Character Flaw

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Step into the world of neurodivergence with Pip and experience a captivating journey through her life with ADHD. With storytelling, sketches, personal anecdotes, and even a trumpet performance, Pip navigates the challenges and celebrates the joys of living with ADHD. Gain insight into the often-overlooked experiences of women with ADHD and explore how it has affected Pip's coming-out journey and self-acceptance. Explore the impact of ADHD medication on her identity and join the conversation on how we can be more understanding and accepting of neurodivergent individuals. Don’t miss this opportunity to be entertained, informed, and inspired!

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Monica Robles 30 days ago

Pip draws you right in on this incredibly funny and moving one woman show. I felt the anxiety, the pain and resilience all at once. She is so charming and a talented writer, performer and storyteller. It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen here! Catch this beautiful show before it ends!

HD 31 days ago

This show made me feel seen, validated and not so isolated in my ADHD experience. I was hesitant to see this as often times ADHD it’s portrayed in a harmfully stereotypical way, but that hesitation disappeared pretty much instantly as the actor dove into the complex ecosystem of this diagnosis. Thank you for acknowledging the anger, the rejection sensitivity, the multitudes of trains. Thank you for not staying on the surface with this one. Such a great show, go see it while you still have a chance!!

Ashley Simms-Train 33 days ago

A very funny and relatable show about ADHD and neurodiversity – despite the positivity and humour, Pip doesn’t shy away from talking about the challenges faced by neurodiverse people (especially if they’re a woman and LGBTQIA+) and where those challenges come from. Very good, and highly recommended.

Nikki Watson 34 days ago

I was moved to tears, as a mother of an adult son with ADHD, this was so relatable, funny, moving, pacey, slick and a wonderful insight into a world misunderstood, immediately it had me on my feet with applause at the end. I wanted to hug you Pip! Up there with the top things I have seen at Fringe.

Brian 35 days ago

This is a great show. Pip is a force of nature and tells her story in an engaging entertaining way.

Eileen Mahony 35 days ago

I have been coming to the fringe for 19 years and once, many years ago, I saw a one woman show called Lemons Are For Emergencies Only. Over the years I have come to accept that I will never see anything to match it, a one woman show in a tiny venue. Today I saw its match: Character Flaw is an extraordinary performance; a young woman full of energy, a deeply intelligent script, bursting with honesty and warmth and angst. Perfectly choreographed. Exquisite timing. A human and desperate struggle overshadowed by fun and gentleness. A production that has no flaws at all.

Evie Marwood 37 days ago

This. Show. Was. Amazing. Cried at the end. The way Pip delivers the ADHD experience is so informative and eye opening. I think EVERYONE should see it. Put together very well & watching Pip in her element shows that people with ADHD can thrive in the right environment & the right people, truly an incredible experience.

Morgan Drew Glasgow 39 days ago

Informative, engaging and relatable. I was with Pip on her entire journey, rooting for her at every turn. Multimedia hand in hand with a basic set made for a well balanced atmosphere leaving a great space for the whirlwind performance Pip gave, not losing momentum or energy for one moment. A beautiful storyteller and clever theatre maker, I am excited to see what she does next!

Gill C 40 days ago

Love love loved this show.

Five shining bright stars

Lottie G 40 days ago

Absolutely incredible show, a must-see for anyone at the fringe. Pip is such an amazingly captivating performer and the staging and sound effects are so cool and innovative. Extremely entertaining and insightful. Thank you so much and wishing the whole team all the best for the future!!

Poppy Radcliffe 41 days ago

PIP was fantastic in this show, showing ADHD as the difficulty it is for people that really suffer from it, not the current trendy fun trend that people seem to be jumping on. At times hilarious and and times tragic, she takes you on he journey with you. Having received an ADHD diagnosis myself in October last year, it was an insightful, educational and very relatable show.

Deserves all the praise it is receiving

Michela Farrugia 42 days ago

This is such an important show. Incredibly relatable, honest and lighthearted. So grateful that this show was made. A must watch for anyone, but especially for people with ADHD. Thank you to all involved.

Eric 42 days ago

Pip did a great job being both hilariously entertaining and also giving an accurate portrayal of ADHD (which is not always hilarious, although it can be). Thank you!

