hope they all have great futures ahead. I was especially blown away by Claude Frollo‘s actor, but everybody was amazing and had very strong voices and acting skills. I was completely in awe and impressed the whole +2h long. Bravo!!

Paul Morris 27 days ago

Not usually a musicals fan myself, but was encouraged to see this against my poorer judgement. Unexpectedly I enjoyed it and was impressed. So many of the cast had strong voices and played their roles very well. There was a well deserved standing ovation at the end. I hope to see more by this theatre company.

Declan 'TéléDex-BaBrBo' Bracewell 34 days ago

Firstly, this show has the longest list of positive reviews I've ever seen, absolutely amazing. The show was absolutely amazing, worth the extra walk down and up the hill past George Square. The vocals were beyond extraordinary, the acting was phenomenal, the little Scottish accents added to the story were adorable, and the fashion choices were extraordinary. Never thought I'd see Clopin dressed like that, but I'd love to see some fashion like that again!

Elin 36 days ago

Amazing show! I even ended up going twice with different groups. Everyone was amazing! Well done.

Chris Grady 37 days ago

Enormous congratulations to Sally Lyall and the whole company of Captivate Theatre for bringing this epic choral ensemble piece to the stage. Every member of the company had moments to shine and their characters were rich and dark. Especial pleasure to see Lewis Kerr leading the company as Quasimodo in a spirited physical performance. It was great to be surrounded by tears and cheers as this company took their final bows. Enormous credit to the sound designer and operator (unnamed on cast list) for creating an ever changing balance between soloist, ensemble and orchestra. I will now go to your website and make sure I am on the mailing list for future shows.

Rod Learmonth 37 days ago

Well, there’s not much left to say that hasn’t been said already about this wonderful performance. The collective behind this show should be immensely proud of their efforts in bringing a truly powerful show to this years Fringe. I can’t imagine that anyone has left this show with any feeling other than “WOW!”

Speaking as someone who has been lucky to see this show more than once, the professional performances throughout have captivated audiences night after night. Strong lead performances, supported by a talented ensemble made for an unforgettable show.

It is with great anticipation we wait to see what this remarkable group brings in 2024!

Well done everyone.

Louise Perth 37 days ago

Brilliant show, shame it’s the last night or I’d be telling everyone I know to go and see it. Beautiful singing voices and a clever use of the limited space.

Felix 38 days ago

I'm aware by now, there's not much of this show's run left, but I couldn't not share my praise for this production. This show is phenomenal. Every cast member is filled with talent and charisma, and in regards to singing, there's no weak link among them. While the actor for Frollo (a role I picture as an old man) is clearly young, and they don't do much of anything to age him up in regards to makeup or costume, the utter strength and power of his singing voice is perfect for the role, and his acting was so good that after a song or two, I stopped thinking about the age of the character and just enjoyed his performance.

Quasimodo's actor, of course, is rightfully the star. His take on the character is so full of energy and charm that now, as someone who had only seen the Disney movie up until this point, his Quasimodo is my favorite portrayal. The pure EMOTION he puts into every scene, the way he effectively utilizes all of his body language and facial expressions, even the glimmer of his eyes in the stagelights, is acting at a near-professional level. Also, I fully respect him for the physicality and stunts that he had to pull off. He is CONSTANTLY leaping, clinging, and jumping on the set from a height that, while not super dangerous, certainly had me hoping he wouldn't literally break a leg.

I could go on and on about all of these fine actors, and how all of their characters overflow with personality. I wish them all good luck on their last performance, and I thank them for presenting me with a stellar performance of a show I have wanted to see for a long, long time.

