Wish List

Theatre (contemporary, drama)

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  • theSpaceTriplex - Jenner Theatre
  • 11:30
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: New Celts Productions and Bone Struck Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing
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When Dean’s disability benefits are cut, his sister Tamsin is forced to decide between following her dreams or working in the faceless corporate machine to support them both. Wish List by Katherine Soper is a hard-hitting, realistic look into mental health and class division.

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Ruta Kaite 138 days ago

Play Wish List by Katherine Soper was the best play I have seen in a very long time.

All cast members have done an exceptional job to portray characters with naturalism and reality. I felt emotions radiating all the way through which made this story hit right where it needed to hit.

Have to say I was very impressed by a particular scene between Tamsin (portrayed by Chloë Johnson) and Luke (played by Josh Dobinson) where their connection of love was so intense and raw. To portray love convincingly is not an easy thing to do and it was a job well done by both actors.

Worth to mention Dean (portrayed by Michael Robertson) has done a great job using physicality in portraying his character who has loads of challenges in his life. His performance was very consistent and delivered a great deal of trauma to enhance the story.

I have also enjoyed the Lead character (portrayed by Jack Elvey) he did a great job making the development of a character from a not so nice person to someone a little bit more humane.

Great play, great cast and I have no doubt we will see these performers on stage again delivering great performances.

Fiona Sayer 149 days ago

We really enjoyed this show - beautifully acted and with a very thought-provoking theme.

Alexander Joyce 149 days ago

This is a really interesting show. The cast really find the heart in this piece with a real stand out from the actor portraying the brother. While personally I found the play to run about 15 minutes too long and a few of the jokes not quite landing, I’d put that down to an unenergetic audience and general fatigue of being so far into the run. Overall, I think this is worth checking out to see some really excellent acting and a compelling story.

Lisa McIntyre 153 days ago

An excellent show with fantastic acting from all the actors. I'm going to keep this completely spoiler-free as I feel that this is the type of show you should experience in person instead of reading a summary in a review as I don't think I can properly give it justice. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, which made me laugh, cry and feel a dread in some moments that I couldn't look away from even though part of me wanted to. The acting made you completely empathise with each character as they struggled and as we saw their stories develop. It's a very thought provoking performance discussing issues that many people have experienced and I definitely recommend checking the show out while it's running plus keeping an eye on the company going forwards.

Lorna Joy 156 days ago

We saw this on Monday 16th. What amazing actors, in spite of their young years. The characters were extremely well observed, and the emotions were expressed with such raw realism that it was hard not to be swept along with the momentum of the action. It was truly riveting. The play itself was a reflection of the injustices of society as well as helplessness in the face of authority. And yet such humanity expressed amidst the hopelessness of the situation. An excellent production!

James Johnson 158 days ago

An outstanding performance from the incredibly talented cast - you'd think they'd have decades of acting experience from their performance despite being so young. Each character had real depth and I could easily believe that they were people I knew personally. Of particular interest was the complex relationship between Dean and Tamsin - this was a very emotional, genuine and passionate performance from both parties and I was completely absorbed into the show. I couldn't believe an hour had passed by once it had finished!

A truly gripping performance and beautifully portrayed the pressure of mental health, the work environment and the pressures of society as a whole. I would highly recommend to anyone, whether this be their first foray into the Fringe like myself or die-hard theatre fans. I look forward to seeing how the actors develop as time goes on.

Paul Branch 161 days ago

Excellent performances from all 4 actors. Very powerful. Deals with mental health and work issues without becoming too polemical. Apparently it was 1 1/2 hours long but it didn’t feel like that. I stayed awake throughout which is always a very positive sign for a narcoleptic like me. Well worth seeing if you want something thought provoking.

Peter Lindsay 161 days ago

Brilliant acting by young team of professionals with a show that manages to cleverly combine mental health issues and caring and working. Slick stage management in a tight and limited area. Highly recommend.

