Afrique en Cirque

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (acrobatics, music)

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Afrique en Cirque – a show by Yamoussa Bangoura, inspired by daily life in Guinea. This performance shares the beauty, youth and artistry of African culture. A colourful show beyond its scenery, costumes and staging, that will make any theatre vibrate with energy. It represents strength, agility and life's joys of young Africans. The audience will see our acrobats execute gravity-defying moves and human pyramids, all to the contemporary sounds of Afro-Jazz, percussion, and kora. Welcome to the universe of Kalabanté Productions and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

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Hester 21 days ago

Best show I've ever seen at the fringe! Absolutely amazing acrobatics, dancing, music and energy, would definitely recommend!

Iain Stringer 31 days ago

Amazing! Multi-talented people performing a show full of energy, rhythm, cries and calls! Great music and great costumes. Mind-boggling contortions, acrobatics and dancing. Loved it. We all did, I'm sure of it.
Twitter: @IainWorks

Christine McDerment 32 days ago

I know the Fringe is now over but I'm recommending this for the next time they come. They were fantastic: musicians, acrobats (why don't they all have gold medals?), singers, dancers, all rolled into one. We bought last minute tickets for the last day on a whim but I'm so glad we did. The energy and enthusiasm and skill of all performers was magic. We were mesmerised and would definitely go again.

Paul Devine 33 days ago

Loved this! The physical skills on display were stunning, although I think the contortionist stole the show. Absolutely mind bending! One thing I will say is that, aside from the drumming near the start, the music was more like a jazz trio with an African instrument (ngoni possibly?) on top. That's not a complaint, but might be a little too jazzy for some.

Lucy Leveret 33 days ago

Absolutely astonishing show, with a group of multi-talented performers. The acrobatics, contortions, dancing and music all came together for a joyful show that had the whole audience clapping along throughout. I think there is one last performance today - if you can get a ticket I can't recommended Afrique en Cirque highly enough.
Particularly impressive circus given the limited space of the stage - I'd love to see them back next year in the Lafayette!

Matilda Lees 35 days ago

A must see show! Had to come back a second time it was ABSOLUTELY worth the money and I think it deserves so much more praise! It left me and my friends speechless and in awe. Incredible strength and beauty ❤️

James 38 days ago

This was a spectacular, fast-paced and high energy show. The skills and abilities on display were awe inspiring and the show was put together well. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality circus act with a few unexpected twists. The quality live music really topped it off and drove the show on too.

Maja Wright 39 days ago

Fantastic show! Full of energy, excellent acrobatics, fab musicians and singer. Highly recommended.

M 39 days ago

Found the first 20mins a bit slow, then medium pace for next 10mins and last 30mins is what I came to see. Great music, singing and show[person]ship. Eye candy for the ladies :D Would recommend "Tulu" (different circus show, Underbelly Circus Hub, saw in 2022 and brilliant from start to finish), if you enjoyed this.

Linda Watt 40 days ago

Fabulous acrobatics. High energy show. Highly recommended.

Shobhana Das 42 days ago

It was absolutely amazing to see someone twist their head all the way round.
It was a great experience to see.
I would highly recommend it.
I was also very entertained with all the acrobatics.
And if you have a child it was only 1hour and also not to late.

By Shobhana age 8

Scott The Traveler 43 days ago

WOW!!! This is the best show that we watched at the Fringe this year. The world-beat music is enchanting, the costumes were colorful and kinetic, the drums and the vocals were captivating, the performers were masterful, and the acrobatics were absolutely stunning. We could re-watch this show a dozen times and never get bored. We wish that they sold a soundtrack. (The contortionist is not for the faint of heart).

Grace 43 days ago

Amazing acrobatics and music! The contortionist particularly was incredible. Overall the show felt very fun and joyful with lots of humour sprinkled in. The performers also got us involved by teaching us lyrics so we could chant along. It was the kind of show where you found yourself smiling, clapping and going 'oooh ahhh' throughout!

Lyn 44 days ago

The energy generated in this show is amazing. It deserves all superlatives. Don’t miss it!

Mark L 44 days ago

Incredibly skilled performers, wonderful music, great energy. So good for children as well as adults. Only disappointment was the clichéd / simplification of Africa for Western audiences (no mention of where the performers are from, and having the audience shout gibberish back while trying to imitate the unnamed language of the performer) which felt a bit unnecessary and took away from the talent on stage.

FC 44 days ago

Wow! Amazing! Absolutely incredible show in every respect. The music, the acrobatics, the circus skills, the way the whole show is put together. All are fantastic and a delight for all ages - a must see!

Gianluca 45 days ago

The show is spectacular! Live music, performers who sing, dance and perform acrobats. A must see!

Cathy 45 days ago

Went to see this with a mix of ages from 7yo to 50yo and we all loved it. High energy stunning performances.

Richard Gordon 45 days ago

Amazing! Mind boggling!

Andy G 47 days ago

Great show, the mixture of African music and acrobatics was a delight, with a little bit of comedy. The contortionist gave a freak show element that made us squirm. Recommend highly, but as last reviewer 25 minute delayed start. Delay I assume a reflection of accumulating delays with a main venue, with sell outs/big attendance. Previous act selling merchandise in entrance a likely cause as well.

SANDY JOHNSON 47 days ago

This is a great show - amazing acrobats. The music is really good too with a saxophonist, bassist and drummer. Definitely recommend.

However, one complaint - it started 25 minutes late! If you had another show booked for not long after this show finished, you would have missed it .... as someone who likes to book lots of shows every year, it's now something I'm having to take into account as this is not the only show that has started late. This is the first year I have experienced shows starting late and it's a pain having to run between venues.

Delia Lee 48 days ago

An incredible show from start to finish. Amazing acrobatics, boundless energy, mesmerising music and fabulous characters. Smiled and clapped the whole way through. Go and see it everyone, you won’t be disappointed!

Isobel and Laurie 51 days ago

Really clever show. Loved all the acrobatics. Favourite was the pyramid. Great music

Margaret 52 days ago

One of our family's favourites! The enthusiasm of the performers was infectious and the sheer talent was so impressive. Particularly loved the singing, such a warm and rich voice. Would recommend to all the family, there's something for everyone here.

Justin Plumpton 54 days ago

I cannot recommend this show highly enough! A wonderful energetic show from a group of talented and engaging performers.

G 54 days ago

My entire family loved this - my husband and I and our 10/7 year olds. Lots of fun acrobatics and a crazy contortionist, and I really enjoyed the drumming and music. Everyone was super high energy and we all left in a great mood.

Annemarie 56 days ago

Amazing show! The performers are all so talented artistically and physically. We were blown away. The performers have so much energy and make the show so much fun as well. The audience was loving every minute! I would recommend this to anyone.

Mads Fischer-Moller 57 days ago

I love your performance (Ingrid, 7 years)
Great show lads and great music (gustav, 13 years)

Marie 57 days ago

Excellent energy, upbeat fantastic show. Superb acrobatics, strength & skill. We loved it!

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Jenna's Jamboree (4/5 stars) 37 days ago

Afrique en Cirque is an awe-inspiring, mesmerising display of circus and music that will impress audiences of all ages.

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Culture Fix (4/5 stars) 49 days ago

Afrique en Cirque is a well-pitched, impeccably performed slice of family-friendly circus that delivers enough awe and wonder to satisfy new audiences and Fringe veterans.

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