xoxo moongirl

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (solo show, acrobatics)

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  • Assembly Checkpoint - Assembly Checkpoint
  • 19:50
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Almanac Dance Circus Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Age Category: 14 and above (14+)(Audience Participation, Contains Distressing Themes, Strong Language/Swearing)
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 18 months


Almanac Dance Circus Theatre blends physical theatre, live music, world-class circus, aerial performance and audience interaction in xoxo moongirl; the hilarious, heart-wrenching and breathtaking story of one woman processing a family life riddled with domestic abuse. Almanac's first ever ensemble-devised, full-length solo show features Nicole Burgio and award-winning composer Melanie Hsu in a semi-autobiographical, aerial and acrobatic exploration of escaping the gravitational pull of trauma, navigating complicated relationships, and always believing you'll end up on the moon. Created and produced by Almanac, a Philadelphia-based contemporary circus company. This is their European debut.

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Matt Lemains 34 days ago

Beautiful and emotional show. A personal story of intense relationships with her family told by a talented acrobat whose vulnerability and talent are captivating. Along with an accompanying singer they create an experience of love, loss, tears and compassion to which we all can relate.

Bruno Bazinet 34 days ago

I was very touched by this autobiographical show. Funny, surprising, beautiful, moving, sincere, Nicole Burgio is dazzling and Melanie Hsu is a wonderful musician and singer.
It's great to transform difficult moments in your life into something beautiful and poetic. Xoxo Moongirl is a perfect example!

Harriet Grant 35 days ago

Very moving, sweet and original. Much more intimate and engaging than Cirque du Soleil and their like, so I'm glad you didn't get the call Nicole :)

Elena Odessa Ray 36 days ago

Fantastic show! I highly recommend it. Moving, funny, breathtaking, beautiful, sweet... these two artists work together beautifully to take us on a personal journey to the moon and back. Wonderful acrobatics, aerial work and clowning mixed with sincere storytelling and gorgeous live music. A must see!

Chris Davis 39 days ago

Gorgeous music, spectacular movement, choreography, beautiful set, a bold performance by the lead actress, you really do want to see XoXo Moongirl. I highly recommend this show for ALL ages, bring the family and discover an adventure story that will enrapture you, and maybe even take you all the way to the moon. GO!!

Nicolette Wentzel 40 days ago

The most incredible show! The way the performers, both with the physical and the music touches your soul is testimony to how completely sold they are to story. Nicole is an amazing storyteller. She connects and her whole body tells the story. She is vulnerable and funny, but even the funny bits are laced with emotion. Her acrobatic skills are amazing and keeps you glued and completely engaged and makes you part of the story. A must see. Thank you for the experience!

Tracy Feld 40 days ago

This show moves right into your heart and takes up residence. I saw it a year ago in the Philly Fringe and immediately regretted not being able to take everyone I knew to see it. SO excited to see this very special show's European debut.

Do not miss this stunning gem of a show from Almanac Dance Circus Theatre. The arrestingly talented Nicole "Cole" Burgio generously and courageously delivers a tour de force performance conveying a memoir of a childhood darkened by violence, and its effects in adulthood. On stage, the truly incomparable Melanie Hsu performs her breathtaking score for the show -- vocals and cello blending in beautiful alchemy which defies description. The piece is at once heart wrenching and playful, dark and joyous. You will leave filled up. What a gift this show is. Go see it. xoxo

Lorraine Prince 46 days ago

I felt like this show tried to be too many things and didn't really (for me) fully satisfy any of them. Whilst it was varied and well delivered, the narrative was vague yet disturbing, and I didn't really connect with the actor or her delivery, despite the vulnerable and personal autobiographical content. The audience participation would have been better if there was a microphone for the people she got up on stage - I couldn't hear what they were saying most of the time. I did really enjoy the experimental live music/vocals though.

Claire Landis 46 days ago

A truly original piece. XOXO Moongirl has the perfect mix of circus, music, storytelling, and dance. A breathtaking story told in a way you won't see anywhere else.

