Theatre (adaptation, storytelling)

  • Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters - The Live Room
  • 17:30
  • Aug 27
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 18+ (Restriction)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: Chaos Collective / Free Festival
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing or potentially triggering themes,References to sexual violence, Pay What You Can in advance from the following prices to guarantee entry or turn up at the venue for free, with the option of donating at the end of the show
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Sleeping Beauty is not awakened by true love's first kiss, as some of you may already know... In a world of magic and darkness we discover who truly woke Talia and who tried to protect her by covering the kingdom in Thorns. But Thorns aren't enough to fend off a lustful King and his vengeful Queen. Discover the true tale in this reimagining of the original from the voices of Sleeping Beauty herself, her daughter and the queen who sought her destruction.

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Rakshet Sachdev 27 days ago

An incredible re-telling of Sleeping Beauty, a side of the story I did not know. All 3 women are incredible and keep you captivated and on the edge of your seat. Their acting prowess is amazing and I cannot wait to see what they do next! Until then, make sure you go watch Thorns.

Mollie Lockwood 28 days ago

The presence these three woman had on stage was sublime. A show with no gimmicks or crazy lights. Just a beautifully portrayed story through emotions shown on face and in their voices.
A powerful and sad tale told by three powerful women.

Alice Connolly 29 days ago

Wow! I was gripped the whole way through! Brilliant story-telling! And what INCREDIBLE actors! I'd definitely recommend seeing this show!!!

Alex 30 days ago

Wow, captivating & enchanting are just some of the words to describe this intimate stage performance, giving a uncleaned performance of Thorns and the story of the princess in the tower. Going through three different styles of their own characters in the play, by the talented Elinor Chalmers, Lisa Moore & Kat Harrison

If you see any shows at the fringe, this one of the BEST shows to see!!!

Jane Muir-Brooks 31 days ago

What an intensely engaging and thought-provoking show! I was totally drawn into the gripping and gritty retelling of an old ‘fairy’ story, held utterly by the performances of the 3 actors on stage. No gimmicks-just great acting from the all woman cast. How refreshing! It really is a piece of HERstory, rather than HIStory. I love the way the story of a previously passive princess has been completely turned on its head by this talented crew. More please !! Jane

Sean R. 31 days ago

An inventive and thought-provoking twist on a fairytale classic.

Kat Harrison gave a menacing yet very moving performance as the Queen. Elinor Chalmers, as Talia, captured perfectly the innocence of the Princess with Lisa Moore confidently adding the mystical nature of the faeries.

With 6 more performance's 'Thorns' is a must see this Fringe.

Julie Anne Moore 33 days ago

Captivating, powerful & suberbly acted. From the first words spoken to the last murmur, I & the audience were taken on a journey of emotions. I sat for a moment when the applause ended to simply absorb the excellent performance I had just witnessed. This cast of three women have excelled in their roles individually and blended them seamlessly as you listen in turn to each share their story & to reiterate a point, in unison.
Kat Harrison, Elinor Chalmers & Lisa Moore, take another bow as you most certainly deserve it!
5 stars from me. There are 6 performances left, I strongly recommend you make time to see this outstanding theatre. Faultless!

Jo Lakey 33 days ago

I am a fairy-tale fan, and this show caught my eye as it is based on the Sleeping Beauty story. It is a beautifully written expansion, covering the dark side of the tale and taking it further in wonderful, macabre ways. Those familiar with the original will know some of the themes that the show covers, but it takes some unexpected turns, always staying true to the heart of the myth. Kat Harrison, who wrote the show also directed it and acts in it too is a real talent. The show is absolutely spellbinding, with three incredibly heart-felt and truthful performances. This is the company’s first Fringe, and they deserve lots of success. I wish them well for the rest of the run and I’ll be keeping an eye out for what they do next and hope to see them back next year.

Clive Brooks 33 days ago

This is an amazing performance. A rollercoaster of emotion which starts gently an builds into a full loop the loop of emotion and turmoil ! A 50 minute performance over in what feels like 10 minutes, all ways a good gauge of a quality show , superbly acted with no props and gimmicks pure quality acting with Elinor Chalmers (Talia)as the ‘Queen pin’ !!!
A five star show, a must see !!!!

Foteini Penna 35 days ago

Brilliant storytelling, strong performances, go see it!

Jim McCaskill 36 days ago

Wow! For a new company they've knocked this out of the park. Acknowledges the original story and than mixes in the shadow of power, darkness and empathy. Brought a tear to my eyes and was one of the two shows that was worth the cost of the plane ticket from Canada.