Kirsty Thomson 38 days ago

to say this show is exceptional would be an understatement.

the direction was fantastic, there was rarely a moment when the entire cast weren’t all on stage but in moments when lead actors were alone, their emotion and heartbreak was all the more palpable.

the singing and musicality of this show is what truly makes it incredible. the show is not easy to pull off but under the direction of Finlay and Hume, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a professional production. Vocally, there is not one weak link in the cast and while I could bang on about how brilliant the leads were, HUGE praise has to be given to the ensemble. This show is an almighty sing and from the top soprano line to the rich basses, everyone was sensational. it was so lovely to hear each of the players have their moment to sing solo, highlighting again just how talented this entire cast is.

for anyone who hasn’t seen this, you have truly missed out. this performance is one I’ll not forget for a very long time x

Lihi Livne 38 days ago

We were very pleasantly surprised. The show was great and done to a very high level.
Firstly, the sound was great and the orchestra sounded better than professional productions on the west end and Broadway - and it was well supported by the sound team that did a great job.
Secondly, there were some great performances by the leading men and they were definitely a stand out. Aiden McGrath as Frollo gave such a great vocal demonstration with such strength and depth. Lewis Kerr as Quasimodo gave an amazing performance that deserves a place on the biggest stages - such a beautiful voice supported by great acting skills, physicality and portrayal of emotions.
While all of these were great, by far the highlight of the show is the fantastic ensemble and their incredible vocal performance and meticulously executed harmonies. They truly made the show with some fantastic vocal gems - we were truly impressed.
Go see them if you get a chance - because not only are they great, this show is also so beautiful (I had no idea! What amazing music!). And if not this show - by the level this was done we are sure they will be great in other productions as well. So glad we went to see this!

Erin Scratcherd 38 days ago

A truly exceptional performance from a talented cast! Exhilarating to witness!

Andrew Wright 38 days ago

Wow. Massive congratulations to the whole ensemble for an amazing piece of musical theatre. Top notch performances from all of you. Thank you - we loved it!!

Hilary MacCormick 38 days ago

This was the first show we attended to kick off our first time at The Fringe and WOW! We were completely blown away from the second it started through to the last moment. The entire cast and crew has such immense talent. Absolutely exceeded our expectations!!

Grace 38 days ago

This show is so fantastic, highly recommend it. The vocals are mesmerising and the cast and production team should be so proud of themselves for putting on such a phenomenal performance. West End worthy!!

WENDY DUNN 39 days ago

We travelled all the way from Carlisle for the evening to see this show. We are big fans of this musical but have never seen Captivate Theatre before!

What can I say it was honestly one of the best shows (including West End) that we have seen in a long, long time. Each member of the ensemble was so talented and the ensemble vocals were absolutely perfect! Each character coming to life in their multi role and the excellent staging and direction really drawing the audience into the story so perfectly.

This was no one man show but special mention must go to Lewis Kerr as Quasimodo, his characterisation and vocals were sublime. Aidan McGrath really brought the tormented Frollo to life with the fabulous Hayden Harden Scheel leading the Gypsy gang with aplomb. The heartbreaking denouement of the story moved both the audience and cast alike. Thank You to you all for a stunning performance! Our 200 mile round trip in one evening was well worth it!

The whole creative team, cast and crew can be extremely proud of producing and performing this challenging and under performed musical to life in such a high quality and superb way. We can't wait to see what Captivate bring to the stage next, we are now firm fans!

Colin Searle 39 days ago

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazing!! Such a great performance and the sound of everyone singing with the orchestra was outstanding.Very emotional at the end as we’re many of the cast
Thanks Captivate a Theatre for another wonderful production.

Sarah Cohen 39 days ago

Absolutely amazing! The acting the vocals everything blew me away. Definitely the best show I saw at the fringe.

Carol Attenburgh 39 days ago


I've been a fan of Hunchback of Notre Dame for many years, so much so that when I heard Captivate were doing it in the Fringe this year, I knew I had to travel up to Edinburgh to see it, and I can honestly say it did not disappoint. It was absolutely and utterly incredible!

A stellar cast, wonderfully intimate venue, and the way that the vocals just hit you like a wall of sound is completely indescribable!

