UK Underdog

Theatre (true-life, solo show)

  • theSpace @ Surgeons Hall - Theatre 1
  • 20:15
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United States
  • Group: Steve Spiro
  • Warnings and additional info: Strong language/swearing, Contains some racial and homophobic language
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UK Underdog is a true solo show where bullies, Kung Fu and a small willie lands Steve in very deep trouble! Does he have what it takes to fight back? From celebs and critics: ‘Terrific. An honest, funny, touching, beautifully told life story’ (Hugh Laurie, actor). ‘UK Underdog is packed with irony, unexpected plot twists and ultimately a delightful celebration of life. Don't miss it!’ (Alison Eastwood, director). ‘A powerful and emotional true story… a riveting performance’ (Joan Alperin, Stage and Cinema). ‘I love this show... I wasn't expecting it to be this great’ (V Borbely, audience member).

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Edit Toth 38 days ago

This show is entertaining all the way through! I’ve seen it twice already and I’m not the one to see shows more than once. I highly recommend it! It’s vivacious, energetic and the story holds your interest.

Vivien Hugyetz 39 days ago

I highly recommend this show. I’ve seen about 20 shows so far at the Fringe and this is in my top three. I was entertained the whole time!

Jeremy Gonzales 40 days ago

Uk Underdog is my favorite show this year. well written, well acted, funny and heartbreaking at times. The best show in 2022 for sure.

Lalee Hugyetz 40 days ago

I was interested in seeing this show because of the martial art niche. I really enjoyed it, it was very relatable to me. Martial arts saved me too!!!!!!!

Judit Borbely 41 days ago

I love this show! I admit, originally I went to see it because of the positive reviews, especially from Hugh Laurie.
But I wasn’t expecting it to be this great.
UK Underdog’s story is something that everyone can relate to.
It’s also very inspiring. The truth is that no matter what happens to you in life if you are determined you can come out of it as a winner!

Vicki Alexander 41 days ago

We had the unexpected pleasure of seeing UK Underdog. We wanted to see a drama that was not too heavy and this was the perfect match. This one man show was so thoroughly entertaining, funny and heartbreaking that we sat in our seat afterwards for at least a minute observing what we had just witnessed. Steve Spiro did a fantastic job blending each character he played. This is quite a story and deserves to be seen by anyone who loves great theater. Bravo.

Elisabeth Silver 45 days ago

Highly entertaining and moving show - strongly recommend you get tickets - conjures up memories from 30 plus years ago of a time snd place that feels so familiar.

Anna Fiorentini 48 days ago

Extremely moving whilst being incredibly humorous. A very talented actor. A must see show.

Ellen Lavinthal 49 days ago

Loved this show! Saw it more then once, bringing friends the second time since I enjoyed it so much. Steve Spiro is a very talented actor. The play held my interest the entire time and I did not want it to end! Highly recommend!

Wallace Norman 49 days ago

This show impressed the hell out of me. It is well written, brilliantly performed. There is a simple direct honesty in Steve Spiro's work that is beautiful. The apparent simplicity is the sign of true craftmanship and artistry. Bravo. This is good work.

Rene Ruston 50 days ago

I saw this show in Los Angeles to a packed house. It was hard to get tickets. It was the best one man show I've ever seen! Hilarious! I brought friends back to see it and they brought friends. L.A. is a tough crowd for entertainment, however, this show got standing ovations.
Don't miss it if you're lucky enough to catch this show at Fringe!

Andy P 50 days ago

Really enjoyed this insight into steve’s youth and adventures. A moving story with humour, sadness and a variety of life lessons all crafted together and delivered so eloquently. The music (great tunes!) and parts of the story took me back to my experiences in the 80’s. Worth a watch!

Linda Muggli/Didi Anderson 51 days ago

Went to see a one man show, didn't know what to expect and got a wonderful, tour de force about a time place and cultural event that we won't see and experience first hand again. By a young man old enough to remember his family and the events from a time and place only people my age remember. It was lovely and Steve humanized it with his gift of transforming memory into experience. He became a cultural alchemist that afternoon for a few hours and it was a lovely experience for me, who at my age and in this particular time we live in, do remember the events and that time when people had a family they loved dearly and who helped us develop out senses of humor and our ethical being that seemed to prepare us for this future we now live in that is bereft of both love of our families and the many experiences these families provided us. Steve gave us a few minutes to breathe deeply of his Jewish roots and the European experience they were left with and the memories they pressed into their children, Steve gave all of us a very intimate part of his spirit and I left the theatre feeling both nostalgic and a bit sad at the memories I had of my own family and what those feelings those memories triggered. At my age, I have lost most of my family and Steve gave me an opportunity to re experience something that in this day and she we keep buried deep inside us as a way of protecting theses experiences. Bravo to him for giving us a few hours of communal connectedness and a walk with him down a profound memory lane.

maria robson 51 days ago

An outstanding performance that’s entertaining every second of the show. Steve Spiro will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time.

Joy Wilson 52 days ago

This is a great show. Steve Spiro is a charismatic narrator who thoroughly entertained. Funny and sad in equal measure, this compelling account of growing up in the UK kept both the teenagers and the oldies in our group talking for hours afterwards. Highly recommended, thank you!

Scott Jackson 52 days ago

UK Underdog is about courage and love. It’s beautifully written, acted, and directed! It’s funny and touching, and a must see! Steve Spiro is dedicated to his craft and it shines through in every moment. GO SEE IT!!!

Dana Jackson 52 days ago

Brilliant!!!! Go see it! Deeply touching and hysterically funny, amazingly performed and directed! I loved UK Underdog!

Sylva Kelegian 52 days ago

Greatly written, Hysterically funny, Beautifully performed. DON'T MISS IT! I've seen it 4 times and would see it again!

Katalin Abraham 52 days ago

UK Underdog is a beautiful coming of age story which everyone can relate to. This story makes you feel, makes you think and I love that it ends with a positive message. Steve Spiro is an outstanding talent!

Sheldon Charach 52 days ago

Wow! What a story and told fabulously by Steve Spiro. From being bullied in the UK, to learning kung fu then starting a new life and unbelievable adventures in LA! Funny, sad, enthralling. Out of all the shows in Edinburgh so glad I saw this one!!!!

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Bonnie Priever 37 days ago

Steve Spiro gives a heartfelt and heartbreaking performance, and his story is one that will stay with me for a long time, for a myriad of reasons.

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Fringe Biscuit (4/5 stars) 38 days ago

Oozes charisma and wit.

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