Walking Home

Theatre (devised, political)

  • Gilded Balloon Teviot - Wine Bar
  • 17:30
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: Malta
  • Group: Prickly Pear Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes, Strong language/swearing
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It's just another day in the office when news that a colleague has been sexually assaulted reaches the boardroom. Emotions run high, but deadlines need to be met. Walking Home is a devised performance exploring the politics and tensions within the issue of sexual violence against women and people of marginalised genders. Shedding a light on the community's role in this conversation, it's built on real experiences collected from people of diverse genders, nationalities and walks of life.

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Ellie Hodgson 33 days ago

Not necessarily a fun show to watch, due to its very serious subject matter that it handles with the respect it deserves. But genuinely one of the best I’ve seen this Fringe! They used audience participation in such a way that it wasn’t overwhelming, but really helped to hammer home their messages and points of view, and had some really brilliant ways of framing scenes to add impact.
Genuinely such a brilliant show.

The New Current 36 days ago

An important, effective, and deeply moving show that is also a deafening rallying cry to action. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dave 40 days ago

This is a sensitive subject matter. It was well acted and it was a good trip, it’s certainly made you think about the problems of sexual harassment. Not only on the victim but also on your work, colleagues and friends and family.

Dana Smith 41 days ago

A must see, as this show reminds us how just one person can be the difference. It is a very difficult subject to talk about, but it is one we must! If it makes you feel a little compassion, or a bit uncomfortable, then Walking Home has done its job. Bravo.

Declan Lamb 42 days ago

An excellent show! Highly engaging and thought provoking, leaving me reflecting and deliberating on the various views and insights expressed by the characters well beyond the end of the performance. The acting, staging, narrative techniques and general approach to this challenging topic are all top notch. This show will stay with me far longer than most - highly recommend.

Robert Tucker 43 days ago

A powerful piece of devised theatre which finds a welcome space for the discussion of various perspectives on sexual violence and how responsibility is squared.

A scene interrupted by 4th wall breaking monologues with audience engagement provide a window into the heads of each character, with a small twist at the end.

One of my favorite aspects of devised work is novelty in simplicity. The use of flashlights and a few select props do well to provide necessary imagery in an effective and respectful way.

This piece was beautiful and important. Highly recommend it.

Colleen Genovese 45 days ago

Can’t express how much I enjoyed watching this performance! With an incredible cast and captivating dialogue, it’s most definitely a must see! With such an important message I highly recommend watching, well done to all!

Amy T 46 days ago

Brilliant show. They address a heavy topic in a fresh, engaging way that forces the audience to take the journey with them. I was in tears by the end, but I don’t at all regret my time there.

Sarah Bonello 47 days ago

An incredible piece of theatre, which delves into a very important and difficult topic. Great performances by all the actors. A very emotional piece. A show everyone needs to watch!

Ursula Farrugia 51 days ago

This show is as good as the reality it portrays is harsh. Whatever your gender or role in society is, at some point during the show you feel as though you’re part of the show. Sexual assault and harassment (amongst other harsh topics this show so adequately treats) are topics which everyone should be educated about. I’d recommend this show to everyone and anyone (age appropriate), it is surely worth your time.

ANNA 52 days ago

A thoughtful piece giving you the opportunity to explore multifaceted experiences around consent, fear and suspicion womxn and marginalised genders experience on a daily basis, and the complicated reasonings our patriarchal society has laid to trap the conversation.

The custom set design, simple and effective, playing with light and cinematic motif as the performers reveal their stories to each other.

This was a heavy watch, approached with sensitivity and humour. Prickly Pear Productions brought us to tears and giggles, gently inviting audience participation to explore re-framing our interpretations.
An important and relevant performance. Well done

Stephanie 52 days ago

A must watch for all.

I think it was courageous of prickly pear productions to address such a topic, they managed to capture the perspectives of different people, that some of us might not even consider, and the actors are remarkable.
This show opens a space for safe discussion and heightened awareness, how can all of us help the situation, even in our day to day lives.
I would recommend to everyone attending fringe, to find the time to watch this show.

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Times of Malta 36 days ago

A frank and well-rounded theatrical conversation on the tragedy of sexual assault

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Performance China 36 days ago

This production is more than a play; it is a call to arms, an embodiment of the collective voice that demands justice, equality, and a safer world for all (auto-translated)

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West End Best Friend (4/5 stars) 36 days ago

A crucial performance piece.

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The Student (5/5 stars) 36 days ago

This is truly a masterpiece in theatre that everyone-man, woman, or anyone in between- needs to see.

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 39 days ago

It is interesting, captivating and poignant, with a strong cast and haunting storyline.

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Binge Fringe (4/5 stars) 40 days ago

The actors of Walking Home are skilled, passionate and powerful. They deserve so much support for this masterpiece. I would recommend it to everyone

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