Special mention must go to Lewis Kerr as Quasimodo, and Aiden McGrath as Frollo - both cast perfectly and completely embodied their roles.

I loved every minute of this, and only wish I had more time so I could see it again. The best show that Captivate has ever produced!

Gavin Brown 39 days ago

As someone who came in with little knowledge outside of one or two songs. this show was perfect I can not fault any aspect of this show it was truly amazing. I can't put into words how well every member of the cast embodied their roles and transported me to the setting. A simply excellent production.absolutely recommended.

Jo McT 39 days ago

The performance of Notre Dame tonight was truly exceptional and can be summarized in one word: outstanding. The lead singers delivered a breathtaking performance. Chemistry between Quasimodo and the caretaker (whose name unfortunately slipped my mind) was nothing short of fantastic, adding depth and emotion to the story.

The fact that the show took place in a small theatre added an intimate dimension. While the acoustics are good, the benefit of being up close to the cast was unparalleled. Every emotion was palpable. This intimacy created an engagement that rivals even the best West End performances.

A special round of applause to all the talented singers who poured their hearts into their roles. Also high praise for the musicians, well done.

Tonight's performance of Notre Dame was a true masterpiece, and a well deserved standing ovation from everyone fortunate to witness such a splendid performance.

Dominic Myers 39 days ago

An absolutely stellar ensemble with a musicality you just want to sit and soak in.
Brilliant characterisations from all of the principles. A fantastic accompaniment. And engaging set and costuming all lead to a gestalt of wonderful. SEE THIS SHOW!!!

Elspeth Fairgrieve 39 days ago

What unbelievable talent! The vocals were amazing. The choreography, the band, the acting were all West End standard. I saw a show in London recently and this was far far better. Can’t praise the show enough! Well done snd enjoy the last few performances.

Mark Hyslop 39 days ago

An absolute powerhouse of a show! The vocals were sublime and powerful from the entire ensemble! Goosebumps multiple times! All the principals and the ensemble together resembled that of a professional west end cast! And honestly this show should be a west end calibur show! I would see this multiple times if I could! There’s no other word to describe this show and the cast and crew other than incredible!

Annie 40 days ago

Brilliant show!! Singing was awesome - so powerful and emotional. Agree with all the other reviews 5 Stars ***** Best show on the fringe. thank you for fantastic evening!!

Dailey Reitmair 40 days ago

this was not only my favorite show at the fringe, but also my favorite piece of theatre that i have ever seen. the singing was absolutely breathtaking and the harmonies were SO TIGHT and incredible. so glad i could to see it twice. the leads shined so brightly on there own and also amongst the incredible ensemble too. i was blown away the whole time. the show had me in tears and laughing so much. what a beautiful and inspiring piece of theatre that i would love to see again and again if i had the chance. you HAVE to see this show!

Kiera 40 days ago

What. A. Show!!! This was one of they shows you have goosebumps the whole time. The whole ensemble are fantastic, the most powerful vocals that fill the space beautifully. The leads were all so individual with their characters. Also got to see the Phoebus understudy who was absolutely amazing. Lewis Kerr as Quasimodo was an absolute powerhouse, he sang every song with total ease and without flaw. This is an AMAZING show and definitely worth to see!!!

Susan 40 days ago

What an incredible, amazing performance! We were thoroughly blown away by the staging and musical talents (including those back stage! ) of the entire cast. Particularly impressed with those who stepped into different roles due to cast illness (get well soon!)
Honestly could have been a West End show, such was the talent!
Congratulations and well done to everyone! We loved it!

