With Child

  • Pleasance Courtyard - The Cellar
  • 15:30
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Clare Pointing
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains strong language. Please note that there is a babes in arms on all performance, Wednesday 7th August is specifically designed as a Parent and Baby Performance
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A solo show – six different women, one thing in common. Inspired by society's expectations and the pressures on women to be maternal, kind, considerate individuals. There is one thing these women share, they are all pregnant, however they rarely refer to this – but do we as an audience judge them differently because of their impending motherhood? This series of talking heads style monologues will make you laugh and cringe as we share a glimpse into these women's daily lives, warts and all. 'Perhaps inspired by Alan Bennett's monologues, Pointing's writing is funny and true' **** (Scotsman).

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Kathleen Noonan 118 days ago

Some of the differences between the characters were quite subtle making them seem more alike than I think is really intended. It wasn’t particularly nice to watch someone eating while talking and when one of the characters expressed, what I considered, to be strong political views there was deafening silence in the room. Had it been the end of the show I think that particularly audience may have left quite quickly.
Despite being a wee bit disappointed I appreciated the work that went into this show and realised afterwards that after the initial “intro” to each character I hardly even thought about the fact that they were pregnant.

Sean Davis 123 days ago

With Child (***)
The actress/playwright set herself the task of portraying stories of pregnant women that did not revolve around their pregnancy. While she appears pregnant in all six vignettes, other than that conceit the stories lack an overarching theme that would give the whole some power. While I, as an American, could only detect three different accents, afterwards a Brit told me that she clearly portrayed six different women.

This was the 41st most enjoyable of the 54 shows I have seen so far this year. You may see my other three-sentence reviews, in order from most enjoyable to worst, at my non-commercial website: www.fringefan.com.

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The Scotsman (3/5 stars) 104 days ago

Do this, do that – a screed of authoritarian advice on  having children, not having children and what to do with children when you’ve got them is dished out at the start of Clare Pointing’s amusing and well-observed one-woman show. ...

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Voice Mag (5/5 stars) 111 days ago

Clare Pointing delivers an outstanding performance where despite this being a solo show, she manages to bring to life six completely different characters. She’s such an incredible actor that you forget that she isn’t who she is portraying: you no longer see Pointing herself.

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FringeReview 116 days ago

Claire Pointing performs 6 monologues and while her characters are visibly pregnant, only one refers to impending motherhood. These characters  eat and dance and busy themselves on stage around a simple set of dining table and chairs and minimal props. Each talking head is vivid; demarcated by a mood change...

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ThreeWeeks (3/5 stars) 120 days ago

Only one of the six short monologues presented actually relates to pregnancy, which left me nonplussed. If the point was that pregnant women are still women – with vastly differing perspectives and experiences – well, sure: point made. Each of these monologues is fantastic: well written, excellently performed, with really...

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Theatre Weekly (5/5 stars) 120 days ago

"In an age when Scarlett Johansen et al are having millions spent on them to CGI-out a baby bump – why is it that having a pregnant actor appear on stage or screen is such an unusual occurrence? Actor, writer and creator, Clare Pointing, brings her excellent one woman play With Child to the Pleasance Courtyard to provoke us to reflect on this very question. [...] The writing is exceptional, brimming with pathos"

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Bouquets and Brickbats (4.5/5 stars) 121 days ago

Clare Pointing’s With Child is a series of monologues, connected only by the fact that each of the protagonists is pregnant. But, in a sharp little twist, only one of the six ever mentions it.

The piece is beautifully structured: we spend the first thirty minutes laughing, and then the mood changes. The final piece is poignant and powerful, the perfect place to end.

With Child is a clever piece of writing, performed with real flair.

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Broadway World (5/5 stars) 126 days ago

In Clare Pointing's spectacular solo show, we meet six characters, all visibly pregnant, but not always acknowledging this. We encounter a judgemental, hummus-eating gym-goer, caught up in what she sees as women flaunting their bodies. Our second character is willing to leave her husband to be mothered again, followed by...

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