An Evening Without Kate Bush

Cabaret and Variety (music, theatre)

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  • PBH's Free Fringe @ Voodoo Rooms - Ballroom
  • 16:40
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 18+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Sarah-Louise Young / PBH's Free Fringe
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The chaotic cabaret cult! Howl with the Hounds of Love and dance on the moors with Wuthering Heights. Kate's not there, but you are. Over a career spanning five decades, Bush has always attracted loyal and devoted followers and this brand-new show celebrates their stories. Performer Sarah-Louise Young reunites with director Russell Lucas to explore the fans and music of one of the most influential voices in British pop culture. From the makers of Julie Madly Deeply... but completely different. 'Deliriously wonderful cabaret' ***** (ThreeWeeks for Julie Madly Deeply).

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Ian Hayles 149 days ago

I went to see this show a few days ago and I didn't post anything about it publicly straight away because I wanted some distance from it to see how I felt... and if I still felt as strongly about it as I did when I first stepped out of the auditorium...

Well... yes I DO... but at least I'm not openly weeping and elated, which was my state when I first emerged wanting to hug Sarah-Louise for creating such a powerful, funny, creative response to the joy/frustration of being a fan of The Bush.

This is a tribute act, but not to Kate, to her fans... I so remember being the lad in the playground acting out the video to Wuthering heights, and seeing Sarah-Louise reenact those type of memories was really lovely...

oh and its FUNNY!

It totally embraces the exuberant silliness that underlies a lot of Kate's Work (Lindsey Kemp) and heightens it (Lindsey Kemp) to an absurd degree (Lindsey Kemp)... we know that Kate is daft as a brush sometimes and that's also an aspect of why we love her... and now by extension why we love Sarah-Louise as our totem of fandom.

I missed out on tickets for Kate's most recent (!) live show and I've never really been able to forgive myself for the folly's that befell me that stopped me going... but until Kate decides to do another show (!!) An Evening Without Kate Bush will do just as well.

(Since writing this review for my Facebook feed I've taken two other sets of people along to it... I cry every time...)

Rohan Candappa 149 days ago

I've seen about 30 shows this Fringe. Some of them have been brilliant. But this is the best of them all. And I have the feeling that I could have seen all the other 3000 shows at the Fringe and this would still be the best. It's funny, clever, touching, enlightening and filled with joy. And when Sarah-Louise starts singing I honestly thought she was lip-syncing to a record it sounded so good. Or maybe I should just say of the whole of this genius of a show – 'Wow-wow-wow, Unbelievable!'

Meghan Corbin 149 days ago

Excellent! Not familiar with Kate Bush, but want to see the show again!

Sue Grimshaw 150 days ago

This show is absolutely brilliant and 100% thoroughly entertaining. I don’t think I can sum it up any better than that. Sarah-Louise Young is a true tribute to Kate as not only does she perform her music flawlessly but she does so in her own amazing style combining stunning vocals with tongue in cheek humour

Loved it, loved it, loved it. One of, if not the best show at the Fringe

Norman Wisdom 152 days ago

Caught this show after a recommendation from someone who had seen it.
I thought it would be a straight tribute act but it was so much more.
Moments of pleasure does not do it justice. It was both funny and emotional throughout. One of the best shows I have seen at the Fringe - don't miss it

Sue Johnson 152 days ago

Best show saw at the fringe. Professional, interactive, energetic.

Julia Morley 152 days ago

Loved this inventive, creative and exciting show. Just brilliant.

Lynn Ruth Miller 152 days ago

This is an amazing show, far more than a cabaret. It is a visual and vocal wonder with songs to love, and a presentation that defies description, so powerful and so meaningful it is. Sarah Louise Young brings us into Kate Bush's world and yet she is also enveloping us into her world, of song, movement and connection with each other. The show is an immersive experience and a a cultural delight. Not to be missed.

Neil Craig 153 days ago

Wow, unbelievable. I've seen over 90 shows in the past 7 years and this one is the best. What an amazing, intelligent, joyous portrayal of an iconic singer. I even saw Kate Bush at her Hammersmith gig in 2014 and this is the next best thing to it.

Joanne Leng 154 days ago

Absolutely fantastic! Superb vocals, spot on humour and captivating theatrical performance. Come on Kate Bush

David Copley 155 days ago

I was a Kate Bush fan in my younger days, but had somewhat forgotten her genius. This show was a superb re-visit for me to those days. Her voice, costumes and delivery made this so much more than glorified karaoke, and the performer (sorry do not know her name) did not take herself too seriously at times which was great. If you want to avoid being a candidate for backing vocals or a slow dance number then sit well away from the central aisle! Thoroughly recommended.

Andy Ack 155 days ago

Absolutely brilliant show, spent 5 days at the Fringe this year and been 5 or 6 times over the years and def in my top 5 shows!!

Amie 156 days ago

Sarah-Louise is a seriously talented lady! So likeable and amazing vocals - if you close your eyes you'd think it was Kate up there. As weird and wonderful as the title suggests. Loved it.

Ian Grace 157 days ago

Quite simply a magical performance. The abiding feeling I was left with was that I had been sprinkled with joy, musing at the wonderment of Kate Bush’s artistry and music that is fantastical. Myself and my partner were both taken away, truly brilliant. It is sincerely a reintroduction to Bush’s music and the craziness of it all. Am not a Kate Bush fan per se but enjoy her best hits and went after reading a review on West End Wilma.