Theodora Van Delft 41 days ago

Sorry in advance for how long and convoluted this is going to be, but OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This is one of my favourite Musicals to begin with and this cast and creative team absolutely nailed it, the harmonies were immaculate it's was like being slapped in the face by perfection.
The leads were of course were outstanding but I really want to point out (I don't know the names so I'm going off costumes) the man in the green roab, his stage presence is so captivating, his eyes tell everything that's going on in his mind and honestly there were times I was paying more attention to him than the scenes, he took "Acting is reacting" and Ran with it and its AMAZING, Also the girl in the purple corset (who later was reviled to be a swing) was so strong and confident, i was really drawn to her especially in large enable numbers, biggest round of applause to her. I'll stop now but please if you can SEE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! It's one of thoes once in a lifetime shows thay really changes you, please PLEASE go support them

John Hume 41 days ago

Just go, see, hear and enjoy. We went last night and were blown away by this show. The musical talent front and back stage is astonishing. This could be a West End performance you are taking in but at a fraction of the price. Don’t miss it … but wait until we’ve tickets to go back!

Isabella 41 days ago

Great performance! The cast are amazing singers and the performance was lovely. Quasimodo, you stole the show - you were incredible!!!! Esmeralda - you were full of joy, amazing! Rest of the cast - incredible voices and acting skills. Had a great evening.

Lucy Feeney 41 days ago

The best show you will see at the fringe this year - the cast are outstanding!

Amber Lipman 41 days ago

I've loved this show for years and wow, this incredible troupe did it justice. Smiled and cried through the entire thing. Truly captivated by the actors' wonderful performances who brought this beautiful soundtrack and story to life--thank you, cast and crew of Hunchback!

David Mack 41 days ago

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this show twice and I was blown away both times! The incredible amount of talent within the ensemble, belting out phenomenal harmonies that just sound unbelievable. It’s hard to believe that this production isn’t a professional production!

Massive amounts of praise need to go to Camila López, who portrayed Esmeralda with amazing amounts of wit and attitude, along with producing STUNNING vocals throughout the show. Lewis Kerr’s portrayal of Quasimodo is nothing short of exceptional, hitting his high notes with such ease and clarity, reducing me to tears with how beautiful it is! And Aidan McGrath’s performance as Frollo is outstanding! Portraying this character with amazing dominance and providing vocals that blew me away!

Sally Lyall’s direction of this show is absolutely perfect, making excellent use of crates, trucks and chairs to create a wide variety of sets and it was executed to perfection! Fraser Hume and Colum Findlay do an excellent job with musical direction - the band sounds fantastic and the harmonies in this show are so powerful and emotional! The choreography of this show is incredible as well, immersing you into the scene and the atmosphere within the scene, making the audience feel like a part of the scene!

Overall, this Captivate Theatre production of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ was nothing short of exceptional and I cannot recommend this show enough. If you are able to grab a ticket DO NOT HESITATE!!!!

Douglas Tait 42 days ago

Just back from The Hunchback this evening (10/08/23).

A lot of reviewers have said everything you need to know so all I'm going to say is you MUST see this. First Hunchback experience for me and I was BLOWN AWAY.

Sylvia Cowie 42 days ago

Wow. I was blown away by this production! From the first few moments, the vocals from the entire cast are overwhelmingly good, and that only continues throughout the show. The phrase “wall of sound” was being used a lot by audience around me in the interval and after the show, but it really is the best way to describe what hits you as this cast perform Alan Menken’s wonderful score so powerfully.
Lewis Kerr plays Quasimodo perfectly, with amazing vocals. His physicality is hugely impressive, and he must be knackered every night after playing the lead; singing huge numbers; and leaping about the stage, all while maintaining the twisted body position of the Hunchback. Aidan McGrath has phenomenal vocals as the domineering Frollo - his rounded bass sound reverberates around the auditorium. Camila Lopez is a beautiful Esmeralda - her gentle voice provides a stark but fitting contrast to the rest of the cast. Her God Help The Outcasts was a highlight for me, and by the sniffles I heard - also those around me. Her ability to enchant Quasimodo, Frollo, and Phoebus is totally believable when she is such a great dancer, has such lovely facial expressions and comedy timing, and such a captivating voice. Phoebus is played well by Hamish Coles, who has a difficult job of juggling various shifts in the character’s mindset and beliefs, but delivers it all well, and with a lovely voice.
The ensemble are a force to be reckoned with, all playing multiple parts and belting out incredible vocals. They are led by Hudson Scheel who plays Clopin perfectly, with a mad but engaging look in his eyes and an alluring physicality.
Colum Findlay and Fraser Hume have done a huge but wonderful job leading this cast musically; while Sally Lyall has, as always, directed with a stylistic flair that lets the performers shine whilst everything else on stage happens seamlessly. I went into this show knowing a few songs and obviously having seen the film as a child, but this cast and this production have shot this musical up for me - what a show!

