Wrath of Achilles

Theatre (adaptation, tragedy)

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The Trojan War rages. As the Greek army throws themselves against Troy’s impenetrable walls, three desperate lives are woven together by the Fates. A godlike warrior; his devoted companion; an enslaved queen. The three find a kindred spirit amongst the bloodshed, unaware that the choices they make will shape the course of ancient history. Bedivere Arts’ new adaptation of Homer’s Iliad, complete with a cinematic, original score by acclaimed composer George Jennings, explores modern ideas of masculinity and gender. 'Strong acting performances and timeless story in a pared-down, atmospheric setting make this genuinely worth a look' (ViewFromTheCheapSeat.com).

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Rebecca Moessmer 50 days ago

An absolute incredible show – one of my Top 5 out of almost 30 shows I saw – I actually went to see it twice because I was so blown away by it: The actors were magnificent (especially the three main ones of course), the writing, music and chant, costumes; I also really loved the narration by Achilles' mother Thetis and the subtle use of Ares, Artemis, and Aphrodite.
This new adaption Homer's Illiad was a beautiful play and story of the intertwined fates of Achilles, Patroclus, and Briseis. It tackled so many themes so beautifully like fate, duties, expectations (on men/women/warriors/heroes/princes/queens/aso.), agency, freedom, choices. Or the violence and pain and suffering in war times, but also love and loyalty and care for others. All three characters had wonderfully developed (and that in under 1 h) and complex relationships and development, you could really understand their motives, hardships, burdens, decisions and the (often tragic) consequences of these.

I was amazed how many conflicts and important questions you could find and see in these characters in such a short time: man vs. myth, feelings vs. numbness, freedom & agency vs. captivity, expectations, fate;
Which feelings do you allow yourself to feel? Once you allowed yourself to love, how much can love endure? How much would you sacrifice?;
How much control do you have over your life?;
How can you help others when your power is very limited? What are your responsibilities when you do have lots of power?;
Can you change your fate (especially one that is divinely planned)?;
Your own wishes vs. what are your duties and what is expected of you, how are you seen by others, what are you good for?;
Your love for your few loved ones vs. the loyalty to your men/king/country;
What is – or (how) can one even be – a “good man” in war times? And so on...

All actors did such an fantastic job in transferring these conflicting emotions about themselves and the others to the audience and portraying Achilles, Patroclus, and Briseis as complex, fascinating, tragic, and ultimately human people, and if Wrath of Achilles would ever return to the Fringe, I'd 100% go to see it a third time!

Laura 53 days ago

Loved this show! The cast was fantastic and the production values were amazing, especially considering they have 10 minutes to set up and tear down. Loved the fresh perspective on the Iliad and the Trojan War. Highly recommend this show.

Caroline Muir 59 days ago

Wonderful storytelling that managed to make an epic tale intimate and relatable. The cast were excellent giving performances full of conviction and emotion. And lyrical singing from the gods gave a layer of poignancy which was unexpected. I would definitely recommend seeing it, a real find.

Katie Meyer 59 days ago

Best show I've seen at the Fringe! The story is told beautifully with all the actors having strong performances. The songs are incredible to listen to and the vocal control they have is amazing. Everything about it will hold your attention, it is a beautiful piece from the script, to costume, to sound. This is definitely a must see at the Fringe, i have seen it twice and will definitely be seeing it again! Massive well done to everyone involved in this project you have done an incredible job!

Victoria Z 61 days ago

The play is a really interesting take on the trojan war. Very good acting all around.

Sara Smith 61 days ago

This rendition of the age old story brings a modern perspective of relationships between men, women, mothers and fate/expectations
Bedivere Arts company present such a fresh and intelligent perspective of the struggles we can all have in love and life
Great music score and the play is so well written by Jack Fairey with lovely almost orchestral repeats to link the individual stories and help the audience along
Great cast, great set, well worth your time and money

Niall MacQ 65 days ago

This was an excellent show; focusing upon Achilles, Briseis and Achilles, the audience is treated to a blossoming love story adapted from Homer's Iliad. The cast were exception is portraying the conflicting emotions felt by their characters. I felt invested in the story and never lost interest. Would highly recommend.

Joan Greening 68 days ago

I commend this company for their very ambitious set which had to be erected in ten minutes. The play did full justice to it with some very fine performances and kept the interest of the audience throughout. The singing was very good too. Highly recommended.

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 51 days ago

"There are no good men in war; they are either killed or they cease to be." ...

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 59 days ago

Set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, Wrath of Achilles is a gripping retelling of a love triangle, Ancient Greece style. The issues at the heart of the tale emphasise the terrible cost of love and war, making for a performance that’s relevant to a modern audience; enhanced with...

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UK Theatre Web (4/5 stars) 62 days ago

An interesting high quality modern English version of the events leading to Achilles’ downfall. Theirs acts as narrator, while Achilles, Briseis and Patroclus tussle under the watchful eyes of three gods who form a singing chorus to the action.

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Culture Fix (4/5 stars) 65 days ago

Bedivere Arts Company's Wrath of Achilles tackles Homers' Iliad with a fresh pair of eyes - exploring it as a queer love story and discussing the effects of gender performativity. This a well-performed, engaging piece of theatre, bringing a fresh approach to the Greek epic.
Bedivere Arts have mounted an impressive production. Fairey's narrative breathes fresh life into the classic epic by embracing its queer tropes, whilst an impressive cast perform their roles with a sense of conviction.

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 67 days ago

Writer Jack Fairey has taken on a huge task in adapting the substance of Homer’s Iliad into a modern story still firmly embedded in the Trojan War with a running time just short of an hour. Director Joe Malyan similarly has his work cut out staging the The Wrath Of...

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Edinburgh Guide (4/5 stars) 68 days ago

As the all-seeing gods watch over the epic struggle between the Greeks and the Trojans, three mortals will make the choices which will lead them to their inevitable destinies. Wrath of Achilles looks at the Trojan war through the prism of the relationship between Achilles, Patroclus and Briseis. Achilles –...

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