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Comedy (improv, interactive)

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The improvised hypnotised musical movie! Half the cast of the latest Hollywood blockbuster haven't arrived on set and with just one hour left to wrap the movie... what will our hypnotic director do? Simple, throw away the script and start again! Join our cast of hilarious all-star improvisers, as they join forces with hypnotised audience volunteers to create a brand-new blockbuster movie – complete with fully improvised cinematic score – premiering every single night! The only way you're going to sleep through this movie... is if you are in it! Lights, music, improv, hypnosis, action!

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Harriet Freeman 109 days ago

What utter talent this class of improvisers have. I simply could not believe how seamlessly their wit - instantaneous, intelligent - glued one on-the-spot act to another. On top of this, their singing voices were beautiful. Although I very much enjoyed the hypnosis, the quality of the actors was what garnered this show a 5* rating from me.

Sarfraz Rathore 125 days ago

Me and my family went to this show with a completely open mind, and left with one of the most memorable experiences I've ever encountered. I was one of three people in the audience who was eligible to be hypnotised, and bear in mind I was extremely skeptical of hypnosis as a whole, it's fair to say I was absolutely mesmerised and apparently acted out a full play as an angry father who owns a chip shop. The entertainment and amazement this show brings will not be forgotten, and as an Edinburgh Native, I fully recommend this show as throughout my years of going to the fringe, I've not experienced anything like this.

Stu Lightfoot 130 days ago

I loved this show! The cast of improvisers put together a musical based on the audience’s suggested title, ably assisted by hypnotised members of the audience. The mix makes every show unique and wonderfully unpredictable - for both the audience and the cast!

I’m honestly in awe of the musical elements of the show - we were still singing the catchy tunes the next morning, so for them to have been made up on the fly is incredible!

I would thoroughly recommend this show to anyone as there’s literally nothing quite like it out there. I just wish I’d had the nerve to volunteer to be hypnotised!

Lauren Osborn 131 days ago

I hadn't done any research before seeing the show (at all) went along because I'm a showstopper fan, love improv and the bride of the hen do I was on wanted to go. I ended up being a volunteer, getting hypnotised (I'm a huge sceptic and didn't think I would be able to get hypnotised as I've been told by a very famous hypnotist that I do not have the type of personality that is easy to hypnotise) But apparently that's no longer true!

My friends Aunt also volunteered and was massively susceptible to the hypnotising! We put on a show, the rest of our hen party LOVED it and were howling, we loved being involved, the audience seemed to enjoy it to!

As an experience its 10/10 such a fab thing to do and if you're the kind of person who get self conscious etc I'd implore you to go along and volunteer!!!!

Can't personally review it as a thing to watch because I was in it, but I'm hoping to go back and watch next time (they offer the volunteers a free ticket to come back and actually watch!) but if you go along and have someone in the group with you who can volunteer then I can PROMISE whole heartedly you'll be crossing your legs trying not to pee laughing at them!!!

cheers to all the gang there!

Special mention to the musicians who continue to underscore and follow the madness that ensues.

Sebastian Ellis 131 days ago

I’ve been to see this show twice now and had an absolutely amazing time on both nights. I’ve been in the audience and on the stage hypnotised and can honestly say that you will have the best time no matter which you do.

The cast bounce off each other fantastically and work with each other and the hypnotised volunteers to create a great show each night, dealing with any quirks that a confused hypnotised person throws at them beautifully. The Hypnotic Director is also a hugely friendly personality who instantly makes you feel secure and at ease when discussing the scary world of hypnotism. Attention must also be given to the band who work tirelessly to give a range of opportunities for the actors to break into original outstanding songs whenever they please.

The whole show flows very well over all, far better than I was expecting it to when I heard about it, and I would honestly hugely recommend going to see the show if you have the chance. The whole team should be hugely pleased in putting together a show that is mesmerising to watch in more ways than one.

Malcolm Robertson 132 days ago

Great Show, lots of fun. It's something with everything that the fringe could offer. Will be back later in the month.... cannae wait

Mark Waugh 132 days ago

The show is incredible. An improvised musical is impressive enough but to do that with hypnotised audience members is another level. I was watching other audience and some looked in shock as in - is this actually real? It is very real and very impressive. Very talented cast and brilliant musicians. See it yourself and question how did they pull that off? And then see it again to see a completely different show!

Happy Audience Member 132 days ago

Fun, surprising, magical!
The improvisers are fabulous and the audience members who volunteered for the show were brilliant.
It was amazing to watch them create a wonderful show.
Thank you for brilliant night! We’re very tempted to come back again...

Karen Wilkinson 135 days ago

Maybe it was first night nerves or maybe it was the fact we had just seen Colin Cloud earlier or maybe it's just one the Fringe shows that is a big naff but this was a car crash show. It just didn't gel and although the premise is good, it just needs a lot more work on the delivery. Needs huge improvement.
The only saving grace was the fact we had been given free tickets earlier.
Signed Anon

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ThreeWeeks (3/5 stars) 128 days ago

Improvised movies are nothing new at the Fringe, so it’s not surprising to see a twist on the formula. The hook here is that half of this movie musical’s actors supposedly haven’t turned up, so the only thing to do is replace them with hypnotised audience members. Professional hypnotist Simon...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 130 days ago

“An improvised cinematic musical using a cast of actors performing alongside untested hypnotised volunteers expected to act, dance and even rap under the same impromptu conditions as the trained professionals”, you say? Everything about the premise of this show sounds like it shouldn’t work. Yet somehow, everything is crammed neatly...

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