Fiona Fraser 43 days ago

Just Wow! Had us pinned to our seats for the duration. The sheer musicality and presence of these performers was just stunning. The soloists wrung out your emotions while the ensemble numbers had the choral perfection to enthrall. Superb band in the wings which did a lot with so few of them. This production deserves a bigger stage and more opportunity to display their skills. Grab a ticket if you still can. Five stars are not enough!

Erin Boulter 43 days ago

As an aspiring theatre director and writer I thought the performance was lovely! Hats off especially to the ensemble who stayed on stage for almost the whole show along with the main characters. Favourites were Phoebus and his replacement captain of the guard, go see it if you can! It’s not your Disney movie but the cast is fully behind the message of the musical.

Ben C 43 days ago

Best show I’ve ever seen at the Fringe. The musicality and energy of the entire cast elevated the score and created an exhilarating, powerful, and poignant event. They led the audience through the highs and lows of the story, with genuine laughs and tears.
The production design was on point, with colourful costumes and a dynamic set which served the story.
The artistic direction was clever and used the 19-strong cast to great effect. The stage felt full of life during the festival scenes and, despite most of the cast being on stage for the full show, quiet and contemplative in the more intimate moments.
There was a fantastic band backstage which supported the singers and created a full, powerful sound. The music had strong direction overall, with thoughtful dynamics, an excellent choral sound, and impeccable tuning.

Alison Castle 43 days ago

There aren't words to describe this production. The passion the entire cast and production team have for this show shines through. Deeply emotional performances with an incredible score directed so well. The sound created by such a small cast and orchestra is incredible. Lewis Kerr gives so much weight to the role of Quasimodo, both his acting and vocal skills are so well used the audience can't help but be completely captivated (no pun intended). The ensemble cast support the entire show with such dedication and clearly defined characters. This show is not to be missed, I consider myself lucky to have been in the audience.

Nicola Rochford 43 days ago

Absolutely fantastic! From the opening number to the final note! Cannot fault the choral singing at all! Best choral and ensemble work at the fringe! Worth every penny and more! Might go back tomorrow… and the next day…. So so phenomenally sung, acted and performed!

Gemma Russell 43 days ago

A superb production of this hugo tale with soaring score. The performers throe themselves into the show with gusto and their voices are amazing. The band equally play brilliantly. I dont tend to see show twice at the fringe but I would gladly take the trip out to see this again.

Bronwen Beaton 43 days ago

Truly an incredible performance by the whole cast! We came through as we have friends in the show so may be slightly biased but honestly we were blown away! The vocals alone had us speechless but the whole production was really professional and you could feel the passion from all. Lewis Kerr especially was something else and he really put his all into the character! Would highly recommend and we’re thinking of seeing again before it ends!

Christopher C 44 days ago

Amazing show! Had seen some reviews but hadn't expected something this good. Straight to the West End, please.

Liz Hall 44 days ago

5 star show. Stunning performances by the cast and live band. Top quality musical theatre. Forget Disney, this is the dark medieval world of Victor Hugo. Powerful performances by leads. If there are tickets left (last night was sold out) do go. Terrific show.

