Taiwan Season: The Way Back

Children's Shows (physical theatre, puppetry)

  • Summerhall - Old Lab
  • 16:20
  • Aug 27
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 5+ (5 and older)
  • Country: Taiwan (Republic of China)
  • Group: The Double Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: None
  • Accessibility: May not apply to all performances. You'll find more information about accessibile performances and how to book tickets in the accessibility tab below.
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


The touching, engaging tale of a shattered body trying to gather itself in a time of war. Using movement, text, light, sound and puppetry with great ingenuity, The Double Theatre's family show is a creative and playful theatrical response to the state of the world now. Funny, heartfelt and poetic, their work has been compared to a flower blooming in a ruin. At the centre of it all is a displaced boy trying to become whole again, escaping the battlefield sustained by a dream of music. The result is devastatingly good entertainment. European premiere.

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General venue access

  • Accessible entry: Once in the courtyard, go through the double doors at ground level next to the shop shed, past the Anatomy Lecture Theatre and through the double doors, take a right; down to the end of the corridor.
  • Wheelchair access type: Level Access

  • Stairs: Information not supplied

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Mandy Yang 44 days ago

偶非常喜歡這ㄍ表演!! 讚讚讚ʕ•̀ ω • ʔ 推推推推推
The combination of the sounds, lighting, and objects is really impressive. Not just a children's show but for whom wants to find their way back. My favourite part is the performance of the left and right hand trying to communicate with each! All the objects are so vivid and poetic.

David Boyd 44 days ago

A strange but mesmerising show. We were a bit concerned that, given this is the age of ‘trigger warnings’ for very minor upsetting content, this show might be very disturbing for children. It’s a relief to see the reviews here from kids who enjoyed the macabre humour. The puppeteering was clever and well choreographed. The theme of the destruction of war makes it a powerful disturbing show for adults. We’ll worth seeing.

Charlotte 45 days ago

Very, very good. We were three adults and two children (10 and 13yo). So many things were great about this show but what impressed me most was the way it was able to offer a simple, slightly bizarre story for children whilst - at the same time - being utterly devastating for the adults. We all laughed but only the grown-ups cried. Definitely a show you don't need children to go and see. Big thank you to the artists and producers for bringing it here.

Yuchun Lan 46 days ago

"举重若轻" is the first phrase that came to my mind after watching this: it means lifting something heavy as if it's lighter than a feather. The pure joy of playing with props - the toy train, the limbs of a doll, the adult clothes - almost comes directly from our childhood games, when we took a glimpse into the adult world and used little details we observed to reconstruct the obscure reality. In this case, the reality of war. Doesn't it look like a birthday party when the soldier gets bombed by the confetti? Aren't the broken limbs crawling like dancing with Jazz?
Despite all its light-heartedness, the end is a sudden, realistic strike. After all, what is destroyed can not be recovered, and those lost on the battlefield will never return to their real "home", even in the fantasy of a child. But the true, universal "home" is the music, the abstract body shared by every soldier, losing their limbs and lives, but sung and remembered in a melody, a melody played in fear, and hope. The hope of recovery. The cruel impossibility of physical recovery is juxtaposed with the hope of emotional recovery in music, in compassion.
The idea is achieved by the clever transformation from human beings to objects, back and forth. While the war makes human beings objects by killing them, theatre does the contrary: making objects human, the props sing and seek, reassure and recover.
The funny thing is that after the show, I saw the stagehand was looking for the limbs because she really couldn't find them. I would like to think they wanted to have some chips and beer after the show, for they worked hard and did a good job.

Kathleen Noonan 47 days ago

So much more than a children's show. The energetic cast use a variety of props, life size puppets of disjointed limbs and torso, and seamless stage management in this poignant tale of how war destroys lives and the difficulty of rebuilding them. Very clever show.

SzuTung C 49 days ago


This play is an absolute delight for both parents and children! It's an entertaining experience that captures the attention of kids through puppets, body language, live vocals, and lights. The kid that sat behind me was laughing throughout the entire play!

But there's so much more. It's about a journey of self-discovery and rediscovering one's identity amidst the turbulent waves of life and war. Every element of this performance, the lights, sounds, music, body movements, and puppets, come together to create a truly professional and captivating play.

While it may be classified as a children's show, its message is dedicated to all human beings in search of themselves or those who have endured the harsh realities of war. It's a show from Taiwan, but it transcends borders and will resonate with people worldwide who believe in the power of love, music, and peace.

Highly recommended!

Casey 50 days ago

The show was really informational and in some bits it was so funny that I nearly laughed my head off. My favorite part was when the right hand finally found his whole body. I am only 9 but I totally loved it.

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Everything Theatre (3/5 stars) 34 days ago

A neatly delivered piece of work, with talented performers and some well thought through tech.

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