Well That's Oz

Theatre (absurdist, adaptation)

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  • Venue 13 - Venue 13
  • 16:00
  • Aug 24
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: CalArts Festival Theater
  • Warnings and additional info: Strobe Lighting, Strong Language/Swearing
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No brain, no heart, no courage. No one is whole, except for Dorothy who doesn’t want to be there. In this absurdist adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion confront the harsh reality of their existential struggles. Dorothy tries to lead the pack but cannot help the dismal truth of the land of Oz. Live in the melodrama of imperfection with this new dark comedy.

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kolligian kate 58 days ago

An incredibly smart and clever play performed very very well. Amazed at the passionate acting. A very hilarious show also! I was so engaged by the hidden messages and deeper meaning that the whole time my attention was drawn in all the way. I am so glad I saw it and will most definitely be my most recommended show. Brings the reality of the personal struggles brought by society or other external forces in while also including great comic relief.

peter bishop 62 days ago

I think there's a clue in the title of this adaptation....Well That's Odd....Oz. It was certainly odd as well as confusing. As absurdist adaptation....I'm not sure it really worked. The costumes were quite good, loved the Lion. Some of the sound effects were strange as well. I must admit, I thought at the end I could have just wasted an hour of my life, just not my cup of tea this one.

Fiona Casper-Strauss 62 days ago

My favorite thing at the fringe. This show is a visceral experience. The words are so simple yet artfully chosen, the concepts are unique yet speak to the heart of the living experience. Costumes are incredible, with a clear aesthetic through out, down to the sound affects and style of props. Acting is phenomenal. If you can see (and love) the silliness in outlandish fairytale worlds AND the silliness of the true meaninglessness of our existence, you will love this show.

No 63 days ago

This is a perfect example of experimental gone wrong. There were a few good moments but most of the show is way too loud and just makes no sense . Who thought it was a good idea to have a bunch of the oz character sit and... do what? Pretentious. Also the re verb just makes it all worse. Skip it

Bob 63 days ago

Bold & brave, strong cast. Funny but dark - thought provoking. The minimalistic set and complicated sound board worked with the strong performances. Definitely worth seeing.

Kristen Moore 70 days ago

I sat in front of the speaker and I am now deaf. Way too loud. Especially for that part with the lion character, I thought it was the end for me. My head was going to explode. Maybe I should have sat towards the front but I can't imagine that would have helped that much. Despite the fact that my ear drums are on fire and I hear ringing, it's a good show. It was pretty funny and the writing is casual yet poetic. My favorite part was Toto, OH that was hysterical. I will say that some of the transitions where they played the movie audio over the speakers read to me as lazy. I wish there was a wee bit more exposition when Dorothy goes to oz with the weird tornado (was that a tornado?)

A Darker Side of Oz 70 days ago

It was bizzare, funny, the atmosphere was tense with elements of the grotesque...& I loved it!!

Being a fan of the story of OZ, it was refreshing and thought provoking to see a new element/side of the story that isn't talked about but it's there starring at you all the while through the book/film.

The cast uses their wants from the wizard, and explores them deeper until those needs become somewhat their character and personality, leading to some gritty scenes.

Well done!!!!

Matthew Sidlo 71 days ago

I saw this show August 8th and I was blown away. I went in so excited to see this show and came out with my socks still knocked off. It was by far one of the best shows that I saw and they even have cool merch to boot. Highly recommend.

Camden H 71 days ago

Hilarious show, epic sound design. Absurdist work at its finest. Would see again.

Aileene 72 days ago

I didn't get it I am so confused. It was funny but I honestly don't know what that was supposed to be about

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 47 days ago

This absurdist re-interpretation of The Wizard Of Oz won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re willing to roll with its more offbeat moments there’s plenty both to enjoy and to reflect on. We open with Dorothy, but she’s not in Kansas any more: her aunt and uncle now seem to be...

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