Tiff Stevenson: Mother

Comedy (stand-up)

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  • Monkey Barrel Comedy - Monkey Barrel 3
  • 21:15
  • Aug 25
  • 55 minutes
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Person of interest on Mock The Week, People Just Do Nothing and The Bugle squats and delivers a show about the extreme sport of womanhood. Birthing her vision of the future before your eyes, how she hopes it will be... free from class war, poverty and consent issues. Also dragging the overdue spectre of what it is more likely to be: t-shirt feminism, Jordan Peterson and corporate wokeness from her loins. All without an epidural. 'It's jaw-droppingly remarkable how much ground she covers, how funny she is, how intelligent her attacks are' ***** (Sunday Herald).

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Richard Collier 149 days ago

Taking to the stage for her 9th Fringe show, you know you’re in safe hands with Tiff. The male audience will, of course, have a sports cup securely in place, but women get an equal bashing in this intelligent, insightful and hilarious hour.

When you follow Tiff’s Twitter feed, you get accustomed to her brand of gunship feminism and withering wit. With only 280 characters to play with, she is often a troll seeking missile and you tend to forget how warm, human and inclusive she is. Brevity may be the soul of wit, but it is, you know…. brief. Given the long form of a 60-minute show, her caring, passion and compassion come much more to the fore. The same devastating word smithery is brought to bear, but it’s more of a caress than a slap.

This year, between sexual politics and Plato, Tiff recalls her working class roots, which are arguably more equal than some others (her Dad was manager of Wembley Stadium and a house in her old neighbourhood could set you back half a million quid these days, so it wasn’t exactly a Hovis advert), but it’s very clear that her education and vision are a product of her own hard work (on herself) and not a privileged childhood or education. She got here by thinking for herself and encourages everyone else to do a bit of the same.

Where some comedians peak and you fear you may have seen their best show (Vikki Stone’s Instrumental or Lucy Porter’s People Person, for the Fringenoscente) Tiff gets better and better. She is hilarious. When Pro-Life groups try ineffectually to boycott her, being a graduate of the Keyser Soze school, she takes charge of the boycott herself, turning it into merch and tote bags. The woman is unstoppable. Cannot recommend her show highly enough.

Lynn Ruth Miller 152 days ago

Tiff Stevenson is a master comedian and her show is supposed to be comedy. There are loads of laughs in it and you will be amused. How can you not be? The jokes are choice. However, you will also be informed about issues so important that one should see Mother not once but again and again to pound Stevenson's truths into your very being. She speaks of the multitude of ways men try to control women's bodies and she shows us the way women must adapt their behavior to solve male problems if hey want to survive in this world. In his show, Tiff Stevenson insists we release ourselves from the tyranny of what we think mothers are or should be and become our own person, instead of trying to mimic a stereotype that is no longer functional in this new worlds of ours. This show is as important as it is entertaining on every level. Do not miss it

Liam Ellison 152 days ago

Tiff is funny, this show is funny. I don't have any exceptional insights to add to the previous reviews, just adding to the pile. She has appeared on lots of good podcasts(Bugle/Teacast/Lush/etc) so your journey to/from the fringe can be entertaining too.

KATE MACDONALD 153 days ago

Tiff was bloody brilliant. Her show is hilarious and unapologetic. I was crying with laughter and furious and empowered. Please can there be more Tiff generally everywhere. I loved the show. Go see it!

Veronica 159 days ago

Tiff was funny, interesting, funny, genuine and funny! Would recommend her show. Nice new venue too!

Shalini Dua 159 days ago

Hilarious! Recommend this show. The hour flies by.

Darren Mclatchie 168 days ago

I went to this show on a whim and it was my favourite of the day. Clever comedy and very funny. Would definitely recommend!

Barrie White 168 days ago

Tiff was one of the first shows I booked for this year and I was not disappointed.

My whole Edinburgh experience has been hugely positive and it's all down to shows like this and the high standard set by Tiff and her peers.
The show was well-researched and if you are follower of Tiff's social media, nothing said on stage is new to you as she has brilliantly opened up on her interactions with people who are, sadly, negative.

There is brutal honesty about herself. Tiff doesn't stand in the corner and say x, y and z are t***s but explains why they are, whether that be gentleman explorers or men who think they can police the lives of others.

I haven't always been the best I could be; sometimes I've been that idiot, but I feel educated when I see her live.

That's not to say she pontificates or lectures. They are harsh truths about men, women, herself and Ben Fogle.

I would give this a 5* review simply because of the standard of comedy and social commentary.

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Broadway World (4/5 stars) 143 days ago

A few months ago Stevenson tweeted about an exchange she had seen in Starbucks where a male barista told a pregnant woman that she shouldn't be ordering coffee. The post went viral and was instantly hit with replies of women either saying that it had happened to them too or...

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine (4/5 stars) 151 days ago

These days it can seem like the main job of comedians is arguing with people on Twitter, and if you’re politically motivated and intelligent like Tiff Stevenson, clashes are inevitable. The fact that these rea...

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ScotsGay (5/5 stars) 155 days ago

As a grinning Tiff Stevenson takes the stage in the Monkey Barrel venue, there is a strange calm that comes over me. ‘Mother’ is Stevenson’s ninth Edinburgh show, so I feel safe in the knowledge that there is an experienced captain at the helm to lead us through the next...

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 156 days ago

Mother is Tiff Stevenson’s observation of the many and varied forms that motherhood can take, her material existing in the venn diagram where motherhood and feminism interconnect. Stevenson is a mum, but not in the traditional sense. She has a stepson and a cat called Bumble, who is "a red...

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The List (4/5 stars) 156 days ago

Amusingly righteous tirade from a political firebrand...

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Chortle (3.5/5 stars) 159 days ago

Plenty of comics share their experiences of becoming a parent. But with blended families on the rise, it’s perhaps surprising that you don’t hear more stories like Tiff Stevenson’s, that of a much-maligned figure, the stepmother. ...

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One4Review (5/5 stars) 161 days ago

For more than a decade Tiff Stevenson has been performing her shows to large and enthusiastic audiences, all seemingly with consummate ease, tip-top writing and stage presence in abundance. As always there is more to her than just getting a … Read More ...

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Fest (3/5 stars) 163 days ago

It's difficult to tell if Tiff Stevenson is too good at standup, or just too good at everything else now. Breezily dashing off an hour of comedy with a strong central message—around how motherhood is a much broader category of nurture than the act of giving birth—she does little to...

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