The Town Cryer

Spoken Word (alternative comedy, lgbtq+)

Venue Age Restriction: Strictly 18+


A gay girl with daddy issues (father, son and holy spirit) writes live poetry with nothing but a typewriter, the audience’s stories, and something to prove. 'Ballsy' (Amy Schumer). 'A fucking gem' (Sylvia Plath). 'A heartwarming surprise' (Berlin Fringe). Come be a part of something that isn’t a cult but you might wish it were.

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Matthew Wegner 25 days ago

Brooke stood down Edinburgh's cobbled streets on the last sunday of the fringe, a smiling green haired tinkerbell, calling out are ''you lonley or gay come see my show''. And so a spell was cast, and we flocked weather gay , or lonley, or just curious, to hear what this town cryer would enlighten our world with for a hour.

And so Brooke did , her show was vibrant funny lifeforce of energy and innovative writing. She carves her show out between a mix of audience interaction through poetry, self reflection, as we're taking down a sharp comedic storyboard of, religion, sexuality and self discovery.

Brooke's greatest strength as a stand up it seems, is her natural ability to make her audience feel connected to each other, and her story. A quality I am sure audiences far and wide will get to enjoy in her stand up for years to come.

Laura G 31 days ago

This show was one of the highlights of my time at the Fringe! Brooke was hilarious with her poetry, and had really genuine warmth with the audience too. Her stand up was great too- highly recommend checking out her show whilst you have the chance before the Fringe finishes ☺️

GCopland 31 days ago

This was stunningly clever, heart-breakingly honest, and laugh out loud funny. What a star.

Carolin Wenzel 32 days ago

We stumbled upon this gem of a show because Brooke handed us a flyer on the street - lucky us!

Because we were not disappointed by the advertised “one titted” show for gay and lonely people. The whole thing felt like 3 things all at once (in the best way possible): poetry, storytelling, performance art.

All in all it was very gay, very sweet, funny and somewhat therapeutic.

Chenise Lynette 33 days ago

This piece feels like so much more than theatre. She created an open, safe and loving space whilst also speaking from the heart with humour and cheek. It was a highlight of the fringe for me, so much more than a show. Thank you

Jack Moses 34 days ago

A very intimate and temporal occasion. I would encourage those with a love and sense of queerness (in every sense of the word) to check out this show. Brooke is heartfelt, earnest campy and fun, and make sure you catch her after the show for a conversation :-)

Sophie Zucker 35 days ago

i loved brooke's show! so impressive how she could write a poem on the spot incorporating all of the audience's suggestions. would recommend!!!

Cara Connors 36 days ago

I really really loved this show! Brooke was so warm and welcoming and effortlessly funny throughout. The vibes? THEY WERE ON POINT. Super hilarious anecdotes and that somehow get very relatable but also incredibly specific. The live poems element and way she relates to the audience is a highlight. Definitely would recommend!

Matt 36 days ago

One of my favourite shows I've seen this fringe! It's so refreshing to see a show with such abiding sincerity. The routines are outstanding (especially the extended bit about growing up religious and going to Christian camp, which was devastatingly funny for anybody who has experienced that specific fever dream), but it's so special to have a show with room for stillness and quiet. Brooke gave the audience a funny show, but also a call to experience a calm and spiritual connection at the end. It's so difficult to balance that tone shift with the hilarious filthy jokes and it felt effortless. It was genuinely affecting to experience this by complete surprise, in a basement, while the rest of the festival rumbled on over our heads. Can't recommend enough.

Nora Clarke 36 days ago

Having auspiciously stumbled across the flyer for this show last week, I just came out of this show, where my friend and I snuck in a little late, and we are still feeling the high. What a show! It's funny, it's touching, it's gay, it's poety ... what more could you want?! Brooke is great on stage, drawing you in and taking you along in her journey. I haven't seen a show like it, her stand up section is funny and witty while being vulnerable, and you leave wishing Brooke was your BFF and that you'd been brave enough to tell your story for the live poem. 10/10

David Joel 36 days ago

After four days at the fringe seeing many shows, Brookes' show was the highlight of my fringe experience. It was a bitter sweet experience, simultaneously touching and laugh out loud hilarious. The audience interaction and poetry was amazing. She mercilessly lampooned us but at the same time never intimidated us. If you have limited time at the fringe SEE THIS SHOW! you wont regret it. I will never see Hot dogs and soaking the same way again !! ( you got to see it to find out why!!!)
Thanks Brooke ....Brilliant!!!

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