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A knockout solo show about one woman’s love of pro wrestling. Part confessional, part exuberant oral history of sports entertainment’s greatest matches and most-loved characters. Acclaimed sketch comedian Tegan Verheul leaves no Stone (Cold) unturned in her unflinchingly raw autobiographical debut that grapples with heartbreak, friendship and the healing power of bloodsport. Riotously funny, unexpectedly touching, brilliantly human. You will leave a wrestling fan.

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Christina Dore 20 days ago

Excellent performance all round in an intimate setting. Great storytelling, brought in some of the emotions, and of course, had many folks wondering if some of it was "kayfabe" or not. Loved the performer's energy and how she directed the narrative of wrestling to connect with her own failed marriage. Funny, emotional, and well done!

Samuel Brooks 29 days ago

High energy throughout, shock-twist was well timed and well chosen performance space.
But I still wonder just how much of it was exaggerated...

Mafi Simmonds-Sharkey 30 days ago

Wrestling tales told through humour, wit, attention to wrestling detail and relatable real life emotion that helps validate and reinforce your love of all things pro wrestling and it's therapeutic properties.

It made me want to bring so many people to the show who have raised a judgemental (People's) eyebrow at me any time I mention I love wrestling; Chokeslam would help them understand why it bonds people and can help you heal personally - they'd definitely leave as fans or at the very least, wrestling-curious! 

The final Fringe show of my festival and an absolutely worthy main event -  Tegan draws you in with humour, sadness, drama and heartbreak - all the things that make wrestling what it is. Thank you!

Graham 35 days ago

A superb show. I was familiar with most of the wrestling stuff, the delivery and enthusiasm brought it all back afresh and how her personal story tied through it all had me gripped.

Nicolas Bossons 36 days ago

Full of passion, humour and honesty, with a killer twist waiting just outside the ring to punch you in the face. I'm not a wrestling fan, but have always been interested in wrestling as a phenomenon; this show delves into that fandom and hopes to send you home with a bit of love for the sport by connecting it to a personal story (I found this reminiscent of Do A Powerbomb! by Daniel Warren Johnson). Tegan Verheul is an immediately captivating storyteller, and the show veers into physical performance art at times, which ruled. If this show's caught your interest, definitely check it out! You pay for the whole seat—but you'll only need the edge.

Dan Knight 39 days ago

A truly wonderful, heartfelt show for both wrestling fans and complete newbies. It really deserves a big sell out audience! To paraphrase The Rock, "you gotta smell what this show is cooking!"

Kevin Moss 39 days ago

As someone who has been in the wrestling business for over 20 years, I'm not easily impressed but I was very impressed by the attention to detail. Some great nostalgia for fans but some out of this world stories if not, expertly told,

Sarah 41 days ago

Brilliant show! What on surface seemed like a show about wrestling quickly revealed itself to be a show about love, loss, friendship, and the way any of us can turn heel in the right context. Go see this!

Sean Ellis 41 days ago

A very enthralling storyteller. A one woman show that keeps your grasped from info dumping, to tangents to stories to confessionals.

Worth time, worth the ticket.

James Mason 41 days ago

An excellent showcase of storytelling with an engaging and personable performer. I went in knowing very little about wrestling but found myself sucked into a very human and enjoyable story with the background of professional wrestling colour. Well worth your time to see.

Alex McKay 43 days ago

Very heartfelt tales of wrestling, friendship & love. Don't worry if you're not into wrestling, you will be drawn in taken along for the ride.

Tegan is a fantastic actor. She was very evocative and emotive, describing matches and house parties in vivid detail. A real standout of my week at the Fringe.

Sushant Shekhar 44 days ago

Funny, unpredictable and a moving piece. The visual story telling is deeply moving and had me gripped for the entire show. A brilliant performance and a must watch show for all wrestling fans.

Arnab 46 days ago

A moving autobiographical show on Tegan’s love for pro wrestling and how much it has influenced her life. Wrestling lovers are sure to love it more. But those not into wrestling will not love it any less. A great one-person act.

Caterina Grosoli 49 days ago

This hilarious, unexpected, and very touching piece of writing really glued to me to my seat. Tegan's storytelling smartly intertwines moments of her personal life with her passion for wrestling. She embodies & brings the story beautifully to life with so much attention to details that she makes an intimate setting feel like a cinematic experience.

Luke Oliver 50 days ago

I didn’t know much about wrestling beforehand but Tegan transports you into the world with really visual & captivating storytelling.

Diana Feng 52 days ago

Super funny and heart felt! All the wrestling terms cleverly intwine with her personal life. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Highly recommend if you are a wrestling fan, and if you're not you will become one after this!!

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