You and I: A New Musical

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Cameron Mackintosh Award 2018. What do you do when the world’s first super intelligent robot turns up at your door asking about the origins of the universe, karaoke and the meaning of porn? Fran is about to find out. With a soulful folk score from the writers of hit musical Buried, this touching new musical comedy explores love, loss and what it really means to be human. ‘Everything you could ever want from a musical theatre experience’ ***** (

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Peter MacCeòl 81 days ago

Beautiful writing, great feeling in the music. The lead girl has one amazing voice. Only wish it was rewritten for bigger space with richer orchestration so more people can see it!

Scott 85 days ago

An emotional, funny, moving and superbly written musical. The actors were all fantastic, the guy who played the robot was extremely good, and the main female character gave me a lump in my throat, and a smile on my face. This show could easily be expanded to a West End production, so if you get the chance to see this future classic in its Fringe debut, you definitely should!

Donnie Zuo 87 days ago

A funny, light-hearted and deeply touching story about a young girl dealing with loneliness, grief and her dream. While the entire cast was brilliant, Laurence Hunt stole the show as the robot with his hilarious deadpans interrupted by streetwise imitations. Lindsay Manion as Fran gave us some pretty catchy tunes and the two girls playing multiple roles were a precious comic duo in and of themselves. The band was also brilliant throughout. The girl sitting on my right cried, and it was indeed pretty emotional.

Stephen McDiarmid 87 days ago

Colla Voce has nailed it once again with this musical comedy. Lindsay Manion as Fran and Laurence Hunt as Robert the Robot have a magical spark when together on stage. Will Taylor as Ian produces some great lines with a deadpan expression akin to the late Norman Wisdom. The multi roles played by Cara Withers and Martha Furnival along with the 3 piece band add to the professionalism of this production. An hour and a quarter well spent.

Tom Panay 88 days ago

You and I begins with an odd, Black Mirror-esque concept, but quickly moves away from the dark, depressing themes of that show and evolves into a very touching, funny story about relationships and personal growth. It made me sob in the best possible way - for a one act show the writing does a great job of creating likeable and empathetic characters. Every character is brilliantly acted and wonderfully sung, and the band is highly effective, having a nice presence as a result of being on stage. I can't recommend this show enough.

Sean Davis 88 days ago

You and I: A New Musical (***)
A young woman has an incredibly advanced, but ignorant, android delivered to her door that was secretly built by her deceased sister. The play combines scenes of caring about her sister and the robot, with the fun of introducing him to the life of twentysomethings. Both her emotional journey, and his humorous evolution to thinking individual provide a thoughtful core to this interesting tale of self-discovery.

This was the 38th most enjoyable of the 113 Fringe shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website:

K 89 days ago

I speak truthfully when I say I have never seen a show so on brand for me - a tender exploration of anxiety and grief, a hilarious yet profound (and amazingly acted!) robot, karaoke!! This show has everything and does it all so well.

Colin Erridge 90 days ago

The premise of this show is a bit far-fetched, but it is carried off with such thoughtfulness and conviction that any reservations are soon dispersed. The young cast are uniformly on point but special mention must be made of Robert the robot (sorry, don't have the cast list to hand) who managed to make AI lovable.
This show has obviously had a lot of development as the plot, script, pace and song work gel together well, unlike a lot of other new writing.
Cheesy in places? Yes, but conveyed with wit and winning charm. A definite "hit" for me.

Amara Heyland-Morrin 91 days ago

Lovely, sweet little show, very slick and thoughtfully executed. Quite sentimental and the music is a little samey, but really great acting and staging!!

Glyn Cave 91 days ago

A wee gem of a musical that will have you laughing and shedding a tear. The musicians and young cast are superb and I would fully recommend seeing this show ... it gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me!

Angus Simpson 91 days ago

This is a musical treat that gets your toes tapping, your laughing gear in action and gives your grey matter a workout. With some pretty nifty folk tunes and impressive performances from the young cast, we’re asked to consider what would happen if an intelligent robot came into our lives and started to scratch at the minutiae and driving forces of our existence. Relationships. Family ties. Karaoke. Porn. Grief. More karaoke. This musical fairly zips along for its 75 minutes, with quick and effective scene changes and a multi talented group of actors/musicians taking their share of the songs, the laughs and the pathos. Some of the lyrics were a bit cheesy for me, but the tunes never failed to hit the spot. ‘Wasn’t too keen on the on-stage band appearing disconnected from the action – apart from the ‘universe’ scenes when they actually added to the humour – but they are undoubtedly very talented. Have a laugh. Have a think. ‘See this show.

Stephen 91 days ago

'You and I' is a charming, clever, well-written musical. A real treasure of this year's fringe. It's great to see up and coming work presented. I hope the creators continue developing the piece - it has a bright future.

Tom Foster 94 days ago

A tender and heartwarming story which was a pleasure to watch along with some great songs!

PHILIP HEALING 94 days ago

This a tender story with boatloads of talent, beautiful harmonising and a ton of laughs along the way. It is truly brilliant- don’t miss this amount of young talent.

Zak Taylor 98 days ago

We loved "Buried" by these guys last year. "You and I" was even better. So well acted. Loved the characters! It ended too fast. Wish it was a sit-com, so we could watch them every week. (Actually, it was very "Alf" or "Mork & Mindy" in its comedic style). One of our favorites of the Fringe this year.

