Those People: A Play About QAnon

Theatre (verbatim, online performance)

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  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
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  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing themes, Strong language/swearing, The play is based on interviews with young people from the UK, conducted online and from accounts written on the subreddit: r/QAnoncasualties and addresses extremism and radicalisation online.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
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Those People: A Play About QAnon is based on interviews with young people from the UK, conducted online and from accounts written on the subreddit: r/QAnoncasualties. This performance addresses online extremism and explores why there is such mistrust, from young people especially, in our institutions and what we can do to better counteract misinformation. This piece was written shortly after former President Trump’s defeat to President Biden in the November 2020 election. Since then, the QAnon conspiracy has continued to spread and gain traction in the US and across the world.

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Chad Childers 32 days ago

Serious art, seriously good show. I usually love black comedy or musical comedy, but love the way the Fringe tackles topical issues and starts discussion, even if this show wasn't as good as it is it is important for the arts to do this, and we had a good family conversation afterwards. I'm not that interested in QAnon, but the general issues of media and impacts on society are definitely worth watching the show for. Staging was interesting, I didn't find it too distracting, they did a good job with the subtitles which helped a lot at some times, the performers got some feelings across... reminds me a bit of the show with the Bosnian war criminals at Fringe years ago, a bit of some dance shows.

Nic Lawton (co-founder of Expial Atrocious theatre company) 35 days ago

"Please just do your own research - there's a lot of misinformation."

This show was very arty, but maybe a little too arty. I found myself trying to decipher what the visual elements of this show were all about, rather than focusing on the dialogue. However, there was a a lot of layered meanings behind this piece, and it was good to watch a fully verbatim show as I haven't seen many of them in my time as a theatre-goer.
The set up and use of microphones was interesting and how, at times, they didn't speak into them while they were moving and setting up the next thing. The talking over each other and trying to say something more relevant and relatable than the last person was an theatrically accurate representation of a comment section of a social media post piling up. Everyone is fighting for their opinion to be heard and and get one-up on each other's pain and problems. Knowing the company got a lot of their inspiration from a Reddit page is very clear in these moments, and the way they delivered their lines sounded like these were statements they themselves actually believed when in reality, they were mouthpieces for some of the worst people on the internet. And the desperate attempt to cover up someone's monologue about mental health was all too real.
The use of multimedia was great, from microphones, to live feeds on phones, tv screens. I thought that was a great visual and technological element to this show, but I'm still trying to figure out why I liked it. Each person was doing something different as they spoke, and it took me a while to grasp the meaning behind them all. The visual of one of the actors on a ladder with cups of water coming up to meet him, cornering him, is a moment I really liked. There was just something about this visual metaphor or the waters rising around him when the questions were becoming too difficult and too real to answer.
I also found myself being sucked into this conspiracy when the show posed a lot of wild and weird questions about people in power and the Titanic. I really started to think and worry if what we had been told about the Titanic was a lie, how do people know who was there? Who was invited to actually be on the boat at the time? Then I realised I was playing into this doubt, into this strange human condition we have to question every single thing we are told because someone else dares to ask why. Your opinions are just your own ideas of someone else's opinions, so actually buying into the drama of this show and considering all the strangeness in the media today was a great technique done by the company. They really got you to think and almost hypnotized you into analysing their conversations.
Another visual moment I loved was the face mask over the eyes. Ridiculously accurate but a brilliant comment on being blind to the truth, only seeing what you want to see, making people focus on your controversial opinions. I found myself exhaling and shaking my head at a lot of what they were saying because real people said these things. REAL PEOPLE.
And the pallets full of ballots song will forever live in my head rent free, so thank you for that What a banger.

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