Sarah 44 days ago

What an amazing performance! The cast is absolutely stunning, with incredible vocals and sincere performances that had us welling up. We were lucky enough to sit in the front row and got the full impact of the ensemble pieces washing over us. The band were also incredible, and I can't get over how they made such a great sound with such a small group - massive props to the MDs for blending the instrumentalists and singers together so well! Captivate never fails to impress.

Emma Slater 44 days ago

Can't get over how amazing this was... unbelievable cast and production! A powerful performance by Captivate theatre that could be in the West End! One of the best things I've ever seen, not just at the Fringe. Left speechless at the end, the standing ovation speaks for itself! Wow wow wow, go see this if you can!

Sylvia Conway 44 days ago

Amazing production from an exceptional cast, no surprise that it was a sellout tonight, grab a ticket while you can & be thoroughly entertained by this hugely talented young team

Angela Mckellican 44 days ago

Captivate performances really don't disappoint! This show was amazing from start to finish. Wow wow wow the voices and casting blew me away. The story and characters were brought to life through fantastic acting and I really felt the story the whole way through. The standing ovation at the end was well deserved. What a emotional and amazing show. Well done to all involved.

Alan Nair 44 days ago

Am personally not a fan of musicals, and was expecting to get tired. But this performance held my attention captive every second. The musical arrangements were diverse and still no song felt out of place. The cast was excellent, the lead actor who played Quasimodo was beyond magnificent, and the direction was flawless. Sublime, and I highly recommend it even to people who are not fans of musicals.

Claire C 44 days ago

Just WOW!
Despite being an Edinburgh local myself, I have no relations/friends in their production so no personal bias, just a shout out to some really phenomenal performers and musicians. Their voices and performance were as powerful as anything I've seen at the bigger theatres, perhaps more so because of the closer proximity to the stage.
I first saw their performance of Les Mis years ago at the fringe and have since made sure to see one of their productions every time they're back. Hunchback is quite possibly my fave yet!

In awe of all the cast, creative crew and behind the scenes masterminds who made this production come to life.

Olivia 44 days ago

The show blew me away! Cast was incredible and such strong vocals. Best thing I’ve seen so far at the Fringe.

Martha Lombard 44 days ago

Phenomenal! Cast is absolutely amazing! We saw it the first night and went back again tonight.

Danny T Boyle 44 days ago

Excellent production, and a great first time seeing it for someone who has been through the score countless times.

Particularly impressed by the velvety bass notes from Frolo (Aidan Mcgrath), those low soul stirring tones would make chocolate melt.

Danny Hale 44 days ago

As a big fan of the score and knowing how challenging it can be, I was a little skeptical going in. I knew the strength of the chorus / choir vocals would be vitally important to the impact of the show but WOW, the vocal talent of all involved floored me.

From the moment the prologue began I was sobbing. Phenomenal show and cast. Massive, massive congratulations to all involved ❤️

Hugh Lockhart 45 days ago

Outstanding Hunchback by local group tucked away in the New Town. Really deserves a Festival rating with some superb singing and acting. Very strong male voices with a sensational base from the towering villainous judge, on its own enough to make the performance worthwhile. And choruses, powerful, beautifully integrated and soaring with a finale which brought everyone to their feet.

Adam Stewart 45 days ago

Wonderful production. The cast singing is genuinely the best, and strongest I have ever heard.

I’ve never seen or heard the show before and I absolutely loved it.

Congratulations to all.

Denise McCann 45 days ago

I’ve been a fan of the Disney film (and the fantastic score) for many years and was rather dubious about whether I would enjoy a theatrical version as much. However, this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The cast were fantastic, stand outs being Quasimodo whose vulnerability was played to perfection by Lewis Kerr and Frollo, whose darkness and fall from grace was portrayed expertly by Aiden McGrath. The ensemble numbers gave me goosebumps and made me ugly cry, testament not only to the singers but the band led by MD Colum Finlay. If only they could do a cast recording I’d buy it in seconds! Get tickets now while you still can, they won’t be available for long.