Sarah-Louise Young on stage is genuinely awesome - sensual, intimate and creative, the delivery of the show is impeccable - varied, filled with humour but meaningful and sincere. Reminded us of Tracey Collins, a different genre of performance but a theatre performance mime artist and hugely capable vocalist all in one deliriously enjoyable package.

One not to be missed!

Please note: although handled delicately and with kindness by SLY one of the audience sat at the back and went online during the performance which interrupted the performer and the performance ultimately, so please avoid using mobile phones during the concert!

Sarah Griffiths 157 days ago

Best solo performance I saw at the fringe. Both amusing and hugely talented. A must for Kate Bush fans and would recommend even if you're not.

Mr Godfrey 158 days ago

Sarah Louise Young is a phenomenal talent, belting out Kate Bush's tunes, managing to mimic her signature style. All the hits are present and correct but what I loved was discovering songs I'd never heard before, and apart from anything else, it really is a cabaret show, full of costumes, singalongs and exuberance. A must see!

Karen du Plessis 158 days ago

Loved this , Sarah-Louise was brilliant, great voice, very funny! Prepare to sing along and howl, a must for all fans of Kate. We will definitely be back to see Sarah-Louise again

Helena Fox 158 days ago

I adored the show today. I am a massive Kate fan but was with my friend who only knows a couple of the songs and she loved it, too - you don't have to be die-hard to have a great time. It was beautifully crafted and the tech and performance were outstanding.

Debbie 158 days ago

What a great show. We had no idea what we were in for, such a well produced, hilarious and joyous experience. Laughed our heads off. Sarah Louise is full of sharp wit, compassion, cheek, with a fantastic voice. Amazed it was a free show. Venue fantastic also, glittery ballroom with gorgeous bar areas.

James Falconer 160 days ago

What a performance from Sarah. Some banging tunes, bringing back great memories, all laced with some comedy insights. I would recommend this for true Kate Bush fans and those who enjoy solid cabaret. Great show and a must see for committed Fringe goers.

Kenneth Gibbs 161 days ago

Breathtaking performance. We really enjoyed this. Kate wasn't there but we were!

sally walden 164 days ago

I have been a fan of Kate Bush for as long as I can remember. The is a great show. Has so many of her best songs and the structure of it is really clever. It was packed when I saw it on Tuesday. Just go and see it

Sadie Jane 164 days ago

Probably my favourite thing I saw at the fringe this year! I came in a mid range fan and have now been fully converted to the church of bush! Really hope this tours so I can see it again!

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 151 days ago

Sarah-Louise Young has wowed Fringe cabaret audiences with hugely accomplished musical character-comedy work – notably tragic, knife-clutching chanteuse La Poule Plombée – and an affectionate tribute to Julie Andrews, Julie Madly Deeply. ...

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British (5/5 stars) 153 days ago

The show is a celebration of the singer and her fans but does not hold back from poking gentle fun at Bush’s style and story. Directed and co-written by Russell Lucas, it is funny and warm-hearted, with a momentum that never lets up. For die-hard fans, there are plenty of opportunities to sing along and even come up on stage. For all of us, it is a delightful hour of cabaret in the hands of a consummate performer.

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 156 days ago

She has a powerhouse voice and an effortless way of drawing all of us in, especially the many deep fans in the audience. Together she and Lucas create beautiful stage pictures and realisations of the drama and storytelling in her songs. I hope Bush sees the show in time – and that audiences in festivals around the world will get to see this diva’s genius.

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 156 days ago

Sarah-Louise Young is one of Edinburgh Fringe's most respected and sought after musical variety performers, and it's no stretch of the imagination to see why, as she delivers a true masterpiece here that only she (and potentially Kate Bush) could pull off. Right from her hauntingly beautiful opening, mysteriously veiled...

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Westend Wilma (5/5 stars) 156 days ago

An Evening Without Kate Bush is mostly suited to fans her of Kate’s music, but let’s be honest, who isn’t? This was one of the greatest hours of my life!

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The Stage (5/5 stars) 156 days ago

Whether you are a fan or not, it's difficult not to fall completely in love with Sarah-Louise Young's new show 'An Evening Without Kate Bush'. Her attention to detail and vocal styling is meticulous, but it's her rapport with the audience that sets this show apart, reinventing the tribute act by turning it around and celebrating the fans too

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The Stage [paywall] (5/5 stars) 157 days ago

There’s a lot of fan-love out there for Kate Bush. The eclectic singer-songwriter who emerged in the 1970s with her debut single Wuthering Heights is still hugely popular, with a body of work now appealing to a whole new generation. Whether you are a fan or not, it’s difficult not...

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Theatre Weekly (3/5 stars) 159 days ago

An Evening Without Kate Bush at Voodoo Rooms is a one-woman show and a tribute act to the titular vocalist, directed by Russel Lucas and performed by Sarah-Louise Young – an actress, director, writer and internationally renowned cabaret artist. She returns to Edinburgh Fringe after her 2009 and 2010 sold-out shows ‘Cabaret Whore’ and ‘Cabaret Whore Encore!’

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Musical Theatre Review (5/5 stars) 161 days ago

"This is the latest solo creation by Sarah-Louise Young who has already channelled her inner love of Julie Andrews in UK and New York in Julie Madly Deeply and now re-joins forces with director Russell Lucas to offer a fan letter and celebration of the work and creations of Kate Bush."

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 167 days ago

It is almost an evening without An Evening Without Kate Bush,as technical difficulties in the Voodoo Rooms mean today’s performance is delayed by 25 minutes. However, after an apology in the street from star Sarah-Louise Young herself, the show is underway and off to a mesmerising opening. A body-length veil...

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