Sarah Parris 161 days ago

Wow. This reasonated with me regarding two family members who've wrestledwith the challenges of work, mental health issues and the benefits system. It's a very good and realistic portrayal of the experience they and their family members had.
I'd love to see this used in workplace line management training. It has so many angles to draw on - engagement, performance management recruitment & boarding, mental health issues, and stress to name a few.
Congratulations on telling an important story so powerfully and a big shout out to the actor playing the young man with mental health challenges. Thank you.

Lewis C. Baird - Theatre Scotland 162 days ago

‘Wish List’ by Katherine Soper explores the hardships of dealing with mental illness through our government’s broken system, it also displays the shocking conditions of working for conglobates like Amazon. This production is currently running every second day till the 28th August at The Space Triplex as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Chloë Johnson as Tasmin Carmody delivers a devastating performance as we follow her struggles both in the warehouse and back at home. Chloë’s portrayal is one of naturalism and honesty. The stress and emotion are not overplayed, neither are they too subtle. Chloë’s delivery of Tasmin’s journey leaves the audience truly engaged and endeared by the torturous routine she goes through. This is a very strong performance from a promising actress.

Michael Robertson as Dean Carmody presents us with a young man struggling with mental illness. Michael’s performance is laced with nuances which do not overstate Dean’s struggles, they instead deliver a realistic portrayal of someone who faces injustice from the government’s support system. Michael does well to balance the complexity of Dean’s struggles, while also making him open enough for the audience to feel empathy with the situation he finds himself in. This is a well thought out and complex portrayal from Robertson.

Josh Dobinson as Luke Martin delivers us a role which brings a brighter perspective into the narrative. Josh’s comedic and energetic presence in the scenes, which could be far darker, brings a lighthearted scope which perhaps is needed to dilute some of the serious issues explored. Josh’s portrayal here is naturalistic and great fun to watch.

Jack Elvey plays The Lead, a very serious and unlikeable character at first. The stern coldness portrayed by Jack in the beginning of the play perfectly sets up the environment of the warehouse. The sharp and blunt deliveries of the dialogue truly isolate the audience from connecting with the character. However, as the narrative goes on, we see Jack begin to open up The Lead and naturally let the audience see his perspective while still retaining his initial characteristics. This is an intriguing and engaging performance to watch.

Katherine Soper’s script is driven by the characters featured, their struggles are what drives the intrigue of the narrative. Katherine does well to write natural dialogue and not shoehorn in jargon for the warehouse setting or the issues surrounding Dean’s support. Instead, it is a realistic scope where the characters inform the audience of their difficult obstacles in a believable and natural pace. Ian Dunn’s direction does well to translate this naturalism onto stage while also adding in a contemporary and fast paced vision.

Jessica Reid’s lighting design enhances the idea of each environment with a good variation in colours matching the tonality perfectly. Jessica’s sound design also matches the contemporary style of this production, however at points it can be a bit repetitious when it comes to the transition between scenes.

Overall, ‘Wish List’ is a contemporary play which explores highly relevant themes and issues that are facing members of the Scottish public. This production features a talented group of actors who deliver naturalistic and energetic performances, engaging the audience from start to finish.


Jen Deery 163 days ago

Absorbing short play. The actors are great. Would recommend.

EdFringeFan 165 days ago

I attended the first day of the play "Wish List" today at the Space Triplex.
A play about the challenging life experiences of Tamsin, who is the main carer for her brother Dean, while holding down a zero hours contract job at a distribution warehouse, dealing with a demanding supervisor and an upbeat colleague.
This is a poignant piece, beautifully played by four actors that really capture the quirks and personalities of these characters, as they deal with the challenges and injustices life throws at them. But will they, and in particular Tamsin ever get her wish list fulfilled?
At almost an hour and a half, this feels like a relatively short play as you get engrossed in their story. It will have you smile at the light moments and hoping for a good outcome for Tamsin and Dean.

Definitely worth a watch. 5 stars for performance!

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Fringebiscuit (4/5 stars) 145 days ago

The plight of a young carer forced to choose between her brother’s health and her own fulfilment is authentically portrayed by @bonestruckthrtr. Compelling characters propel a challenging debate and reveal the effects an individual’s mental health has on the community.

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