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Young Frankenstein is a hilarious take on the classic horror story, combining zany antics, a witty script, and high-energy comedic performances for one unforgettable, hilarious adventure in Transylvania.

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Raquel Bautista 42 days ago

We saw this musical on Monday, and we were impressed with the performances of the young actors. The quality of this production was much better than we were expecting and it was very enjoyable, however, the music was a bit loud compared with the voices, making it difficult to understand what actors were saying and singing and that ruined it a bit for us.

Madi Briggs 42 days ago

First of all I would love to start with the characters that were brilliantly brought to life. Dr. Frankenstein was amazingly played and you could tell that Joe (the actor) had a real passion for his role which was translated to the audience, and his voice was gorgeous and all his lines were delivered flawlessly.
Inga was beautifully played and her accent was fabulous, the chemistry between Dr. Frankenstein & Inga is palpable and utterly heartwarming and romantic. Her voice was also delightful to listen to.
The Monster is my favourite character, with real energy being put into it and you could tell that Shaun (the actor) really loved his role and his beautiful voice really helped the audience to feel for the monster and bring comedy into it (especially during Putting On The Ritz).
I was also love to mention both Igor and Inspector Kemp who were both played fabulously by their respective actors. Igor was a great comedic relief and Inspector Kemp had such dedication to the role which was great to see.
The ensemble really helped pull the whole thing together.
The costumes, hair and makeup was fabulous which really helped with pulling everything together.
The numbers were fantastic and funny and you could feel the emotions during all of them.
Director Jackie Robinson did a great job pulling everything together and polishing it up and making everything look tip-top.
Basically, everyone should be very proud of themselves and it was a brilliant production with brilliant acting, dancing, singing and directors!!!

Iris Andromeda 43 days ago

I saw this a couple days ago, and was once again blown away by the performance I saw! The production value was incredibly high, with the relatively young actors performing at a standard I would expect from a professional production - special mention to the ensemble, whose energy and dedication really made the show stand out! As a long-time supporter of this company’s work, I’d certainly recommend you check their shows out!

CMA 43 days ago

I saw this show tonight and unlike Angela (previous reviewer) I didn’t waste my time worrying about who might be related to whom and who had played which parts last year (very weird thing to focus on tbh) - all I wanted to see was a good show and that’s exactly what AT2 have produced. The cast were all excellent and looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves which translates into a great audience experience too. A-Team don’t charge the kids anything to take part (unlike many other youth theatre groups) and that is a huge positive step for inclusion and diversity. Last show tomorrow and I would highly recommend it! Cx

Angela Greeny 43 days ago

While this show was done very well, I couldn't help but notice that Inga and Fredrick where played by the same people who played Bonnie and Clyde last year... (same company) I also noticed the director "Jackie Gill" is somehow related to "Joe Gill". Not only do I believe this company is using nepotism, I believe they should be showing talent from the other members of cast. (or at the very least, be casting diversly, and not the same people 2 years in a row). Despite the blatant nepotism, I believe the actors tried the best with their roles, and didn't give awful performances.

The show was good, but that really dampened my experience. I would recomend it for the high production value alone.

Theatre lover 43 days ago

Watched yesterday and absolutely loved it.
All of the cast done an amazing job, I was hugely impressed.
The costume & make up team deserve a special mention JUST WOW !!
Loved the monster he looked amazing as did Victor Frankenstein ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ it’s a big thumbs up from me!

Yvonne Melrose 43 days ago

I saw this yesterday and thought the cast and production team did an incredible job at putting on this show. The show itself had everything you would want in a show, it was entertaining, funny , a good story, wonderful music and dance scenes. The cast are super talented and would definitely recommend this show to anyone

Brian 43 days ago

I was thoroughly impressed by the young volunteers' performance of Young Frankenstein! The show was brought to life by a talented cast of young volunteers, especially the lead actor playing Dr Frankenstein. The cast's energy and dedication brought a fresh and charming take to the classic musical, creating an entertaining and memorable experience. Kudos to A-Team for a job well done!

