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Join Tutu on a hilarious journey, a tribute to dance, where comedy and incredible dance skills intertwine seamlessly. Featuring an all-male cast of six dancers decked out in ever-changing flamboyant costumes. Choreographed by Philippe Lafeuille, Tutu pays homage to the dance world that can sometimes take itself a little too seriously. In Tutu, no one is safe from his playful eye, as he shatters stereotypes and makes dance accessible to all. Yes, a bare-chested tutu-clad man can perform a stunningly graceful pointe solo! Tutu is a celebration of dance in all its glory!

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Jean G 37 days ago

Wonderful dancers and entertaining show. Really delivered on what I was expecting from the marketing… cheeky ballet! A couple of sections could have been left in France - the nappy one and the scene where one dancer was bent over for most of it - slapstick, obscure and a little demeaning and at odds with the phenomenal dancing talent on display for the other 60 minutes. The aerial dance was sublime. One of my favourite shows of the Fringe.

Nadia Paz-Campbell 41 days ago

This show is a masterful combination of dance and comedy. The artistry is unparalleled by any other dancing/comedy troupe I have ever encountered. It gave me Cirque du Soleil vibes with an impressive level of simplicity. Highly recommend.

The Scots Man Review too 44 days ago

Not for the pompous, the purists, or the anally retentive, but if you’re looking for seventy minutes of unremitting fun from an extremely talented ensemble, look no further. So good that I went back for a second helping.
I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less!

Daniel Somerville 45 days ago

I walked out - as many others did. Their talents are without doubt in dance but not in comedy. Effeminacy in men was the sole butt of the joke to the point of being offensive. There is one section which uses the haka (a closed cultural and religious practice) which is beyond insensitive and cultural appropriation of the worst kind.

I wish they would use their talents to make something serious and beautiful - there are moments where this begins to happen and then they ruin it with unsophisticated low comedy. They could make such amazing work if they focussed on the visually stunning isolation parts at the beginning and the rope work, which was its single redeeming feature - but the rest was unforgiveable.

Rosemary Barclay 45 days ago

Very entertaining show, maybe not all parts will appeal to everyone but lots will! Excellent dancing, very funny and covers mainly but not exclusively ballet. Would appeal to all ages.

Russell Emeny 45 days ago

Some serious dancing talent, great costumes and interesting choreography but the whole was not as good as the sum of its parts. Disjointed, no unifying theme or message and a bit repetitive. Enjoyed it for 40 minutes but not much added for me after that. Was glad to leave the lovely and packed Hall at the end. Could have been much better.

Lihi Livne 46 days ago

This show was great! Creative, funny and truly entertaining. Great and interesting choice of music and the dancers were great! So glad we went to see this!

Emma 48 days ago

Seriously talented dancers, we all enjoyed this show very much

Paul 52 days ago

Fantastic, inventive show.
Recommend for the whole family

Neil Swanson 52 days ago

Enjoy comedy, drama, dance, satire, talent and superb performance? This is the show for you.

Jennifer 53 days ago

Great show! Amazingly talented dancers who make it all look so easy. Some good laughs & tongue in cheek moments. Enjoyed by all of our group of 10 - 70 year olds.

Thomas 54 days ago

Excellent dancers though the concept is a bit muddled (is this a travesty? An homage?). The show didn’t quite hang together as a show for me though I could appreciate the talent of the performers

Janet Marchand 57 days ago

Most enjoyable from start to finish. Great take offs, mind bogglingly althletic, very graceful and amusing. Well worth it.

Susan Owen 59 days ago

Hilarious, irreverent yet also poignant and beautifully danced. This is an incredible show from a highly talented group of young men. The staging, costumes, light & sound effects are all brilliant too. Five stars definitely.

Julie 59 days ago

Hugely talented performers with much craziness and some beautiful moments. Perhaps about 10 minutes too long though - some of the slapstick and a couple of the routines were a bit superfluous. Nevertheless, value for money!

Jacqui McIntosh 60 days ago

Loved it! Crazy and beautiful at the same time! Some fabulous moments. Pop this on your list of shows you must see.

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Theatre Reviews (4/5 stars) 41 days ago

Definitely a show to include in your Fringe Festival visit.

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Jenna's Jamboree (4/5 stars) 42 days ago

Slapstick humour with smattering of beautifully poignant performances to boot!

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