A Very British Lesbian

Theatre (comedy, lgbt)

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Although her religion, family, and country would prefer her to be straight, Fiona Goodwin has other preferences that involve rescuing pretty maidens. Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. Despite religious exorcisms, a lifetime of Jungian analysis, and dating countless beautiful but unavailable women and one very available but sweaty man, Ms Goodwin is and always will be A Very British Lesbian. 'Exactly what a solo show ought to be – deeply personal, revelatory, funny and engaging' (NoHoArtsDistrict.com). 'A comedic coup. Brilliant, droll, and funny' (CurtainUp.com). 'She just never met the right chap' (Fiona's mother).

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Lorna Goulding 91 days ago

Totally engaging from the first moment on stage, then for the entire hour of delight, Fiona spoke to us from the heart, as though she was confiding in us her inner most personal feelings about he trials, tribulations & metamorphosis as a lesbian in its contextual setting from the 60s to the present....and what a story ...what a life!!!
Suffice to say, I 'll leave out the details for you to savoir yourselves , that being what is an honest, frank account of a 'very British lesbian, now based in L.A., regalling tales of her travels abroad over the years.. It is a deliciously generous helping of humour , intertwined with pathos, tragedy and revelation, the mesmerised audience waiting with bated breath throughout, poised as to what would happen next in her colourful journey through life.
Such content however, could not have had the same hard hitting affect, had it not been for the spot-on delivery, so perfectly pitched and timed , with such beautiful & unashamedly poignency. Fiona is a seriously talented and likeable performer.

Kate Ogilvie 93 days ago

Only a few days left to catch this amazing performance. EVERYONE should see this show! Fiona takes you through her amazing and fascinating life in an elegant and well-crafted manner. Her audience sit mesmerised and transfixed as she recounts her many and various forays into religion life and the love of women. Sappho would be proud!

Lynn Ruth Miller 95 days ago

This is an honest and relevant show that shows us exactly what it feels like not to fit into the norm. fiona Goodwin is a lesbian...and she fought it for a good bit of her adult life. This is a show that charts her journey to self actualization done with with and heart. An entertaining and informative piece of theatre.

Stephen Young 95 days ago

We have just seen Fiona - what a great and intimate show - the epitome of a fine English lady - she makes me want to be a lesbian! Fiona if you are ever in Marlow please look us up - ask for us in the Ship pub - Steve and Alexandra (aka Nicki) we could have a (better) Victorian evening... xx

sandra leeming 97 days ago

Fiona's story is so very different from my own life experience, but somehow there was so much I could identify. Cartoons were really funny - sweaty man yuk!! Go see, it'll leave you thinking and appreciating Fiona's honesty and humour. Touching.

Rebecca Shaw 102 days ago

Excellent show! Fiona is hilarious and a must-see, the accompanying illustrations are beyond compare.

Wendy Godfrey 102 days ago

Funny, sad and thought provoking. Go see! Highly recommend.

Clive Buckland 103 days ago

An honest humorous run through of Fiona’s life of denial, analysis, exorcism and finally acceptance and redemption ...all in 1 hour! A tale of our times sad, funny, quirky but ultimately engaging. GO SEE!

Andrew Finnie 105 days ago

A moving, funny and empowering testament from Fiona Goodwin, by way of the exorcist, an Italian convent and the
Hollywood glitterati - on how she became the embodiment of a very British lesbian.

Nick Jacobs 106 days ago

She made me laugh, she made me cry. An extraordinary story beautifully told. I’d not hesitate to recommend it or see it again.

Paula 106 days ago

Witty, funny, authentic, enjoyable - definitely one to see!!

Joy Anne 107 days ago

Fiona is a wonderful storyteller! Her life story feels like a feature film. The show is super relatable regardless of your sexuality and her adventures are incredible and filled with humanity. The noise problem that a previous audience review mentioned seems to have been fixed by the venue, because I could hear it fine. Loved it!

Rianne van Zelst 107 days ago

***** for Fiona's show, very personal, funny, moving story. We loved it (two very Dutch lesbians)!!

claire garabedian 109 days ago

Fiona provides an utterly engaging, very sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes funny autobiograhy focusing on her FINALLY feeling gay and proud! Well done! ...pity about having to hear another show in the next room - the Guilded Ballooon Teviot should not be greedy and should stagger the shows - it's not fair to the performers or the audiences...

Prudence Wright Holmes 110 days ago

Excellent performance; very compelling story. I highly recommend it.

Paul Birchard 110 days ago

Tender - Refreshingly Candid - Very Funny! Fiona Goodwin shares stories of her life trying many different gambits - in many parts of the world - to ignore, to exorcise, to avoid, to quietly accept - and finally to admit, claim and celebrate - her own deepest nature - which also happens to be very British, btw! She does not avoid God and Spirituality; she's not angry; she *does* have a wonderful honesty and a lively, inclusive sense of humo(u)r. A show for *everyone*, not merely the converted!

Nicola 110 days ago

Witty, warm, personal, thoughtful, direct - I hung on every word of Fiona’s story - if only every show was this good!

David Kelham 111 days ago

Great fun. A journey of discovery through the layers of prejudice and convention which has a happy ending and some very unexpected turns. Who knew what was hidden in the closet? A very timely story. How many more people have lived restricted lives when hidebound by social expectation and religious dogma?

David B 111 days ago

Great show yesterday. Entertaining with splashes of inspirational humour. A serious message delivered with a human touch. An inspiring story of courage and determination to find the right path.

Andrea B 111 days ago

Now THAT’S what I call entertainment! We laughed out loud many times (and I shed a few tears) listening to Fiona tell her incredible story. We were with her every step of the way as she described her adventures that took us around the world in hilarious style!

Do yourself a favour and go to see this show, you’ll be so glad you did. It’s unmissable!

Rebecca Joyce 112 days ago

Witty and sincere. I saw the preview with a friend and we both loved it! Would recommend.

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The Scotsman (5/5 stars) 93 days ago

It is a wonderful thing to sit in the dark and let really good writing delight you....

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Broadway Baby (3/5 stars) 99 days ago

Fiona Goodwin has written and performed this piece as the ultimate coming out story. Her life experiences are quite spectacular – her formative years spent as a born again Christian; an exorcism of 12 gay demons by ‘Pastor Mick’; a spell in a mountain top convent in Italy; living in...

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The F Word 101 days ago

Prepare for Fiona Goodwin to take you on the ride of your life, through her life. From growing up deeply religious, through a very unsuccessful exorcism (she ends up with more demons than she came in with), taking in rainforest Bible plays, jet-set holidays and a move to LA, Goodwin’s life has taken her on some extraordinary twists and turns and to some amazing places. It is a joy and a privilege to go on her journey with her.

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