Elliot and Meg 43 days ago

Very reflective and surprisingly vulnerable one-woman show, which is relatable to both neurodiverse and neurotypicals. An insider into the world of the ADHD mind, you will leave with a new found respect and understanding for those living with ADHD, along with stomach pains from laughter.

Amanda Ghosh 44 days ago

Creative Brilliant 10/10

Ege Atila 45 days ago

Extraordinarily funny, moving, and resonant. Pip's ability to display confidence and vulnerability at the same time is truly remarkable.

Jane Westhead 45 days ago

Compelling and confident storytelling/theatre. Energetic and engaging performance providing a window into the world of neurodiversity. A highlight of my Fringe 2023.

Stephen Leach 46 days ago

Feels like the show I've wanted to see for ages. A frantic, messy, fast-paced and yet completely assured performance makes for a well-executed piece detailing the experience of having ADHD as a woman (something still massively underresearched).

It's simply staged but this works so well as items and clothing are strewn all over the place as the narrative of Pip's life and various experiences unfold to the audience. This, combined with all manner of amusing and enjoyable anecdotes, makes for a fun experience, but one that's ultimately incredibly moving and sad as well. The pitfalls and complications of ADHD are detailed in a way that's spot-on. What's captured so well by the show's end is the unshakeable sense of frustration - rage, even - and grief for missed opportunities and lost potential. I rarely cry at shows but came the closest I've came all Fringe with this one.

Emily 46 days ago

Pips show is a beautifully engaging story about her experience living with ADHD. It is a high energy, fun and very well written play that will have you laughing out loud and leaving understanding the world of neurodivergence a little bit more! Highly recommend this 5 star show!!

Kristy K 47 days ago

Absolutely amazing show. I loved Pip and the awareness she brings to Adhd while using clever humor. Highly recommend!

Michael Smith 47 days ago

An incredible one woman comedy that stands proudly tall with ADHD and one’s sexuality, this performance is sure to leave you holding your sides and crying with laughter. Pip’s narrative structure is unmatched and her comic timing top tier. If you see one show this Edinburgh Fringe, make it Character Flaw.

Outstanding work.

Nicola Macri 47 days ago

Pip is such a star. Character Flaw is a whirlwind of a show which effectively captures one woman’s experience with ADHD in an engaging and authentic way. You’ll love it.

Celestine Stilwell 48 days ago

Honestly what a wonderful show! Totally absorbing and original and bright and very accurate to the queer neurodiverse experience. Go see this show!

Eleanor Rose 48 days ago

Wow!! Out of the dozen Fringe shows I saw this weekend, Character Flaw was without a doubt my favourite. Pip has a real stage presence; she’s energetic and a natural story teller. For someone who does not have ADHD, this show was completely illuminating, whilst also making me laugh out loud! 5* show. Everyone should see this!!

SzuTung C 48 days ago

A solid five stars for this show! It's a perfect blend of fun, wit, heartwarming moments, and insightful content. Pip did an amazing job showcasing what life with ADHD is like. She beautifully portrayed all the thoughts, strengths, and struggles that come along with it. To all Fringe fans, this is a must-watch show that I highly recommend!

Tom H 49 days ago

Ironically a show with no flaws!
Pip has such a fantastic way of writing, she's able to communicate so much through very simple means.
She's also got a fantastically charming stage presence and hooks you from the start!
An amazing look at life with ADHD (amongst a host of other things).

Kate Stafford 49 days ago

What a fabulous show. Philippa Dawson is a real talent, charming the audience with her humour and vulnerability, and sustaining us through a fast paced and utterly engaging 50 minutes. Brilliant. Gets 5 stars from me!

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UK Theatre Web (4/5 stars) 32 days ago

This is an energetic one-woman performance that tries to give us a glimpse into the way her mind works

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British Theatre (5/5 stars) 37 days ago

It is informative, entertaining and perfectly structured, performed with warmth and honesty.

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The Nerd Party (4/5 stars) 42 days ago

Dawson’s message is resonating and it’s her who deserves the platform.

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Lost in Theatreland (4/5 stars) 44 days ago

Incredibly witty

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Binge Fringe Reviews (4/5 stars) 46 days ago

What a joyous example of Neurodiverse representation and I feel better for having gone to go see it. A pleasure to watch.

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