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Without is an intimate, vibrant and authentic new contemporary musical, telling a story of unlikely friendship, the power of music, and what a "home" truly is. Over one day on a busy street corner, Henry, a busker, and Rose, a runaway, find unexpected camaraderie and challenge within each other. As the pair confront Henry's estrangement from his family and his once-cherished career as a music teacher, and Rose's struggle to return to a home that won't accept her identity, they discover the importance of kindness, understanding and belonging – not only to others, but to yourself.

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Angela Caulder 33 days ago

5 STARS. A feel good, touching musical about home and how it can means different things. It follows characters at two different stages of life but find solice in helping each other. Each performer was talented, strong and held the stage.The music was unique and every person had a strong ability to dance and sing. Cast definetly a triple threat. A really professional production. Don't miss out! Hope they go far

Peter Mills 35 days ago

A very enjoyable new show with an obvious nod to ‘Once’. The two leads were superb with great voices and convincing characterisations. I’m not sure all the chorus choreography was necessary but definitely recommended.

Ferdia Fitzsimons 36 days ago

Incredible show, highly recommend!!

The music is impeccable, and there are amazing performances all around. Great concept and writing too.

Lydia Buckley 37 days ago

Best new original musical at the fringe without a doubt!

Fringe can be very hit and miss with shows and we enjoy picking random productions which is a bit of a risk, but we were absolutely blown away by this, we went TWICE and I cried BOTH TIMES.

The cast and creatives should be so proud to have created such a heart wrenching and beautiful piece of theatre.

Everything was Stellar, from the incredible score to the gorgeous choreography and direction to the insanely talented cast.

You absolutely cannot miss this show if you’re at the fringe, it’s a must see

Joel Lockhart 37 days ago

Without was a genuine pleasure to behold. Every little bit the performance felt so raw and real. It was a breath of fresh air to watch a new musical like this with incredible music to tie all the emotion together. Found myself giggling, holding back tears and then just letting it all out. Beautiful.

June Miller 38 days ago

Wonderful show that had me captivated from start to finish, I didn't want it to end! Truly beautiful original music. This musical managed to do the magical three - give me goosebumps, make me laugh, and make me cry. Amazingly immersive for a small cast, and had me hanging on every word. These guys are going places!

Andy Leigh 39 days ago

5/5 Great musical with memorable music and lyrics - Ben, Josh and Darragh are great musicians. Super storyline about unlikely friendship, busking and without a home. Big shout out to Maisie - for great choreography and for standing in for a sick cast member today. Go see the show! You’ll love it.

Thomas Higham 40 days ago

I would give this show a 5/5.

‘Without’ is an hour long musical about two people who meet on a park bench both trying to escape different aspects of their life. The show goes by in a flash and by the end of the hour the characters feel truly fleshed out and developed as though they were real people.

This show is a must watch at fringe. Firstly as an experienced music director in music theatre I have to give praise for the music. This is probably the best music for a new writing show I have ever heard. I loved how many styles are incorporated, from contemporary MT to acoustic pop to ‘half time ska’ (very hard to describe the genre of said piece!) to RnB. The music sounds so original and yet also faithful to the genres being used. The band should be so proud of theirselves - playing with live instruments to backing tracks (containing extra parts) is incredibly difficult and in this show it sounded so seem less. The drummer had great feel, the piano superb chops, and the guitarist clean and beautiful strumming. I was so musically satisfied by this show - it holds up to professional theatre. In fact it really should be viewed as professional theatre.

Throughout the show the use of the space was impeccable. Every corner of the stage was used in some way and, coupled with the beautiful blocking and movement, all the songs brought the space to life. Lighting was also stellar with a highlight being three lighting freeze frames at the end of a group number on the final beats of the song as the cast made poses.

Something that is often forgotten about in fringe productions is the costuming. I thought this show had such intelligent costume choices that brought out a lot character; I loved the dungarees with paint on for the artsy character.

The acting was nothing short of professional and the characters were brought to life. I can tell so much care and thought had been put into the characterisation of the leads and I truly cared for them. Moments of emotion felt natural and I think the actress playing ‘Rose’ was impeccable at navigating the changes in emotion throughout seamlessly.

The only thing left to mention is the vocals. They were stunning. Not a single weak singer in the show (I would know if there was). Five part harmony throughout was strongly sustained by the cast each on their own part and very in tune. The vocal lines written for the show were beautifully tasteful and were never cliche. The two leads should be proud. Each having a solo song, they showed off the full range of their vocal prowess with ease and I felt truly touched. They never felt insecure with their high notes and were truly a pleasure to hear sing. Every member of the cast had a moment to shine and they were just superb.

All in all, this was the one of the best pieces of new writing both from a script and music point of view that I’ve ever seen. An absolute must see!

Jack Twelvetree 40 days ago

This gorgeous new musical is a must see!!
The music, story and performances are beautiful!

You don’t want to miss this!! The best thing I’ve see. So far this fringe!

Bryony Dunn 40 days ago

What a lovely show!! Darragh as Henry blew us away, unbelievable talent. He’s one to watch for sure!

James Arbuthnaught 41 days ago

Most enjoyable. The cast are engaging and talented, with very good vocals, movement, and excellent comic timing. As others have said, it's a sweet story and enjoyable. We really liked the music which was a refreshing rocky/jazzy/musical theatre mix. We didn't notice any problems with the sound ballance, when we went on Thursday 17th.

MJ 42 days ago

Sweet new musical with a standout 11 o’clock number - clearly a lot of work has gone into the beautiful musical arrangements. The show has definite potential to grow as the run continues and the band and cast settle into the space.

Lihi Livne 42 days ago

Good songs and talented cast, however the sound was a major issue. The instruments were far too loud and as a result we missed multiple parts of the dialogue and lyrics. The story was cute, however feels like it needs further work. The songs were well written and performed very well and overall there is potential there and it is nice to see new musicals being created.

Melissa 43 days ago

Bizarre sound choices.The aim seemed to be to have the piano and guitar as loud as physically possible so the music was reverberating through you as the 2 poor un-mic'd cast members shouted dialogue in an attempt to be heard. I don't even know why the band was amplified given the space.

There were 2 handheld mics which were occasionally used - the reason for the selectiveness was unclear!

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (5/5 stars) 35 days ago

A lovely intimate tale of unexpected connection

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