Carly Jennion 46 days ago

XOXO Moongirl is easily the only show of its kind here at the Fringe. A surreal blend of acrobatics, comedy, and vulnerable storytelling, this show checks all the boxes of a satisfying show. Nicole gives a warm and multifaceted performance. The way she speaks to her audience and the strength she displays in her acrobatic and aerial display can only suggest she is a true talent. Mel’s music is the only suitable score for a show of such variety and emotion, and is somehow both haunting and inspiring. Moongirl is everything you could want.

Sydny Hansen 47 days ago

The perfect fringe show. Nicole and Mel are amazingly charming, talented, and the art tells the story in a way you’ll only see here. Will touch your heart.
See as many pieces as you can while you’re here, but this will be the BEST memory that you look back on.

Cali Metzker 48 days ago

XOXO Moon Girl is breath taking!! The two amazing, multi-talented, actress and musician are astounding. The real life story being told inspires strength within the audience. You will laugh and may even tear up but this acrobatic extravaganza is not one to miss!

Lauren Neville 48 days ago

What an amazing show. The audience is captured by the beauty of the story and taken to another world. I was truly amazed at the performers' skill and ability to engage the audience. This show is a must see at the fringe; it contains acrobatics, aerial fabric work, comedy, and imagination.

Jamie Hafner 48 days ago

xoxo moongirl captures the hearts of audience members every night through stirring original music, versatile acting, breathe taking trapeze work, and moving acrobatics. The show is ever evolving, reflecting the real life experience of the show's endlessly talented star. To be moved by physical theatre such as this piece is worth ever last pound of admission, but is truly a priceless piece that withstand for years to come.

lyndsey connolly 48 days ago

The MOST stunning piece at the fringe by far.
I had chills through the entire show and I was left breathless so many times I think I only exhaled once. The acrobatics mixed with the music mixed with the INCREDIBLE story left me inspired and in total awe. This show truly is a masterpiece and I recommend it to everyone.

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 25 days ago

In the closing moments of xoxo moongirl, aerial artist Nicole Burgio pulls on a vibrant red dress and climbs up onto a swing. ...

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (4/5 stars) 31 days ago

Xoxo Moongirl exemplifies how elements of aerial skills can powerfully enhance a show. It is an exquisite aerial display and a hauntingly beautiful piece of storytelling that is both heartwarming and wrenching.Nicole Burgio’ semi-autobiographical piece ex...

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Edinburgh Spotlight (4/5 stars) 33 days ago

Where can you escape when life gets too much? When your parents are as dysfunctional as your relationships, and your hopes and dreams seem as unreachable as the stars in the sky?For Nicole Burgio, the engaging and dynamic performer of this impressive one-hander from Fringe newcomers Almanac Dance Circus Theatre,...

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Circus Talk (5/5 stars) 38 days ago

With bold, visual stunning directing by Ben Grinberg, powerful music composed and played by Mel Hsu, and a clever but streamlined set design, XOXO Moongirl strikes just the right chord with audiences hungry for vulnerable storytelling and unblinking action.

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The Circus Diaries 42 days ago

There’s cosmic fantasy, and there are the daily, normalised encounters with ingrained trauma that come from domestic violence. There’s taking centre stage creating a show, and there’s the persistent background that no-one draws attention to. There’s warmth, there’s humour, and there’s the charismatic Nicole Burgio revealing her painful histories in this UK debut from Philadelphia based Almanac.

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 43 days ago

What’s better than a one-woman show? A one-woman show with a trapeze hanging from the ceiling, like Chekov’s gun over the mantelpiece. Nicole Burgio’s devised, autobiographical, solo circus show, xoxo moongirl, makes a lot of promises – and the ones it delivers on are brilliant. Burgio is clearly an extremely...

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The Wee Review (5/5 stars) 44 days ago

xoxo moongirl at Assembly Checkpoint is a stunning and explosive mixture of spoken-word and circus skills, physical theatre, illusion and magic. Set to a breathtakingly haunting musical score written and performed by the incredible Melanie Hsu – who aptly describes herself on her website as “a sonic painter of impossible...

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One4Review (4/5 stars) 46 days ago

Nicole Burgio is an artist that likes to push herself to the edge. This is demonstrated at the start of the show as walks backwards across the table asking the audience’s opinion on how much further she can go before … Read More ...

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The List (3/5 stars) 46 days ago

Comic storytelling and circus skills unpack childhood trauma...

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