Shoot the Cameraman

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (dance, visual art)

  • Assembly Roxy - Central
  • 15:00
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Group: AWA – Baptiste Hilbert and Catarina Barbosa
  • Warnings and additional info: Scenes of violence, Strobe lighting
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Shoot the Cameraman. Blend the instinctive and spontaneous quality of live performance with the possibilities of the seventh art by joining camera operators with live dancers on stage. The audience will thus be offered a permanent double reading of the piece and have the opportunity to simultaneously attend a live performance on stage and on screen.

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GoldmanT 33 days ago

Incredible performances and design. The mixture of stage dancing and filmed emotion shown in the tiniest of movements on screen took it to the next level. Superb performances from the two leads, and the range from the female lead in going to some fairly brutal choreography was brave and flawlessly executed. I didn’t try to discern a ‘plot’ as such, but there were definite shifts of power and status throughout that moved it continually forward, the sole show this year where I’ve not looked at my watch once. Will look out for next year’s show!

Dana Blackstone 35 days ago

I was blown away by the sustained, detailed, gorgeous physicality of the actors, the innovative and clever use of the steady cam, and the implication on the audience. It was hypnotising, resonant and impactful. Go. And please have them back next year.

Hedda Bird 36 days ago

Mesmerising, beautiful, extraordinary. The impact of live filming so you see everything from multiple angles is quite astonishing. The dancing is superb and the camera operators integral to the emotion. They deserve a huge audience. An absolute must see.

Stuart Arnott 37 days ago

This show has remained with me for days. I’m not usually into contemporary dance, but this concept of camera operators on the stage with the dancers was intriguing. The concept, as I interpreted, was of two people in an abusive relationship, and how it was perceived though a camera lens. As the two characters danced, the images filmed by the camera operators - sometimes complimentary, sometimes contradictory - are shown on a large screen above them. The images may show intimacy, when seeing the whole scene it is in fact coercive. Think how people project their lives on social media. It’s very clever.
The dancers are incredible, their movement beautiful, intricate and highly choreographed. I also have to mention the music and sound design which was stunning and definitely added to the emotion.
This is a terrific show, really powerful and highly memorable. It’s certainly one of my favourites of the Fringe this year.
I think I might be a contemporary dance fan now!

Sam Lawes 39 days ago

Absolutely beautiful show, the dancing is just stunning, they have incredible control over their bodies. I got completely lost in the performance. Loved it

Anna 41 days ago

Very powerful and professional performance. So glad we watched it. I hope AWA will be back next year too. Highly recommend to all who loves contemporary ballet. One of the best performances I have ever seen at Fringe.

Jack Boal 44 days ago

High octane and dangerous performance with the additional mode of watching on screen, captured live on stage. Huge level of detail in the choreography of dancers and cameras that is a feast for the eyes with an accessible narrative. The sound design is some of the best I've heard at the Fringe and this show deserves an audience to fill out the space.

anthony parker 46 days ago

Outstanding. Beautiful. Artistically performed, imaginatively created. The use of filming to screens, alongside the live performance, in the way that it was used was a first for us. A class act standing out among so much standard fringe fare this year.

The best performance of its type that we have seen at the fringe since Theatre Re delivered Nature of Forgetting a few years ago.

Jennifer Pyle 47 days ago

Only the second time in my life I’ve weeped from a movement/dance piece. This is breathtaking. In Awe.

Susie Hicks 47 days ago

Two technically superb dancers in an emotional but somewhat bleak narrative of an abusive relationship, intensified by the intimate camera work. Well worth seeing provided you aren’t looking for a Disney style feel good plot!

Wuerm D 47 days ago

Very impressive performance! All the actors did a very good job! The dancers were just gorgeous, the emotions touched directly my heart. The camerawoman and -man added a third dimension to the show, they moved around the dancers as dragonflys capturing the feelings and transfering them to the screen.
A wonderful performance, has to be seen absolutely!!!!!!!

Harry Ter Maten 47 days ago

Excellent, i really felt the strong « heavy » emotions rolling all over me!
The combination of modern dance, the music and the technical use of the 2 camera’s fitted like a glove! Go and see for yourself!!!!

Katrine 48 days ago

Simply … BRILLIANT! This is a must see at fringe! Do yourself a favour and book your tickets NOW!

Alkistis 48 days ago

Interesting concept and performance.

Jenny L 50 days ago

Shoot the Cameraman went straight to the top of my favourite show list. Deeply evocative, profoundly innovative and visually stunning; a darkly intense and moving performance. I've never seen anything quite like it - highly recommend.

Hoyoung IM 50 days ago

The performance exhibited remarkable creativity and well-executed choreography. However, the conclusion appeared to be anticipatable.

Marek Bernat 51 days ago

Another one in the "must see" category. First half is just an introduction to a spectacular finale, the whole performance and story is beautiful, thoughtful and perfectly performed. Multimedia on the highest level. Cherry on the top are performers, who are super nice and friendly and happy to have a chat after the show. Please go and experience it, it's worth it.

Pernickety Pumpkin 55 days ago

This was the most intellectual, the most imaginative and the most skillful performance all combined into one magnificent show! Continental companies always set the bar so high! A most incredible piece of art!!!

Susi 56 days ago

"I don't know what on earth we just saw, but it was INCREDIBLE."

That was the (loud) comment from a fellow audience member as we exited, which made me smile as it was pretty true. I can't remember seeing a contemporary dance piece at the Fringe which had a standing ovation before, but Shoot the Cameraman got one, and it was deserved.

It's a sinister and intense piece in which two dancers depict an abusive and controlling relationship, whilst being followed around by two mysterious camera operators. Much of their videography appears live on screen and it's fascinating to see the dancers simultaneously from very different perspectives and angles. Sometimes the camera can see what we as the audience miss, and vice versa.

The dancers were brilliant, and the whole thing very professionally done. Highly recommended. But be warned, once or twice the camera trains its eye on the audience itself as well :-)

Olga Moss 57 days ago

So sensual, so tasteful, so moving!
The skillful dancers delivered a twisting story to perfection.
Amazing aftertaste of the show. Cannot recommend higher.

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Everything Theatre (5/5 stars) 35 days ago

AWA’s pioneering multi-media dance performance is a feast for the senses and a bullet straight to your soul.

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