Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist

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With sold-out shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Vault Festival London, and across America, Buffy and Instagram star Tom Lenk portrays actress Tilda Swinton as a modern Mary Poppins who finds a depressed gay man on Craigslist and dissects his life for a character study for her next movie role. 'Gripping and hysterical... the queer Mary Poppins LGBTQ people deserve. A modern masterpiece' ***** (Gay Times). 'Hilarious, unforgettable performance by Tom Lenk' ***** (BritishTheatre.com). 'Snort-worthily funny... not hard to understand why this show has become a cult hit' **** (Guardian).

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Kathryn Black 85 days ago

A camp, ridiculous show with a wonderful cast and moving, underlying message.

Alastair McInnes 87 days ago

I am the world's worst person for recognising film or TV personalities or knowing what they were in. But that didn't stop me having a great time at this show - frequently hilarious but also making a serious point. Very glad I snagged the last ticket for tonight's performance.

Barry 90 days ago

I don't know much of the real Tilda's work, but I am familiar with Tom Lenk, and perhaps that helped - he specialises in parodying the superficiality of celebrity, without any meanness or malice. Some people seemed confused, but the premise of the play is simple - Tilda is essentially an otherworldly being who in this instance uses her powers to change other people's lives, although her goal is another Oscar. It's utterly silly and quite surreal, but hardly difficult to grasp. Thankfully most of the audience seemed to love it, and given it's now been running on an off for a year in different places, the cast knew exactly what they were doing. This is a play very much built around one (magnificent) performance, but the other actors were given enough given space to shine and they were great. It had more of a plot and more of a heart than I'd expected, but this does not aspire to being high art. Lighthearted, uplifting, and fun.

Paul Ekert 90 days ago

Tilda Swinton, despite being a human icon and the most accomplished actress, like ever, has exactly the same amount of Oscars that Beyoncé has apparently won... Just the one!

Tilda wants to change this by seeking out a desperately sad and lonely character, one whose life has hit rock bottom, and turning their misery into a gold plated Oscar winning performance. To accomplish this, she answers an add on Craigslist, proving that sometimes it is possible to place the whole premises of a play into the title.

Tilda Swinton is played by Tom Lenk, who was apparently in Buffy, but hey so where a lot of other people, and the age range that was at this performance were probably about five when it aired, so that's mostly irrelevant. Regardless of this mixed pedigree of forgotten TV shows, Lenk puts in a fantastic performance that's both screamingly funny and utterly engaging.

To say more would spoil the show, but sufficed to say, the bare bones of plot and structure, mostly aimed at giving Lenk's on stage fall-guys some reason to be there, is anemic but workable, and aside from a co-star who is a little quite on the mic, this is a slick performance that guarantees to entertain.

Go see it 'if' you can get tickets.

Donnie Zuo 91 days ago

When a show gets this hysterically funny, it really doesn't matter if it's deep enough. That said, a depressed, lost gay man got to find his own voice and the courage to confront the world in the end, which was empowering enough a theme to me. To avoid people taking it too literally and getting confused, it should be warned beforehand that the namesake star only served as a loose inspiration for the Tilda portrayed here. However, it does help to maximize enjoyment if one is a bit of a film nut and knows and even has watched every film referenced. Good job Tilda Co! Will keep an eye on your future productions.

Randy 94 days ago

A funny show that will be appreciated by those with irreverent and a little dark sense of humour and cinema enthusiasts, especially those who do like Tilda Swinton. There are quite a few inspired and very funny lines and an overarching message of not letting other people step over you and our own needs and wants in life come first, as well as not taking things too seriously, nicely packaged inside one-hour of entertainment.

Emmanuel 97 days ago

I'm not sure what happened at this show. The main actor arrives dressed as Tilda Swinton with wig, make up and outlandish clothes. He does not even try to imitate her demeanour at all.
The jokes were all the same joke, rehashed infinitely. Tilda Swinton, being a weird alien, says something weird. Audience erupts in laughter. I didn't laugh at all. Again, not sure what happened, maybe I wasn't the target audience.

Amy 99 days ago

One of the best shows I have seen at the festival, absolutely loved it!

Kate Gaul 102 days ago

Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist - Tilda Co (USA)

Instagram star Tom Lenk portrays actress Tilda Swinton who finds a depressed gay man on Craigslist and dissects his life for a character study for her next movie role. Byron Lake who wrote this is also plays the depressed Walt. I loved Jayne Entwhistle as Walt’s mum and Siri. Mark Jude Sullivan completes the cast.

Ok, it’s got some gold-plated thigh slappers of lines. The production is pretty aweful but I gather the audience isn’t there to experience high art. What do I know ….. it’s a vehicle.
3 Remnants-of-Cheese to accompany Tilda’s espresso!

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 97 days ago

The warmup music of ABBA and You Don’t Own Me, as sung by the cast of The First Wives Club, foreshadows the camp references abound in Tilda Swinton Answers an Ad on Craigslist. The play’s plot revolves around Walter – a young man whose relationship has ended and who is...

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Broadway Baby (4/5 stars) 101 days ago

Tilda Swinton (pronounced Swin-tone): human actress, alien from Jupiter or mystical spirit guide? Perhaps we’ll never know – this show certainly does little to provide us with any answers. Doing precisely what it says on the tin, Tilda finds the eponymous scot arriving rather magnificently at the door of Walt,...

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