Mike Barrie 100 days ago

We loved this show - gentle and poignant music and performed so well, and wirh a thought provoking story line. Recommended!

Alex 100 days ago

A brilliant show! We've not seem this company before but we're intrigued by the story. And delighted by the performances of the whole cast, but especially Fran. It's a small venue and the sound is perfect. One of my top 3 fringe shows!

Simon Samuel 100 days ago

Totally agree with Mark's comments below - this is a fab show, and extremely well performed. Best I've seen this year so far

Mark Reynolds 102 days ago

I'm another audience returnee from Buried last year and this did not disappoint me! You and I is completely original in script and music, and I think the writers have an incredibly bright future ahead of them, as does every cast member. Come and see this show while it is so cheap because it's entirely worth it, and really really really funny. The only constraint with this show is the venue itself, get early to get a good seat as bing halfway back can be annoying with such a small stage space in front.

Catherine Day 102 days ago

Such a good show. All the cast and musicians were brilliant. Saw 'Buried' last year which was a highlight of 2018 and this didn't disappoint. An emotional roller coaster with well-timed comedy.
We'll tell everyone we know to come.

Patrick McPherson 102 days ago

A truly wonderful show brimming with tight and well-crafted performances, glorious tunes and creative ideas. The lyrics in particular are absolutely banging. Thoroughly recommended.

LTW 105 days ago

I loved Buried, and I love your new musical!

Good storyline, good vocals, and very entertaining.

You will want to try to improve the clarity of the speech and vocals as they were drowned at times by the loud accompanying live music.


Lucie 106 days ago

I saw Buried last year, absolutely loved it and I was very happy to find out that the guys are back this year with a new musical.
Same as Buried, the story of You and I is rather serious and sad but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny at the same time - there are loads of laughs throughout the show. It’s very smartly written, the songs are beautiful and the acting really good. This musical will make you cry, laugh and want to hear and see these wonderful, talented young musicians and singers again.

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Culture Bean 79 days ago

Colla Voce Theatre are ones to watch. Tucked quietly away among the busy programme this new production officially swept me off my feet. You and I is the hidden gem of the Fringe.

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 80 days ago

Colla Voce Theatre Company made a splash in 2017 with its National Student Drama Festival Edinburgh Award-winning musical Buried. The company aims to tell unconventional stories through musical theatre that would normally escape this genre. You and I fits the bill by telling a humorous yet poignant story inspired by...

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 87 days ago

On a small stage already occupied by three musicians, a cast of five do that musical theatre thing of darting around the space to convey the bustle of city life while somewhere in the melee, protagonist Fran, a composer of music for adverts, describes herself as the invisible girl in...

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Miro Magazine (4/5 stars) 88 days ago

You and I is an ambitious undertaking and promises something greater – a sci-fi musical that keeps human relationship at its core. [...] a show destined for greater things.

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 89 days ago

Drawing the line between the exaggerated and the tender is no easy feat. Many new musicals go too far in one direction, playing for laughs or hamming it up for tears. Not so with the unpretentious beauty of You and I, a new musical from Colla Voce Theatre, which had...

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Miro Magazine (4/5 stars) 89 days ago

Despite touching upon some heavy topics, the show remains a light-hearted affair, cutting deftly through moments of too much tension with a witty line or change of scene. Tom Williams‘ narrative is superb, with subtle foreshadowing and humorous scenes.

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Miro Magazine (4/5 stars) 89 days ago

Despite touching upon some heavy topics, the show remains a light-hearted affair, cutting deftly through moments of too much tension with a witty line or change of scene. Tom Williams‘ narrative is superb, with subtle foreshadowing and humorous scenes.

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Whats On Stage (3/5 stars) 94 days ago

Tom Williams and Cordelia O'Driscoll bagged the hefty Cameron Mackintosh Award for musical making in 2018, after their rather successful new show Buried. This time they return to the Fringe with the endearing You and I, a small and quirky one-act piece. The plot is like a musical mashup of...

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ThreeWeeks (4/5 stars) 97 days ago

Think ‘Black Mirror’ meets ‘LaLa Land’ and you’ve got ‘You And I: A New Musical’. The show follows the tale of one woman’s adventures with a very intelligent robot that turns up at her door one day. The soft, lullaby vocals of the cast took the audience on a gentle...

Read the full review (4/5 stars) 98 days ago

A highlight of the show is a very funny performance by Laurence Hunt as Robert, who is super-intelligent but like a painfully naive man-baby. He provides plenty of big laughs as he learns in faltering fashion about the world, from pencils and porn to astronomy and toilet paper. He has a perfect foil in Lindsay Manion who is engaging as Fran, struggling to break free of her self-contained routine. With echoes of Julie Walters, Cara Withers wins a laugh with every line in a number of roles including flatmate Tamé – not “Tammy” – alongside fellow multi-tasker Martha Furnival. As Fran’s flatmates from hell, these two slink and glare across the stage like evil stepsisters from a fairytale. Completing a cast crammed onto a tiny stage, Will Taylor is suitably wacky as the carefree Ian who is introduced to us with the typically offbeat song, “I Hit You With My Car”.

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