Susan Murray: How Not To Die In A Plane Crash

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Fasten your seat belts for a darkly hilarious and deliciously bumpy ride. How Not to Die in a Plane Crash is the antidote to boring, life-affirming, feel-good motivational comedy. Come and listen to Susan's sweet dark soul as she makes you laugh and cry at the same time with her useful death defying survival tips, all wrapped up in fantastic jokes. Come and have a listen if you think you're brave enough. 'Anyone who loves the work of Sarah Millican and Kerry Godliman will find plenty to enjoy here' (Guardian).

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Joyce Thomson 106 days ago

My favourite entertainer at The Fringe....saw ten different events at the fringe in total. Very very funny and informative. Highly recommended.....went to see her simply cos flyer looked interesting.. watch out for more from this woman!! Ten out of ten!

Lizzy Nazer 110 days ago

The show was recommended to me by a friend and I am glad we went. I knew nothing much about aeroplanes, plane crashes or plane crash investigation before I went... In fact I didn't know there WAS that much to know.

Susan Murray knew a lot about the subject and was a very funny and engaging presence. The show was well written, informative, surprising and very funny. Hope to see more of Susan's comedy in the future

Barrie Hunter 112 days ago

Saw this is on Friday, came across it by chance. It was good felt like watching Dave Gorman's naughty younger sister.

Paul Saunders 116 days ago

An hour of guilty pleasure. As someone who flies frequently this was a must see. Susan’s level of knowledge is disturbingly impressive highlighted by an impromptu correction of an audience member’s recollection of the cause of a famous plane crash.
Educational, irreverent, interesting and engaging.
But most of all it’s bloody funny. Delivered by someone who looks like they are enjoying telling the tale.
Highly recommended.

Maureen Frizzle 116 days ago

The flyer raised my curiosity, I had to enter. Held my attention throughout, the humour, the facts, the amount of research definitely pays off. I just hope Susan Murray is on every flight I ever make, no doubt I will stay alive. I could happily sit through this again...and again. Great show.

Christopher McCarthy 118 days ago

What an absolute gem of a show, I was lucky enough to catch Susans show whilst here in Edinburgh on business. From start to finish I laughed and laughed at the originality of the material.
I can only imagine the research and preparation that has gone into something that flows so effortlessly and fluidly. No stone is unturned in the delivery of some of the funniest comedic delivery of original and brilliant material. Keep an eye out for Susan I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Sally 118 days ago

Fantastic show. Funny and extremely informative. Laughed and learned for the whole hour. Beautifully delivered and Susan clearly enjoyed performing it. Just great.

Charmian Hughes 119 days ago

Susan Murray’s Show is totally fab. A jolly red uniformed stewardess of doom and joy on your flight to final destination.Before I saw her feisty and very funny show, I foolishly believed all the statistics that fool you into thinking air travel is safe. Now not only have I been warned but know how to survive against the odds even if I have to eat my fellow passengers or die laughing.

Caroline Cooke 119 days ago

To be entertained by Ms Murray is an unbridled joy at the best of time, but to be offered potential life saving advice? Cheap at half the price. Which is optional. Great show!

David Harry 119 days ago

More than a really great comedy show, you actually learn genuinely useful advice about surviving a crash. Geek levels of knowledge from late night tv watching after driving back from gigs has gifted Susan with a brilliant idea. Hilarious and with a genuine landing at the end - we all braced - it’s a great show. The time flies by - literally!

jo caulfield 119 days ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Susan’s passion for the subject is completely infectious. It’s funny, interesting and very entertaining.
A great hour, go and see it.

David Newton 119 days ago

We really enjoyed this show! As other reviews said, if you like your comedy a bit dark and grisly in places, just step this way...

Susan had a great rapport with the audience (definitely helped by having a couple of air crash afficionados in attendance which helped the bantz).

I learned something new about life vests too.

Brett Spencer 119 days ago

Really enjoyed this, an original and funny show on surviving a plane crash, and Susan is an engaging performer who knows how to play with an audience. Was certainly thinking about it before my plane took off for home....

Ryan Shiells 121 days ago

First show of the Fringe for me has always been a little bland, but I stick at it. Not the case here, Susan takes a white knuckle but rather honest look at the horrors of plane travel through the eyes of some one that has clearly binge watched trash TV (guilty as well).

While it is not for everyone, the bluntness of the subject matter isn't for all but a little bit of a dark side of humour and you will be a perfect fit. One to see!

Stephen Sheridan 121 days ago

This show is a revelation - on the late night television comedians watch and the obsessions they develop. A wryly humourous exploration of the perils and pitfalls when air travel goes drastically, and sometimes fatally, wrong. Delivered with passion this show makes you both laugh and think, and you may wish that Susan Murray was the in-flight entertainment on your next flight.

Christie Nisbet 122 days ago

This is a great show, Susan is very funny. Best show I have seen for years at Free Fringe.

Sarah S 124 days ago

This show is a hoot! Loved it. A really joyous hour of comedy to enjoy mid afternoon. Susan knows way too much about airplane crashes! Her extensive knowledge is captivating and she has weaved this and her advice on how not to die in a plane crash into a superb hour. Great fun and definitely worth seeing.

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Beyond the Joke (4/5 stars) 113 days ago

Plenty of comedians do material about plane travel, but most of them focus on cavity searches at security. Few talk about their primal fear of flying. Susan Murray's show is about getting through the flight, not getting through the X Ray machine and it is throughly entertaining – and scarily informative – from take off to landing.

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One4Review (3.5/5 stars) 121 days ago

I learned things in this show, fascinating things, and I laughed. Excellent, job done!...

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