Hannah 45 days ago

The ensemble blew me away. They sounded powerful and confident.
Quasimodo played by Lewis Kerr was the real standout this evening. My friend and I teared up during his first solo. I couldn't wait for him to return to the stage!
I also can't write this review without mentioning Clopin - he had us captivated with his presence on the stage.
I also MUST mention the pipes on the actor playing Frollo - wow!
Overall, a great performance worth seeing with (almost) perfect casting. I have already recommended this show to friends and colleagues! I'm sure it will be a sellout hit!

Kayleigh Hannah 45 days ago

As a lifetime lover of both the animated film and Broadway production, I knew I had to see this production at the Fringe this year. This blew my mind, staging and voices were to the same level as any show on bigger stages. My partner hasn't seen the animated film since being a child and even he loved it. The runtime can be a daunting prospect but it flies by as you are blown away with the cast's dedication and strong performances. I highly recommend the short bus/walk to the venue as this is worth it.

steve 45 days ago

What a fantastic show. The entire cast were very talented and gave everything to their performances. The standard of the music, singing and acting was all of the highest calibre. Despite this being a small theatre, the show is worthy of a much bigger stage.
Hunchback definitely exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend this for everyone. 5 Stars

Hope 45 days ago

One of the best shows I have ever seen. The entire cast was incredible. Phoebus, Frollo and Quasimodo were particularly brilliant.
I would highly recommend that everyone go see this show!

Jacqueline Fairfield 45 days ago

Excellent show highly recommend to all

Ronald Lopez 45 days ago

A powerful show with a great staging and an exceptional cast with very powerful voices. I’d like to give a special mention to the 5 leads: Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Frollo, Clopin and Phoebus were all standouts. Each one of them in their role gave us an amazing performance full of authenticity.
The entire story came together with a fabulous ensemble, creating an incredible atmosphere every time they sang together.
It’s a show that definitely deserves to be seen and enjoyed more than once.

Jordan Howat 45 days ago

Honestly, what a show! The from the musicians to the acting and singing, it was outstanding. It showcased so much talented people throughout. Blown away to say the least.

Ann Connor 45 days ago

Amazing musical, the vocals were fantastic and the four main characters were brilliant, when the whole cast came together it was mind blowing.

Tegan Winters 45 days ago

Amazing voices and performances , great night out.

Dylan Winters 46 days ago

Really professional and well put together, stellar performances from all the cast, the ensemble was standout and the performance from the lead was phenomenal

Go and see this musical!

Karen Brown 46 days ago

This show blew me away! The theatrical talent amongst the cast was incredible and the fantastic singing both individually and together took you on a powerful and emotional journey. The standing ovation at the end was so well deserved. One of Captivate’s best!

Ross H 46 days ago

Incredible show with a fantastic cast! The Hunchback musical I saw at the Fringe was an absolute delight, and the performances of Quasimodo and Frollo were especially remarkable.

Quasimodo's portrayal was nothing short of extraordinary. The actor's heartfelt performance brought out the essence of the character's loneliness, resilience, and compassion. Every emotion was beautifully conveyed through his powerful voice and expressive acting, creating a deep and lasting impact on the audience.

Equally impressive was the portrayal of Frollo, which was simply mesmerizing. The actor skillfully portrayed the complexity of the character, capturing both the dark intensity of Frollo's inner struggles and the chilling charm he exuded. It was a masterclass in bringing a complex antagonist to life on the stage.

The entire cast demonstrated an undeniable chemistry that elevated the production to new heights. The seamless integration of acting, singing, and choreography made every moment on stage a captivating experience. The energy and passion of the performers were infectious, keeping the audience completely engrossed from start to finish.