Steve 44 days ago

Absolutely wonderful! I had a smile on my face the entire time - a real gem of a show. Given how ambitious the show is, including live music throughout, set and costume changes, elaborate make up and hair, extensive choreography, they manage to execute it all. The cast are absolutely fantastic, with superb comedic timing, so much so that your memory of the film quickly fades. Buy a programme and get it signed at the end - I would put money on several of these young actors appearing on West End stages or even on screens in the next few years. Easily in the top 3 shows I’ve seen in recent years, along with Rocky Horror and Strictly Ballroom, both of which were professional shows. Shout out to the make up team for their brilliant work, especially the monster, that achieves a perfect balance between the comedic and grotesque, reminding you of both the Hammer classic and the Brooks film, while managing to be its own thing.
Brilliant show. 5/5

The Opera ghost 44 days ago

After a couple of technical issues in the opening scene, the young amateur cast held their nerve and delivered a 5 star performance.
Kudos to A team productions for the work they clearly put into this, it shines through.
With only two show’s remaining it’s definitely a must see. Innuendo galore so take your sense of humour.

Box 5 will remain empty!


Andrew Thomson 44 days ago

This is such a hidden gem in the fringe! Saw this last night and enjoyed ALMOST all of it! Even though the music, staging and Choreography were outstanding I was left disappointed with the main event! THE MONSTER apart from the monster looking sounding and acting awful you’ll enjoy everyone else’s performance to cover it though.

Chloe 44 days ago

Fantastic! We laughed from the very first scene to the last. The cast were phenomenal and had comic timing to rival any comedy production I have seen at the fringe. Recommend to anyone to go see these guys in action.
Side note..I am not a friend or family member of any of the cast and it is not a school production. The school is a fringe venue. Facts matter!!!

Marina Masson 44 days ago

Just been to this amazing show. I have no connection to the young people who have spent months rehearsing and have done themselves proud.
Great acting and singing, fantastic musical accompaniment throughout.
Wow wow wow
I was sad to read a bad review - having been at the same show . I would thoroughly recommend you go along - last night is Saturday.
Well done all the young people who participated .

Jim O'Hagan 44 days ago

Fabulous show. Very professional and great acting, costume, singing and from the entire cast who are all under 20 years of age. Amazing group of talented actors. Well done.

Zaynah 44 days ago

Complete waste of money, could not hear the performers over the live band and many did not even have mics. I walked out after 20 minutes as I could not understand anything. Many of these 5 star reviews appear to be from the cast's friends and family, as this is a school production with the cast made up of children.

Becca 44 days ago

A-Team strikes again, with another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ show!

Young Frankenstein is an outstanding show that displays the talent of both the cast and crew members, from the high notes to the quick set changes, everything is executed well. The leads give a shining performance throughout and show off their impressive lungs and dancing feet! The hair and makeup teams have done an amazing job turning cast members into their character and it is obvious that costume team have put a lot of time and thought into each persons outfits throughout the show.

Definitely not a show to miss!!

Dylan C 45 days ago

Amazing show, this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time. I really enjoyed all the actors, each leading character has great moments and there’s plenty of very catchy tunes. Special shout-out to Joseph Gill who is Frederick Frankenstein … all I can say is that he really is the character. Go see this show even just because of him. The set looks amazing with the lighting supporting the directing choices really well and being an actor/musician myself, I really appreciate the amount of energy generated by the talented band members. They don’t stop playing throughout the evening with the exception of a few short spoken scenes and every number seems extremely complicated yet easy in their performance. Well done everyone

5/5 ⭐️ 45 days ago

I was extremely impressed with the level of production and professionalism that both the cast and crew had. The show was a very enjoyable experience with many laughs and entertaining songs. The choreography and dancing was of top standard and I was overall thrilled with the entire performance especially with such young actors and crew. I enjoyed the show so much that I will be coming back to relive the experience! 5/5 and highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hannah T 45 days ago

I can not believe this is not a professional show on the West End! The direction, acting and overall look of the show is stupendous. The principal characters have brilliant comedic timing and the rest of the cast really bring the show to life. A must see watch from such a hard working team!

