Suicide Pact

Musicals and Opera (lgbt, new writing)

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  • PQA Venues @Riddle's Court - Q1
  • 19:00
  • Aug 25
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - Scotland
  • Group: ACIDflashback Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: Contains distressing themes and strong language
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Suicide Pact is a brand-new dark comedy musical that explores male mental health and the stigma surrounding suicide. Two strangers meet on a bridge one night and strike up an unlikely friendship after making a pact to kill themselves. As they continue to share their stories, we realise how their different paths led them to the bridge that night and how their new-found friendship might not be enough to save them both. Featuring an original script and songs by Jason Goodwin-Tully, ACIDflashback Productions are proud to bring such an important piece of writing to the Edinburgh Fringe.

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Pauline 149 days ago

Incredibly enjoyable show which tells such an important story and really made me reflect on male mental health. The show manages to be funny without trivialising this really important topic, and both actors were excellent. Highly recommended!

Jenny Ridley 153 days ago

This show is beautiful, important, funny and poignant. It tackles a difficult issue so brilliantly and is brought to life byJason and Ronan perfectly. I loved the the music and the writing is fab, it makes you think, it makes you cry and it makes you laugh. Go and see this show, it is really well worth it!

Ashleigh 153 days ago

This show is dark and hard-hitting but in the best possible way. Addressing male mental health it holds up a (sometimes uncomfortable) mirror to our society. The two actors are effortless in their roles and provide two very different characters looking for the same outcome but in very different circumstances.

It’s clear that this is a new work in development as it feels very raw. As an audience member it makes you think and feel (I 100% cried) and get absorbed into their world. It felt nowhere near 50 minutes.

Beautifully acted with lovely music which sometimes provided a respite to the intensity and other times enhanced it. Would definitely recommend!

Lee 154 days ago

This show is so moving and thought-provoking, it has acting and original music that gives you all the feels. The two characters in the show are so loveable and funny; people you fall in love with from the second they are on stage. So sad to think that whether we know it or not we will all have a friend who will be going through something like these nameless storytellers are in this play.

This topic is something that needs to be out there and talked about, so people can realise they are not alone and mean something to somebody. I am so proud of this production for bringing it to the foreground. If you’re at Fringe this month, see something meaningful like Suicide Pact.

You had me at the bridge.. and Colin Farrell’s sex tape!

Katie 155 days ago

This is a beautiful, funny and sensitive show which allows us insight into the lives of two young men afflicted with deteriorating mental health, who happen to meet each other just at the right time. What follows is a show filled with powerful staging, soothing musical interludes and dialogue which entertains as much as it informs and shines a light on the tough subject of male suicide.

Far from being preachy, the fantastically written contrasting characters are played by talented actors who deliver both struggle and hope in equal measure. A beautiful piano score and some excellent use of bubble blowers ensure that this show is a rollercoaster of tears, laughter and considered thought.

I thoroughly recommend this show and congratulate this new, promising company!

cwifie 157 days ago

A professional reviewer has already remarked on what I was thinking on the way out; not enough time / not long enough (a compliment in any fringe-show's book, surely), but of course, constrained by the usual hour-long slot. There was much more to say..... and will have touched nerves among those of us whose families have been touched (whether slightly or full-on) by even just part of the content. Sudden move into song could have seemed just silly in other hands, whereas this was continuation of the dialogue, but in varying shades.

david r 157 days ago

Perfect balance between dark subject matter and great entertainment.
Great chemistry displayed by the 2 actors and the characters developed quickly into guys you knew and cared about.
Fantastic songs topped off a night where reflection on life was the only option.

Very skilful production!

Neil Weatherall 157 days ago

I’m just going to re-post the words of another reviewer: “Do NOT let the subject matter put you off seeing this show!

It is dark and hilarious, bold and brilliant!“


Gary Ross 158 days ago

Suicide Pact is a very interesting, humorous and sometimes challenging show. The subject matter probably not what most might think of as the basis for a musical comedy and yet it is enlightening, funny and uplifting. The performances were excellent, believable and emotional, the songs strong and the singing fantastic. Both guys have really good voices and both really know how to interpret a song. I went with several family members and we all felt uplifted as we left. I would highly recommend this show, it's different and its courageous.

Craig F. 158 days ago

Do NOT let the subject matter put you off seeing this show!

It is dark and hilarious, bold and brilliant! My son (16) and I loved the music but the two different characters finding a connection amidst their darkness and depression was what I loved most. It doesn’t give any answers or try to preach, it just asks you to respect and try to understand how everyone’s mental health differs.

The character development, especially from the taller and serious one, was really beautiful and I want to know where they got their blow up sofa from?!

Definitely check out this show is you want something entertaining as well as emotional and engaging.

Sheenagh Purcell 158 days ago

A poignant And fantastically written musical with famtastic singing and acting, handling the difficult subject of depression in a sensitive and thought-provoking way. Superb - moved me to tears, actually racking sobs! A must-see.

Alexandra 158 days ago

This show promises to look at mental health in men and the stigma against suicide but completely misses the mark. Mental health is completely glossed over and is an insult to anyone struggling with their mental health.

What we got instead were two underdeveloped characters dodgily singing a weak score and arguing a bit.

At least I got out of the rain for an hour!

Michael Gordon Shapiro 159 days ago

A poignant and unexpectedly entertaining two-hander, brought to life by two performances rich with nuance and colorful character choices. The pop-flavored songs are all strong, though they sometimes feel layered atop the story rather than part of it. Recommended.

Ellie H 163 days ago

What a brilliant show! The two actors were incredible and the songs were really good too. I can’t believe something so dark could be handled so beautifully. A really awesome night- me and my boyfriend really enjoyed! Go see

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The Wee Review (4/5 stars) 150 days ago

A comedy musical about a suicide pact sounds like a terrible idea. But think again – because this tuneful two-hander isn’t just well-judged and moving, it also tackles the toughest of topics in a way no other genre can. It stands up to scrutiny as a heart-melting musical, but its...

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Musical Theatre Review (4/5 stars) 156 days ago

The music adds to the sensitivity and self-revelation and the harmonies the performers can easily sing add to their accord. It is also a great relief to hear a piece well sung in a small theatre without unnecessary amplification.

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Musical Theatre Review (4/5 stars) 157 days ago

This piece is well worth seeing, all the more so as the suicide of young men is so terribly and painfully prevalent in our culture.

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