Olivia 47 days ago

Absolutely incredible show - professional level talent with the heart and intimacy of a local production. The ensemble navigated with such intricacy, each movement so well orchestrated, that the audience was immediately transported into the story. The vocals were simply astounding - you have to hear it to believe it! Each of the leads (Quasimodo, Esmeralda, Frollo, Phoebus and Clopin) shone in their roles. However Phoebus was a particular standout, bringing such depth and emotion to the character and elevating him completely from his movie counterpart. His solo song, Rest and Recreation, was a true highlight for me! I was lucky enough to see the show on opening night, but will definitely be trying to grab another ticket - this is not one to be missed!

BA Roonie 47 days ago

I have been attending the fringe for 10 years and this is the best musical theatre show that I have had the pleasure of watching. I was taken on a roller coaster of emotions which I did not expect to go on. The whole cast contributed to an amazing show and when the full company come together, you are totally blown away by the sound.
I would highly recommend that you catch this show, but be prepared to be have your emotions ripped apart.
It does seem unfair to single individuals out, as the sound from every actor on stage is simply amazing. However when Aiden McGrath who plays Frollo hits those low notes, he sounds simply amazing. Lewis Kerr who plays Quasimodo jumps around the stage think a gymnast while still being able to produce a sound that will totally blow you away.
I am never keen attending a show a second time, as I fear that it will spoil my initial views of a show, but I might have to make an exception this time.

karen mcleod 47 days ago

Absolutely stunning opening night! The talent on stage is immense - the vocal harmonies, the mesmerising acting ability of the cast, the excellent use of staging and imagery - don’t miss this show!!!

Marcia Gay Harden 47 days ago

Blown away by Captivate theatres Hunchback of Notre Dame last night! Catch it while u can! With little more than brown crates, a raised platform, and red rags, the spectacular cast transported us to the magnificence of Notre Dame cathedral, bells ringing far from the seedy and smarmy Court of Miracles. The cast is tight, kudos to musical Director Colum. The litergical music soared and snapped with the precision of a true ensemble! Director Sally Lyall has allowed the actors to approach it with their individual honesty, and thus we have a gentle and earnest Quasimodo for whom we never stop rooting. And boy, does this kid have some pipes! Esmeralda is joyful, Frollo formidable, Phoebus romantic, and Clopin a swashbuckling leader of his outcasts & misfits. The cast swirls, plays w the space, and brings the audience to tears in the 2 hrs we shared. The standing O at the end is felt like 100% of the audience jumped up at the same time- cheering: BRAVO!

Michelle 48 days ago

Wow! Phenomenal show with outstanding performances from the cast. Another fabulous Captivate Theatre show! The actors created a powerful and amazing sound when singing this beautiful score, musically directed by the very talented Colum Findlay. Collectively, the entire cast sounded amazing but I have to give a special mention to Lewis Kerr as Quasimodo. He gave such an emotional, physical and absolutely outstanding performance in the role. Clopin (Hudson Scheel), Esmerelda (Camila Lopez), Frollo (Aiden McGrath) and Phoebus (Hamish Coles) were all standouts in this fantastic show. A must see show this Fringe but please be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that it will take you on.

Margaux Billen 48 days ago

I got to see this beautiful show on the 4th of August. It was spectacular! Extraordinary actors and a very strong ensemble. The performances of Quasimodo, Frollo and Clopin were especially outstanding. A must-see for all muscial theatre fans!

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Edinburgh Reviews (4.5/5 stars) 35 days ago

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is well-paced, powerfully sung, tragic, lovely and thoughtful. It’s a recommendation.

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Captivate Theatre have done a phenomenal job at mounting this production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame – I only wish I could see it again!

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Captivate Theatre pull out all the stops in this grand production of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Featuring a live orchestra, a talented ensemble, and superb lead vocalists, this is a show that audiences will greatly enjoy.

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This was – An absolute Gem – a stone cold hit.

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A sure-fire banger hit.

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