When These Rocks Were Still Young

Music (film)

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  • 35 minutes
  • Suitability: 5+
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Oliver Cox, Julie Fowlis and Webb St Studios
  • Warnings and additional info: -
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An immersive journey through music and film into the magnificent and ancient landscapes of Scotland, featuring a beautiful original score for voice, piano, percussion and electronics, written and performed by Scottish composer Oliver Cox and award-winning Gaelic vocalist Julie Fowlis. Through a combination of incredible live performances in a beautiful space and stunning footage of Scotland's wild and mysterious lands, this film paints a picture of a deep, intimate connection to nature through music. From airy mountain vistas to lush verdant forests, to the crystal waters of our coast via our violent volcanic past!

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Nic Lawton (co-founder of Expial Atrocious theatre company) 20 days ago

"It's like the place speaking to you or coming alive inside of you."

The opening image of this visual art film is one that will stick with me. The use of light was just beautiful. Accompanied by Oliver Cox's effortless piano playing, it was a treat for the eyes and the ears.
I also love a good projector, having used them myself in various productions, and I was excited to see how it would be used. I liked the use of landscape imagery and watching the images and videos play over a figure standing before it. I wish these projection moments had been introduced a little more, as it was a very interesting element of this show.
I also loved how there seemed to be a magical element to this piece. How Oliver could make the instruments continue to play even after he finishes playing them. It was as though his careful control existed outside of his body and he could play music without ever touching the keys or picking up a drumstick. It was elegant and had an almost dance-like feel to it at times. And the use of paper and leaves as an instrument or additional percussion/ambience really helped to bring nature back into the room, back to the forefront of this project.
The music and visual spectacles in this show were directly inspired by the Scottish highlands, and it shows. It was so cleverly constructed, as though Oliver and the audience were surrounded by music, sunsets, clouds that move like rivers, pouring over the landscape. His music and background score compliments the imagery in this piece so well, and I think without the visuals, the audio would be exactly how a landscape and mountains sound. I'd love to listen to this score while camping or hiking to truly immerse myself in the sounds, in nature. It would perfectly fit the atmosphere.
I also agree that places hold energy and you can feel different in certain places. Especially when somewhere resonates with you. You feel completely held by that place. Connected. Lifted.
A particular stand-put moment for me was the imagery of the very animated mass of birds swarming the skies. It was a spectacle in the purest sense.
Also, Julie Fowlis' siren-like voice was stunning and if you could write it down or print it, it would produce the most beautiful soundwaves.
Oliver has wonderfully captured the Scottish landscapes in his music and his visuals. This show really was Scotland in music form. And that is a true talent and artform in itself.
'When These Rocks Were Still Young' is a beautiful visual art film complimented by the most ascendant soundtrack. It was playful, while also being raw and organic.
It also makes me feel that we should all do better to look after our world. It's beautiful and we should never lose sight of that.

JUSTIN PEARSON 29 days ago

This beautifully presented film stunningly advocates the beauty of the Scottish landscape, whilst accompanied by atmospheric musical compositions, and rumination, from established musician, Oliver Cox. Cox has a formidable reputation as a percussionist of the highest international order, but has chosen these days to dedicate himself more to creating new music than delivering live performance.
This film project is ideal in that we hear him both as composer and performer - the connection between him as an artist and his music, immersed in the soil and waters of Scotland works especially well. I loved the aerial shots of stunning landscapes, especially the murmurations of starlings, accompanied by exquisitely sung songs and instrumental performances. It all builds to a great final sequence. This film will definitely win awards, it crosses boundaries and stimulates with a fresh and original style. Highly recommended.

Bryce Kennedy 29 days ago

When "These Rocks Were Still Young" is an incredibly touching and dynamic performance. It brings the Scottish Highlands to life in a way that I would not have predicted. Whether the mountain, the sea, the forest, the music brings out a deeper and richer soul that creates a performance and experience that I will continue to ponder on. It evokes a deep yearning for more. After watching this, both my wife and I agreed that we need to go to Scotland, NOW! This should be the poster video for the tourism board! Overall, it was beautiful and we loved it.

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