Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch

Musicals and Opera (comedy, theatre)

  • Underbelly, George Square - Udderbelly
  • 14:30
  • Aug 29
  • 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Wildpark Entertainment and Fat Rascal Theatre in Association with Underbelly
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing
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Disney villain. Octo-woman. Plus-size icon. From multi award-winning Fat Rascal Theatre and fresh from sell-out runs around the UK comes this critically acclaimed hit parody musical. Unfortunate splashes into Edinburgh with a 70-minute festival version – and things are gonna get wet. Join everyone’s favourite Disney Diva, Ursula, as she gives her take on what really happened all those years ago under the sea. With an original hot pop soundtrack and trademark filthy humour, the legendary queer queen is ready to spill, in this tell-all tale of sex, sorcery and suckers.

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Aga Jagiello-Johnstone 30 days ago

It was funny but Ursula is not played by Elliotte Williams-N'Dure but by Robyn Grant.
Underbelly's own website says Elliotte Williams-N'Dure as Ursula (https://underbellyedinburgh.co.uk/events/event/unfortunate) which is not true at all!
I was disappointed.

Amy J 33 days ago

Brilliant show. Really catchy songs and very funny, very racy content. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a very enjoyable adult homage to the Little Mermaid. The lead is fabulous, content is very body positive and feminist. Not an overly queer show, if that's something you're looking for though.

Be aware if you're a stickler for lore that it doesn't stick precisely, with some confusion as to who and how characters are related in the original, but if you see this as a rebooted retelling, it's a joy to watch.

The sound mixing needed a bit of tweaking, the vocals sometimes got drowned out by the music. Also the seating at Udderbelly is very cramped and not well ventilated, so be aware if you're Covid-cautious.

Overall, a strong recommend for me. I'll be looking up the catchy songs online for another fix!

Maddy Davies 34 days ago

This show was amazing! Supposedly we had cover actors in some roles but we could not tell whatsoever. The singing was insane and the characters constantly switching roles was very impressive.

Julie Phillips 34 days ago

Really entertaining show. Excellent singing. Some cast members switching between various roles seamlessly.well done

Roberta 36 days ago


We were sitting on the front row and couldn’t hear anything. The actors microphones were constantly going on and off, and when the mics were on - for a few minutes at a time at best - the diction of the actors was bad so we still couldn’t understand.

And when it’s nearly 3 weeks into the fringe these kind of problems aren’t excusable. Especially when you’re charging 17.50 for a ticket and most other shows are 10.

The actors have been seriously let down by stage management here. Save yourself the time and money and don’t buy tickets for this.

Matt Tapp 37 days ago

As someone slightly hard of hearing some of the lyrics got lost in the sound mixing, nonetheless it was great fun with a highly talented cast, funny characters and decent songs. In a market over-saturated by Disney, any jokes mocking that company is very much welcome.

Fine 37 days ago

Went to see this show yesterday after seeing it twice back in 2019 - they switched it up a little and now it's even better! The cast is extremely talented, the songs are glorious (been listening to them on Spotify a lot and hearing them again live after 3 years made me so happy), this musical will leave you speechless. Also: the puppets. The puppets are absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see Fat Rascal at the fringe again next year.

CG 38 days ago

A turd wrapped in gold foil. Talented performers carrying an underwritten show with largely inaudible lyrucs due to sound mixing issues. Gay culture without gay people. The understudy is not fat, but the script refers to her as fat constantly, so it was like "what are we watching?" We would have left once it became a boring rehash of The Little Mermaid without Ashman and Menken's skill, but we'd have had to walk across the stage so we waited another 40 minutes. Overhyped, safe pablum.

Francesca Collis 39 days ago

This was a very good show, great performances, some very clever and witty songs. Particularly liked the song about consent and the Disney song. As another reviewer mentioned, the sound was not brilliant, and we didn’t hear lots of the lyrics, which was disappointing. I have to admit my group found the language a bit much. I know there’s a warning of strong language but the 14+ age recommendation seemed low to us with the VERY adult language and sexual content. There were children in the audience (one family left) so clearly some people hadn’t grasped just how unsuitable this was for kids. Recommended (for adults who aren’t too sensitive!).

Sabi 39 days ago

To the person that wrote the review below: I get what you’re saying. I didn’t think there were enough brown eyed brown haired people in the cast. I managed to enjoy it despite not feeling represented as a brown eyed brown haired Latina, probably because this show is EXCELLENT and that’s all that should matter!

E Allen 41 days ago

It was okay. Lots of hype meant I was set up to be disappointed I suppose.

Excellent actors and puppets and Ursula costume. The actors were talented and very good singers (especially triton) and the band were great.

Sound mixing is bad-have seen mentioned in other reviews, so it wasn’t just a bad night. Couldn’t make out words to songs (and some dialogue) over the music, lost most of the jokes and lyrics. Some of the accents didn’t help with this, garbling words. Other accents (eg Ariel) were just kind of annoying haha

Was very excited to see a plus size woman of colour starring, and I can’t fault her for being unable to perform the show, it happens, but I wish the understudy was plus size still, as there are lots of plus size jokes and bullying done in the show. When done by a straight sized cast directed at a maybe size 12 person, it doesn’t come off well. (The understudy herself was still very talented, great actress and expressions and singing) I felt bad and small for being fat in the audience. The seats were also not fat-friendly, they were too small and I had to keep shuffling because they were making my legs go numb and pinching me.

Although Ursula is mentioned as being queer in the advertising, this isn’t mentioned as far as I can tell in the show and she (spoiler alert) ends up with a man (the only gay mention was a joke of the two male actors kissing and everybody laughed at it-how is this queer friendly?)

The song about (spoiler alert) wanting to be where the men with dicks are was uncomfortable, sitting next to my trans male partner. I understand characters don’t have to say things that are right and true, that’d be a boring show, but nobody ever brings it up again and it’s never resolved. It came across transphobic by linking gender to genitals so much.

I was presumably the target audience as a plus size queer woman who loves musicals, and I felt disappointed after watching.

There was also a bit where (spoiler!) a puppet spits water into the audience-I have anxiety and sensory issues and this was unexpected and made me freak out/cry. Would like there to be a way of asking consent from the audience before splashing -eg specific splash zone seating.

TL;DR If you aren’t plus size or queer, and you want to see a fun colourful musical with loads of dirty jokes, you’ll love it.

Sorry to the people involved reading this, I know it’s not nice to receive a critical review, but I really want to share my feedback to help the musical grow!

Gianluca 45 days ago

It’s hilarious. The actors are amazing performers and the plot … well, you MUST watch this!

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North West End Theatre (5/5 stars) 30 days ago

This show absolutely has the potential to become a cult classic- it’s like drag cabaret, Disney, a West End Musical, pantomime and the films of John Waters had an orgy and this show was the enthralling, spectacular and mucky result.

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 37 days ago

I could not believe what was achieved by a cast of 6 people and a 3 piece band. It was a full on Musical Theatre extravaganza!

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BritishTheatre.com (3/5 stars) 37 days ago

Robyn Grant channels Bette Midler and vamps perfectly as Ursula, her asides and wicked humour a joy.

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One4review (5/5 stars) 41 days ago

I could not believe what was achieved by a cast of 6 people and a 3 piece band. It was a full on Musical Theatre extravaganza

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Starburst Magazine (4/5 stars) 43 days ago

The humour steps up a notch here into very bawdy territory in this quirky, funny, adult romp through a different angle on a classic tale, which focuses on the strong, queer women that Disney would prefer to forget.

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