5 Stars 45 days ago

Lots of Laughs , Very Funny and very witty, The A Team cast deliver this musical amazingly, from Yodeling to singing and dancing and great acting this talented group perform the show spectacularly . Well worth a go see .

Laura May 47 days ago

So incredibly proud of A-Team for this show- an ambitious choice for the Fringe that ends up being fantastically funny and charismatic! The immersive set pieces and band get a special shoutout as they were brilliant but the cast's comedic timing and chemistry really do make this production. Was laughing and cheering the whole way through, brava!

Adam McKinnon 47 days ago

I didn’t know what to expect from this show but I had such a good time and couldn’t stop laughing the entire evening.

I loved the dance numbers involving the entire cast of the show and the scene with the monster and the blind man. The show looks amazing in every aspect and has some brilliant musicians in it, too.

Everyone should go see this

CM 47 days ago

While this won’t be the most professional show you will see at the fringe you will end the show with a stitch in your side! The young cast band together to bring this huge show to life, with every character having their own unique characteristics and motives that are clear from the beginning.
Frau’s song was a huge standout, sending the entire audience into fits of laughter so much we almost struggled to hear the song. But the actor kept pushing and came out with some beautiful belts towards the end which rung through the audience with ease.
Ivor was also a standout actor, really committing to the hunched and spooky nature of this character. His onstage chemistry with all the principals was lovely to see and you could tell him and the rest of the cast were really enjoying themselves.
The direction and choreography was so slick and did not feel repetitive or stale as many youth productions can be. The crew have obviously worked hard with each young actor to bring out the best in them and it truly comes across on stage. A-Team is a company that is for young people and it’s amazing to see the kinds of opportunities a company like this can bring and how I would’ve loved to be in such an elaborate show at such a young age!
Well done to everyone involved ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

T 47 days ago

5 stars for Young Frankenstein

The unusual choice for a fringe musical in times when most productions turn to simple black box presentations (for Young Frankenstein, one needs an impressive set, a lot of stage effects and costly make up) turns out to be a winning feat for this youth theatre company.

One of the reasons we don’t see this musical performed more often is that it contains almost too many different elements—from golden era-inspired numbers to hellishly complicated ensembles, from yodelling to tap dance—but A-Team Productions deliver it all.

Despite some minor technical issues with microphones, the supporting ensemble portrays Transylvanians with a wide range of immersing and hilarious choices. All of the principals have a number or two to highlight their vocals and everyone gets much to be satisfied with; Inga’s beautiful and well commanded soprano, Frau Blucher’s impressive belts, Igor’s and Elizabeth’s comedic timing, and more. The Monster has a strong storyline despite not having many numbers at all. Frederick Frankenstein is the glue of this eclectic revue and he’d be the star of the production with his excellent performance if there wasn’t yet another, even shinier element; the band.

It’s a treat to attend any Fringe musical that can afford a live pianist but to get a band of this quality brings the efforts of everyone to a whole new level. The score containing many different styles suddenly sounds easy in the hands of these excellent instrumentalists.

But it’s thanks to the impressive musical director of this production that everything finds its ideal pacing allowing for understandability of the lyrics and action on the stage, yet never fails to bring out the excitement of live music we’d hardly get from pre-recorded tracks. He makes many unusual and strong choices while conducting performers on stage and off from the piano with rich gestures and it all pays off.

It would be, however, a crime not to mention the time and efforts spent on this production by the entire production team. Well done for providing young performers with this extravagant opportunity to be a part of something that can’t be taken for granted.

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