Sylas Szabolcs 37 days ago

A fairy tale meets Game of Thrones (the first seasons). In depth writing and performances that will shock you. Recommend it!

Joanna 37 days ago

Beautiful story telling. A well written script brilliantly acted. I was warned that it would be dark but I was not expecting the direction it went in. It hit home hard and my attention was riveted on the stage from beginning to end.
This is what good Fringe theatre is, a chance to give voice to the stories that society ignores.

Ross 39 days ago

Outstanding story telling that, hits like a brick.

Having been very familiar with the original story I knew it would be a bit grim. However was not expecting it to land so heavily, with the sheer passion the cast put into this. The script brought out the true darkness and suffering only Disney could cover up, and caused shivers in its delivery. Raw human emotion was on display and a previously lost connection to the characters found through theatre. I would highly recommend this, but note, the trigger warnings.

Bruce A 39 days ago

I would see this show again - beautifully written and dynamic, intense acting. Please go see this show - might be the best use of your time at Fringe 2023

Brian P 40 days ago

We have a saying in Scotland “wanderin’ aboot in a dwam”. It means walking around in a daze. That is what I was doing after seeing Thorns. It is a dark, raw, intense reworking of a story we all know.

The sharp script and incredible acting has you on then edge of your seat experiencing every emotion portrayed by the cast.

Gems like this is what the fringe is about, this is why I come back every year. It gets a massive 5 stars from me.

Go to see it and be torn apart by Thorns.

Ellie Stiles 40 days ago

I went to see thorns this afternoon and I can’t stress enough how impressive, inspiring and emotional this piece was. I’m a big fan of slightly darker pieces that retell stories and this stood out to me, the acting was incredible and I would recommend to anyone!

Ronnie Lees 41 days ago

The three actors take you though a emotional journey as they tell the real story of Sleeping Beauty. The story twists and turns and builds as you watch... captivated. Great script and very well acted! I've been coming to the fringe for more than 30 years and this is the best show I've seen!

Rosie McKean 45 days ago

I caught Thorns today and am so, so glad I did. I went in with little idea of what to expect and was completely blown away by such a brave, startling and affecting reimagining of Sleeping Beauty.

This small but mighty cast of very talented actors were so skilled in transporting us to a different, complex, magical world. Though rooted in fairytales, so much is also eerily familiar as we hear stories of sleeping princesses who cannot consent, overlooked queens suffocated by duty, kings who benefit from patriarchy while women pay the price.

The cast and writing skilfully handled difficult themes which some may find triggering (sexual violence and miscarriage) both sensitively and unflinchingly.

I think that this show is a must-see. Thank you Lisa, Elinor and Kat, I wish you all the best for the rest of your run!

Carol Westbury 45 days ago

Thorns, is a dark and twisted tale of sleeping beauty. Not for kids. Kat Harrison the writer has once again pulled out all the stops for a great show. Would recommend this show.
There are twists and turns and you don't know what to expect at any moment. Well done to kat and the cast.

John Graham 47 days ago

Happened to catch this show by chance and we were so pleased. The acting and writing is top notch. It is rare to find such power in simplicity. The story unfolds in a meaningful and captivating way that will keep you in your seat while also on your toes.

The subject matter is hard, but the lesson can relate to anyone if you are able to hear it. Bravo to this new company (they told me such after the show).

Great things ahead for this lot!

Jesse de Vries 48 days ago

Caught 'Thorns' at The Three Sisters and it really made an impression. The show brings a fresh twist to Sleeping Beauty, touching on deep topics like feminism and challenging patriarchal norms. Elinor Chalmers is fantastic as Thalia, showing so many layers to her character. Lisa Moore, in her role as Moon, adds an air of mystery that keeps you guessing. And let's not forget Kat Harrison - her portrayal as The Queen adds a strong backbone to the story, making it all the more powerful. Definitely worth the watch for anyone looking for a play that makes you think, feel and reflect.

Kim MacPherson 48 days ago

Incredible acting, was in awe of the emotion each of the actors were able to portray. Such a unique twist on a beloved fairy tale, very cleverly written and wonderfully acted!!

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Starburst Magazine (3/5 stars) 37 days ago

Clever, feminist, modern and memorable, Thorns is a must-see for those interested in old stories told in new ways and is well worth seeking out.

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The Edinburgh Reporter (3/5 stars) 46 days ago

Thorns is an interesting and powerful reinterpretation of a classic that most people today know only through its saccharine Disney version.

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