Fit Ye Sayin' Quine?

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Fit Ye Sayin’ Quine? (what are you saying girl?) finds Ava, seemingly alone, in her Grannies cottage on the north-east coast of Scotland. As Ava remembers long summer evenings spent listening to her Grannies stories, the line between folktale, memory and reality is blurred and some unexpected guests appear. Performed in Doric, Scots and English, this production considers the meaning of home and showcases Scotland through the eyes of its women.

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Carole Lewandowski 104 days ago

Very moving show with powerful character changes and folklore stories woven together with beautiful songs

Murray Black 105 days ago

Fantastic show with a very intimate atmosphere. Great story telling and voice from the very talented Ailsa. A must see show. Can't wait to see the next show.

Dwayne Mulroy 105 days ago

Ailsa Shepherd brings contemporary passion to Scotlands folklore. A world of ancient magic, creatures, and dramatic landscapes collide as Shepherd draws you into a world of characters bringing, happiness, mischief, and sound as enchanting as the world in which they were written.
A show that will resonate with everyone who has ever loved home and the stories our families tell us.

Maureen Duignan 107 days ago

A truly lovely story told with feeling and beautiful songs. A really enjoyable show.

Willow 107 days ago

I saw this show yesterday and am so happy I did. Not knowing what to expect I was more than pleased at the story telling of this show. The whole performance felt like a warm hug. You managed to take us away from a theatre space in Edinburgh to a cosy cottage, sat in a living room to hear the wholesome tales of your childhood. Each of the main 3 folk tales explored in the show brought different lessons which made lovely story points, book ended by the words and memories of Granny. A personal favourite of mine was the rather heart breaking Selki story.
Wonderful writing, perfectly executed with a calming, beautiful voice that could both control and charm a room to slumber (and defiantly not for being boring!!) Thank you!

Michael Smith 108 days ago

So moving. I was moved deeply. A heartfelt and moving piece.

Michael Pellman 108 days ago

What a show! An amazing heartfelt piece carried by a fantastic performance and voice.

Jane Fremon 108 days ago

Absolutely a must see!!! A gorgeous blend of fond memories from childhood of a beloved gran and personal anecdotes about life as a young adult in London, all held together with Scottish folklore and song. This was the highlight of our (sadly) only one day at the Fringe: the best that it has to offer. And as an American, I can report that I had NO problem whatsoever with the unfamiliar accent, and (in fact) picked up some new vocabulary!!!

Linda 109 days ago

I saw this show early in the run and it was very good. I saw it again today and it has elevated to brilliant. Ailsa has grown into her show and it is captivating and exciting. She moves between the characters, making each uniquely different and delivers a gorgeous story of folklore and love. Beautiful Scots songs, sung with clarity and feeling, add to the audience's enjoyment . This show deserves to be seen by many more people, both in Edinburgh and beyond

Dee Tee 109 days ago

Refreshingly uncynical, this show is rooted in Scottish folk lore, beautifully crafted and delivered with engaging charm.

Philip McDermott 113 days ago

Intimate, reflection, spiritual and creative, are all the thoughts that come to mind while watching this magical performance. The lead actress being very captivating engages with the audience by revealing Scottish folk law story’s , and the connection between her and her lost grandmother.
Truly worth going to see!
5 stars

Kyle Mckechnie 114 days ago

A genuine piece of fresh air as far as theatre goes; pushing story and character to the forefront and organically as well as subtly weaving in darker topics and moments without making them the sole focus or overly oppressive. Echoing other reviews I felt a real sense of safety in Ailsa’s presence, she understands her skills as a performer and expertly displays her craft to the audience who were quite willingly captive. The quality of the writing was phenomenal feeling colloquial and effortlessly charming. It was quite empowering to see a piece be so unapologetically Scottish, not just in its subject matter but in its overall approach to heavier topics like death. We see death as a sad event for sure but it’s framed as a celebration of an exceptional grannies life and how much of an impact she left on her family; facing dark times with an overall sense of optimism and warmth.

Ailsa if you do read this one I am so bloody happy for you and hope to see Fit Ye Saying Quine again with the support it well and truly deserves.

Nicola Macri 120 days ago

I loved this show very much and will probably be back again to immerse myself in the warm and enchanting vibes and beautiful language and singing.

Linda McAtee 121 days ago

This was a wonderful hour of storytelling, both of Scottish fables and of the relationship between a young woman and her Grannie. The actress was fabulous, switching between roles and dialects flawlessly. A true gem, well worth seeing.

Iona Grant Brokenshire 122 days ago

Ava returns to the home of her recently deceased Gran, and recalls the songs and stories of Scotland that her granny shared with her.
This fair tugged at my heart-strings. Sweet vocals, and good story-telling. If you have ever loved your gran, you can't fail to be moved by this.

Dru Cripps 123 days ago

Embarked on a lovely visceral story rich with Scottish folktale, it was sweet, feel good, intimate and captivating, it's rare to leave a theatre space feeling so warm. I came away feeling very familiar with all of the characters, as if granny had been sat right there with me, offering me a day old (but still good to eat) shortbread biscuit.

Jordan Devenny 124 days ago

Emotionally raw and somewhat nostalgic, Ailsa has created a unique and engaging mix of personal anecdote and song with tales of Scottish folklore to make one of the most authentic depictions of what it means and feels to grow up in the North East of Scotland. Truly fantastic from start to finish.

Claire Cassidy 125 days ago

Nostalgic and genuinely touching for anyone with a grandmother. Cosy and intimate. An authentically Scottish experience. Not to mention - Ailsa is a powerhouse of talent!

Alistair Maxwell 125 days ago

Lovely! Very gentle hour of storytelling. Would have happily had another hour.

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Edinburgh Guide (3/5 stars) 110 days ago

A lovely debut piece that harks back to a quieter time and reminds us that home is made of memories.

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