War of the Worlds (On a Budget)

Theatre (devised, comedy)

  • theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Haldane Theatre
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  • Aug 19-27
  • 55 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Lamphouse Theatre
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Step aside HG Wells, take a break Jeff Wayne, back to your trailer Tom Cruise, Lamphouse is tackling War of the Worlds and they’re doing it... on a budget! Featuring one man, a loop pedal, lots of cardboard, many hats and several terrifying (definitely not made out of paper) tripods. Can our hero outrun the aliens, play 25 characters, stop for a tea break and save the day? Featuring a full soundtrack of new music, War of the Worlds (On a Budget) is the musical-comedy, action-adventure we didn’t know we needed!

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Joh about 10 hours ago

Everything about this show is just perfection ... well, apart from the props of course because.. well .. they were very obviously made on a budget. Tom's comic timing is total genius, his singing is brilliant and his use of the props combines it all into one phenomenal 55 minute long laugh. At the end, I sort of wished I was his friend because anyone who has the imagination, writing skill, musical talent and clear love of his craft is exactly the sort of mate with whom you'd want to hang out regularly - you know, the slightly weird-but-cool chap who you secretly fancy exactly because of the goofy enthusiasm they bring to the world. ANYWAY - look at all of these amazing reviews - you'd be really stupid not to book tickets!

Antony Bedford about 19 hours ago

Creative, brilliant, hilarious, and hugely recommended.

Dawn Patrick 1 day ago

Insane, just insane. The perfect Fringe show, a must-see!

David Cox 1 day ago

To read our DARKCHAT review click on our link: https://www.darkchat.co.uk/team/war-of-the-worlds-(on-a-budget)

Julie Warriner 1 day ago

Last minute find and we’re so glad we went! Very funny, great singing, excellent use of props (on a budget!). Having watched the arena version on TV recently, I think I prefer this one! And my husband looks like Tarquin…

Pam S 2 days ago

Absolutely fabulous. Great humour singing and spectacular props (on a budget). Left me smiling

James Arbuthnaught 2 days ago

An absolute 'must see'. Totally bonkers and totally charming. We expected a wonderfully inventive show, which we got, but the excellent music and choreography were a wonderful surprise and superbly performed, adding to the joy.

Lindsey 3 days ago

I haven’t laughed so much in ages!! This show is a must see - Tom (ably assisted by Becky) is a treat to watch - his ability to engage with the audience is superb and comic timing impeccable. This show is jam packed with energy and jokes - one not to be missed.

Zara Morley 4 days ago

Big fan of the Book and Musical so had to see this.
Unforgettable, hilarious, modern and truly clever retelling with some incredible props! Songs were both funny and amazingly performed.
Must see for any Sci-Fi fans at the Fringe!

Matthew Shaw 4 days ago

Absolutely joyous. Don’t be put off by the budget thing in the title, a lot of hard work has gone into delivering a well crafted, witty, and genuinely original performance by one man (and a supporting female producer). You have given me what is guaranteed to be the highlight of my Fringe- and I have only just got here

Rob Withers 5 days ago

Really funny and creative show - exceeded expectations. I'm a big fan of the Jeff Wayne musical and whilst the music was not the same there were some clever nods and Tom is able to sing brilliantly and hold his own as a one man show!
Worth every penny, I wouldn't be bothered if it had cost double as it was my favourite show of the fringe - and we did go and see another comedy musical by a professional theatre group which was nowhere near as charming or funny.

Excellent set, performance, songs and all round fun.
5 *****

Ian Bradley 6 days ago

We didn't think we would be awake enough for a comedy show before mid-day but it was great to be proven wrong. This is one of those shows where the set (a very loose description if I'm being honest!) is as much a star of the show as the performers....brilliantly conceived and performed. If you haven't booked this then scrap your plans and grab a ticket before it's a complete sell out. This show made our day and was worth the trip to Edinburgh alone!

Kathryn Garthwaite 6 days ago

Absolutely brilliant, engaging and hilarious. If you don't go to see this show you have missed a gem. Loved every minute.

Elliott Wright 6 days ago

Fantastic show, a must see. Great fun and an amazing show to kick off your day at the Fringe!

Janet M 8 days ago

Absolutely brilliant, high energy, original and engaging. Tremendously talented cast and crew!

Jo Hayman 8 days ago

Yes I have to agree with the other reviewers. I had no idea what to expect and for a moment when the show started, I thought - Oh no what am I doing at 10.50 in the morning watching an unknown piece... am I wasting my time? NO I was NOT. I LOVED it. What a talented performer! Physically and vocally. It was so clever and funny. A pastiche on the War Of the Worlds music with loads of imagination and creativity. This is what Edinburgh is all about. GO SEE!!

Scott Wilson 8 days ago

This was SUBLIME! Comfortably the best thing I've seen at the Fringe. Amazing songs, huge gag rate and of course brilliant props! As a HG Wells nerd too it ripped lovingly into the book. All the stars.

Rebecca Gilbert 8 days ago

Exceptional! That's all that really needs to be said. Brilliantly thought out props and costume. Catchy tunes, incredible tech. Everything you'd expect from a Lamphouse show. Not to be missed.

Margot 8 days ago

This show is great fun. Hugely imaginative, entertaining and funny with great music from a clearly very talented musician. We laughed all the way through. Highly recommend (for kids too - 12+ is the guidance and that feels about right but personally I think it would be fine for younger kids if they can follow a story and sit for an hour).

sarah smith 9 days ago

Brilliant, entertaining, hilarious show. Laughed all the way through. Great props and excellent comic timing!

Elizabeth Caldwell 10 days ago

Do go and see this - you'll love it! It's funny, silly, clever and unforgettable.

Jeff Wayne WISHES he'd done it this way

Andrew Whitelaw 10 days ago

Funny, clever, self-aware and great for all ages. A musical that should have a cast of thousands and a colossal effects budget done by one man, a slightly annoyed woman, some cardboard, household junk and a worryingly wobbly ladder.
I'm going back.

Jeff Ahern 11 days ago

I loved this show. Funny, clever and brilliant! Do yourself a favor and see it. I'm thinking of seeing it a second time. And I never see anything a second time.

Alison Lakey 12 days ago

Genius! Go and see this show. You will not be disappointed. Our kids (9 and 11) also loved it and one said it is the best show on the Fringe!

Fay 12 days ago

This show is absolutely brilliant and completely hilarious. My friend and I laughed almost constantly and could not get over the impeccable comic timing of the main performer. We also really enjoyed the music which brought the whole thing to life. I hope the company tours with this as I'd love to see it again.

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Theatre Scotland (5/5 stars) 1 day ago

quintessential Fringe; DIY everything, hilarious and musical numbers galore.

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Theatre Weekly (4/5 stars) 6 days ago

War of the Worlds (On a Budget) is a really funny, inventive show with the scope to apply the format to other low-budget adaptations of other works. I can’t wait to see what they will do next.​

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Removed 7 days ago

This review has been removed by the original author

North West End Theatre (4/5 stars) 8 days ago

Audience participation is part of the package and, judging from this audience, it was greatly enjoyed. Inclusive, zany and tailored to each audience, what’s not to love?

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Binge Fringe (4/5 stars) 9 days ago

There is bags of potential here. War of the Worlds (On a Budget) is a fresh take on the performance-gone-awry genre, the prop-costumes are a stunning success and the design of the whole thing is so darn funny. Whimsical and slipshod with a light touch – I guarantee you’ll leave with a beaming smile on your face.

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The Stage (4/5 stars) 11 days ago

Endearingly bonkers. Fearless fun that’s short on budget but big on imagination

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