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Tending is the first play to use verbatim theatre to reveal the inner lives of nurses working in the NHS today. Based on over 40 interview recordings, Tending immerses you in their day-to-day experiences: all of the camaraderie, hilarity and heartbreak. www.tendingplay.co.uk

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Elaine Mallory 32 days ago

This was a very powerful and emotional experience. It was so effective, using real testimony from interviewing nurses. And the three actors all conveyed very effectively different aspects of the lived experience of the interviewees.
I particularly found the description of the attempted suicide of the 15 year old moving. The way it was repeated, with a little more description given each time, worked so well, really drawing us in.
And the description of being in tears in a car.
And the invitation to the funeral and being mentioned by name.
Would have been brilliant if completely "imagined" but knowing this REALLY HAPPENED added another dimension.
Well done all - and thank you. As was said: "Patients aren't dying because nurses are striking; nurses are striking because patients are dying".

Ege Atila 34 days ago

An impeccably structured play! I was amazed at the way the interviews were woven together- the writing not only highlights similar subjects or themes from each interview, but also creates overarching narrative arcs that build up to wonderful climaxes.

The performances were a clear highlight as well. The actors embodied their characters with great care and elegance and ultimately allowed the audience to relate and empathize with the real people behind the story.

Dean Tsang 34 days ago

Absolutely brilliant. The best insight into the working lives of nurses and junior doctors that I think I've ever seen. Go see this show before the Fringe ends.

Lisa Horan 35 days ago

This show is absolutely amazing.
The powers that be need to come and watch it to learn what life is really like on the frontline of the NHS.
Brilliantly performed, such a powerful piece of theatre.

Ben Rook 35 days ago

To come across a piece of theatre which moves me to tears with only the power of words is a rare pleasure. To find one as relevant and thought-provoking as this one is simply a joy. This beautiful, moving play is both a poignant reminder of the vital role nurses play in all of our lives and a fascinating yet shocking insight into the day-to-day challenges and rewards of one of the world's most demanding professions. I would strongly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Chloe Marchant 38 days ago

I’m struggling to find the words to convey how amazing this was. Tending was absolutely breathtaking, heartbreaking and joyful, all at once. Powerful and heartfelt performances from seriously talented performers and playwrights. I feel privileged to have seen this show and urge others to - you will laugh, cry and leave having been gifted a unique insight into the lived experience of NHS nurses.

Sarah Cameron-West 38 days ago

An absolutely stunning show. Incredibly moving, poignant and current. Such a feat doing a verbatim play, so a huge congratulations to playwright El Blackwood, the talented director and of course to the nurses they interviewed for this show - it really is so so special.

The acting was utterly SUBLIME from El Blackwood, Alasdair Linn and Stella Saltibus. Just exceptional. Beautiful ensemble work and heartbreaking individual performances from the charismatic actors. Leaning forward in my seat because I didn’t want to miss a word they said!


Cameron Spain 38 days ago

Insightful, funny and incredibly moving. So impressive to synthesise over 50 interviews with nurses into such a streamlined, dynamic show. A really powerful piece of theatre - go and see it!

Michael Hegarty 38 days ago

A compelling and engaging show that showed the highs and lows of the nursing profession. Very well put together as a verbatim show and well performed by three clearly talented actors. In a contrast to similar material about healthcare workers, the script and cast did a very good job of portraying nurses not as heroes and martyrs, but as skilled professionals whose work is often undervalued

Terry Cavender 39 days ago

If you are browsing this to see if you should go and see, Display – YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD.
Honestly, if you only see one thing at the Edinburgh fringe, it should be this. It is beautifully written/compiled, and the acting is absolutely sublime. Won’t even think of these three performances actors – they are the genuine article as nurses. I’ve seen a lot of theatre, and this is BRILLIANT. Congratulations to all involved and thank you for an absolutely terrific experience

Ian 39 days ago

A very powerful and moving performance by the three actors. I kept thinking of friends and family who had been in nursing and what a fantastic job they do when we are at our most vulnerable. Well worth seeing this performance.

Richard Dean 40 days ago

A powerful and moving piece performed by three talented and engaging actors. Telling the real and emotional stories of the heroes who saved us during the horrors of COVID and continue to save us from even the "regular" (but demanding) needs on our health care system. A memorable and emotional tribute to the staff and volunteers who keep us safe and well or even help us pass with dignity and love. A must see for anyone who knows someone in the healthcare system. Brilliant.

Amanda Harman 41 days ago

A truly life affirming show. Celebrating the humanity and dedication of those working in the NHS. A brilliantly curated and beautifully performed piece by exciting emerging theatre makers. Not a dry eye in the house.

Alice and Penny 41 days ago

The poo bits were hilarious - and the whole show incredibly touching.

Lauren Baillie 43 days ago

An uncompromising show about the joys and traumas of being a nurse in the NHS. Beautifully written and beautifully performed. You will laugh and cry. A must see!

Naomi Passman 43 days ago

I wish the Health Secretary could see this show. It is really powerful in helping those who have never worked in the NHS understand the joys, sadness, exhaustion and frustrations experienced by those who are on the front line even before we had a pandemic to exacerbate it all. It’s not comfortable to watch but necessary and put across very well by these talented young actors with an engaging script. Do go and see it!

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British Theatre Guide (5/5 stars) 31 days ago

This extraordinarily powerful documentary drama charts very effectively the heartbreaking story of nurses in Britain today. Everybody should see it.

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Theatre Travels 33 days ago

The most powerful tribute an artist can give and if this is the sort of Verbatim theatre that El Blackwood can create, then this is a playwright that I will be keeping a very close look out for in the future!

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Neurodiverse Review (4/5 stars) 34 days ago

Tending is built on ‘human’ moments

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Neurodiverse Review (4/5 stars) 34 days ago

Classified as a ‘dark comedy’ it reminds you that nurses are people too and sometimes need a little boogie to Beyoncé

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Scottish Field (5/5 stars) 35 days ago

To miss this compassionate, fantastic, beautiful and master crafted play is an error.

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