Walls and Bridges

Theatre (drama, new writing)

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With their country plunged into political crisis by anti-Government strikes – a group of young East German students are ordered to "persuade" the protesters to go home peacefully. But as a battalion of Soviet tanks confronts the protestors, the students soon begin to question their mission and whether they will find themselves on the wrong side of history. Discover the little-known true story of the 1953 East German uprising that planted the earliest seeds for the fall of the Berlin Wall 36 years later.

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Karla Parussel 110 days ago

I loved this play. The acting was great and very moving, and the script and direction were tight. It depicts a time when a utopian dream shows itself to be just that and the people slowly start to realise that the government is an authoritarian one. Very pertinent for the times.

Jack Mcenemy 112 days ago

I thought this was going to be a pretentious am dram style play but, boy, I was wrong! The professionalism of the actors was of a high standard. I was so engaged in the piece, and was laughing for a big chunk of it as well as crying at the end. My only gripe would be that I would have loved to have heard more of the individual character's stories, as I genuinely had an interest in the characters with smaller roles / predominantly one liners. They intrigued me, and I wanted to hear more from them. It would be unfair to single out anyone as outstanding as everyone was superb. I expect to see many doing great things in future years to come :)

Maggie Mackenzie 112 days ago

This is the second show I have seen performed by Acting Coach Scotland. The first was Chaika which was extremely absorbing as was Walls and Bridges. It is very impressive how the young performers can pull you into the world they are inhabiting with so few props. This play was about the period before the East/West division of Germany. The atmosphere that the people lived with and so quickly became indoctrinated into. One performer summed up the threatening atmosphere - she played an East German official and the way she gave out the instructions for the young geography students to 'go out and persuade the workers to go back to work peacefully' was so quietly threatening it was scary. I can remember reading about the people escaping (sometimes successfully but so often not) over the Wall but we in the West had no real idea of what life was like. This play shows how the state can so easily threaten their people with fear that they grow so used to it. The final sentence of the play summed up everything.Thoroughly recommended.

Lindsay Seal 112 days ago

Really enjoyed this piece but have to admit I found the heavy Scottish accents incongruous with the storyline. Characters Michael & Horst outstanding

Jack Watters 113 days ago

Overall, a very compelling and insightful performance. The level of skill within the cast was impressive, particularly Karin and Frank who brought a light-hearted feel to a serious story.

Gail 115 days ago

Really enjoyed the play. All actors were very professional. Very captivating and emotional. I am so glad I saw this play, the highlight of my day. Fantastic!

Karen Mcfarlane 115 days ago

Enjoyed the play .The first one I have been to that was in very close proximity to the cast .I was able to hear everything that was said.It was very emotive and actor/actresses all played there parts well.

Agnes Joyce Wells 118 days ago

We found this show interesting with a historical storyline. The quandary that Berliners found themselves in at that time was immense. This play did depict the problem but we felt they could have done a better job if they were not working with so many actors on the stage at once. Less can be more. I would recommend this show for it’s thought provoking content.

Margaret 119 days ago

Where do I start with this piece of political confusion? Yes, the acting was of a professional standard - I'll give the actors that. I don't want to take anything away from their obvious commitment and hard work to their craft. And the ending did leave me moved, with all the actors making me feel as though I was really living out their trauma. Some actors surprised me during the end as they showed a completely different side to them - going from cold-hearted to compassionate, humourous to emotional -a great exhibit of their range. But - and this is a big but - I felt only the surface of the German uprising was skimmed, and there was a hell of a lot more that could be unearthed. More of the individual character's stories during the protests would have been welcomed, which would have created a better transition to the climactic event at the end. I also felt the projection was OTT at some points for such a small space and I walked out the venue with sore ears! I struggled to understand the German references, so I found the story hard to follow at some points. The Scots actor that played the martyr was hard to decipher at times, and I don't know whether I just need to retune my ears (as I haven't been in Scotland long), or he was talking too fast.

Ben Moreton 124 days ago

Walls and Bridges is exactly what Fringe theatre should be. It’s a simple idea, well written, effectively staged and brilliantly acted. Funny, engaging and in the end, very moving.

Finigan 124 days ago

WALLS & BRIDGES is a play I happened to stumble upon while taking shelter from the Edinburgh monsoons (in the comfort of the Hilton hotel), and I'm truly thankful I did!

When I first read the flyer I was expecting it to be dark, preachy and, if I'm brutally honest, a bit pretentious. It's a good thing the ol' wife dragged me in mid-beer, otherwise we would have missed out on this gem of a play! Rather, it essentially depicts the relationships between a group of students and how, even if they hold very different political opinions, love and compassion ends up winning their vote over personal beliefs.

There was so many aspects of the play I really enjoyed - from the different character's unique personalities to the fast-paced dialogue. This was complimented wonderfully with the acting - I was in awe of the intensity the young actors brought to the stage! Bloody brilliant! I particularly loved the foreign actor's long speech at the end, and I can honestly say I was holding back tears throughout! The English girl played her hard-nosed character very well, and I found the clown of the bunch gave the play an extra layer of human spirit. All the actors really played their part, and I really believed I was watching a group of German students (despite the lack of German accent).

All the best,

From a guy who just stumbled in

Christopher Hume 126 days ago

Extremely convincing and compelling. The actors absolutely killed it. Carefully balanced with humour and tears, you will be taken on a journey which led to the rise of the Berlin Wall. You must see this if you are heading to the fringe. Excellent writing, skill and hard work was put into this, and it shows. You won't be disappointed.

In fact, I recommend going to see all 3 short plays by Acting Coach Scotland (The other two are Leopold Vindictive and Chaika: First woman in space). Three extremely powerful plays I would hate for anybody to miss out on. You may need to book quickly though, quality shows like these could sell out quickly. Enjoy!

5 stars

Anna Veraski 126 days ago

Amazing talented cast! I had a great day out, I highly recommend!!

Scott Mcm 128 days ago

Really enjoyed Walls and Bridges. Job well done by the cast and well written story.

Boston M 128 days ago

Convincing performances from the talented young cast, with a great balance of light-hearted humour and hard-hitting dramatic points.

Walls & Bridges delivers a meaty slice of the cast's heart and soul, but falls short on writing chops.

4/5 stars

Emma Boucher 128 days ago

First show seen in my first Fringe Festival ever!
Entertaining and well acted. Some lacks in the story. En tout cas, bien joué!

Alan Ross 129 days ago

Great young actors needing to display more of their strengths in the play. Based on a true story, the performers bring a lot of energy to the stage.

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Fest (3/5 stars) 116 days ago

There are few periods in European history as fascinating as the time between 1949 and 1990, during which Germany was divided into East and West. The communist DDR is the focus for Walls and Bridges, specifically the East German uprising of 1959. The show focuses on a group of geography...

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