The Trials of Galileo

Theatre (drama, solo show)

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In 1634, Galileo is ordered to stand trial for heresy. Galileo never understood his differences with the Church were not about reason, logic, and scientific fact. They were about politics. When he finally came to realise this, it was too late. Written by Nic Young, Hardy has toured the Trials of Galileo throughout the UK, America, Malta, and Spain and had a sold-out run at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe. Winner of the Best Actor Award, Buxton Fringe 2022. 'The superb Tim Hardy triumphs as Galileo. His acting is outstanding in a spellbinding story…' ***** (

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PJ Vickers 34 days ago

Galileo works out that the earth moves round the sun - now the clergy want to crush him.
A tasteful solo show where the controversy of Galileo’s discoveries are argued and examined.
Our actor is elegant and humorous. Excellent stuff!
I wonder what the modern day equivalent might be?
A graceful reminder that the powers that be will always lie to protect their wealth. Check it out.

Ruth 34 days ago

Lovely show, beautifully performed and I left feeling better informed which is always a plus!

Imogen 36 days ago

Like being in it with him.
Felt the sways and counters ways of power. Learned about the pope's devious manoeuvring in setting him up for it, and the trial's reliance on a special edict/injunction that had never existed

Vicky O'Shea 37 days ago

I so enjoyed this play. Serious stuff, so well done. Great acting and time whizzed by. Engrossing and thought provoking. Thoroughly recommend this

John Samore 38 days ago

As an American lawyer with an interest in history, the writing and performance are worthy of highest acclaim. For people of all ages who care about the state of the world and the present dangers of any religious or state authority controlling the mind and enforcing ignorance.

Roger Bradwell 38 days ago

This one man show was top notch, well with seeing catch it if you can.

Fred Warman 39 days ago

Tim Hardy has a wonderful ability to draw you in and hold you for an entire show. Gives a great insight into what went on

Howard Becke 45 days ago

Wonderful. You should go.

Derek Webb 46 days ago

Engaging, absorbing and masterly performance - highly recommended.

Jennifer Watson 48 days ago

Superbly written and performed

R & C 48 days ago

A professional and gripping one-man show. It can be difficult to hold an audience's attention for so long on your own, especially with such a serious subject, but he made it seem easy. References to book burning and things forbidden emerged through the text now and again and reminded us that nothing is new under the all-important sun. Galileo was a man coerced into denying the truths he had proved, but he won in the end and his work survived. Definitely worth a visit.

Michael Duncan 49 days ago

wonderfully acted and well written. A joy to experience. Easily one of my festival highlights.
If you get the chance see this show! (I also went to watch “an uncommon ground” which Tim recommended which I loved also.

Charles Brecknell 51 days ago

I booked this show because many years ago whilst still at Grammar School I read a book on the subject. How superior I felt then to the superstitious 16th century Catholic Italy! Alas today society is following the actions of the counter-reformation, not the Enlightenment. The play does not touch upon this at all, but I do wonder whether it was the reason it was put on. I thoroughly enjoyed the play & Tim Hardy held the audience's attention throughout- a most professional performance.

Kasia Price 52 days ago

Great storytelling, makes the show very engaging and captivating. One didn't want it to end. Definitely worth seeing!

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British Theatre Guide (4/5 stars) 34 days ago

Tim Hardy gives an eloquent, often witty performance as Galileo.

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Bouquets & Brickbats (4/5 stars) 38 days ago


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Geek Chocolate 46 days ago

Galileo remains rightly recognised and celebrated.

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North West End UK (5/5 stars) 47 days ago

From all angles, this play is a must see at this year’s Fringe Festival, the attention to detail, superb research and writing, and Tim Hardy’s excellent embodiment of Galileo, it is the history play choice of the fringe!

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