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Brilliantly combining comedy, original songs and storytelling, Sexy Lamp sheds a bright light on how ridiculous the entertainment industry can be and why Katie is refusing to stay in the dark any longer. Winner: Show of the Week and Pleasance Pick of VAULT Festival 2019. 'Deceptively light, thoroughly entertaining and quietly punchy' (Lyn Gardner). 'Genius... visually striking' ***** (Voice Magazine). 'Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. An absolute gem of a show' ***** ( ***** (

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CK fringegoer 87 days ago

Charming and witty show with a serious message. Excellent characterisation and well worth seeing.

Simon Phillips 89 days ago

A very accomplished and competent performance, despite the interruption to deal with the leaks in the ceiling. (It was a very wet day!)

Steve Pine 91 days ago

Please ignore the buttock-clenchingly earnest review in The Guardian. While the show covers the issues described, the review makes the show sound pretty much unbearable. It does Katie Arnstein no favours: if I'd seen the review beforehand I wouldn't have bothered with the show In fact the show is funny, good-natured and life-affirming. I am not missing the point of the show but The Guardian didn't bother to pojnt out that it is actually fun and entertaining.

Julie Phillips 99 days ago

Loved it! The performance was interrupted by a leaking roof and some lights had to be abandoned. But then the performance continued. Luckily we had a gap after this show so weren’t panicked to head off elsewhere. I’d highly recommend this show but try and pick a dry day!

Iain 105 days ago

It's nice when you take pot luck on a show and it turns out to be excellent.

Katie Arnstein in 'Sexy Lamp' was entertaining, thought-provoking and engaging. Given the massive round of applause she got from her audience in what looked like a 'sold-out' show, the rest of the audience was clearly thinking the same as me...

Talking about her experience of sexism and male abuse of power as a young female actor, she addressed serious issues, via a deceptively light and humorous dialog... she was interesting and thought-provoking, without being hectoring. I thought it was brilliant. Highly recommended.

LTW 106 days ago

I had an enjoyable and entertaining 20-30 minutes before we were all asked to vacate the hall due to an emergency.

By the time we returned, the organisers had decided to cancel the show and offer a refund/exchange, which is a pity as I won't have the time to see this at another time.

NOTE TO THE ORGANISERS - Although the evacuation was handled well, the level of communication after that was non-existent. No one seemed to be in charge, no one took the trouble to tell us what was happening, how long we were to wait, what would be our options after, etc. For a festival that has run over 30 years, it was clearly evident that there was no concept of contingency plan, nor training of ground crew on how to advise us. I am not Japanese, but this would never happen in Japan, so I suggest the organisers learn from them on how to handle emergencies such as this. Key lesson: Organisers/ground crew had zero concept of the basic needs of ticket holders. Even after they decided to cancel the show and offer refunds, they had to explain where we needed to go to get the refund - the Japanese would have planned to meticulously for this that they would just hand us refunds/exchange for new tickets instead of sending us off into a maze to find the booth where we could get a refund.

Removed 105 days ago

This review has been removed by the original author

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ThreeWeeks (4/5 stars) 86 days ago

Fun yet thought-provoking, this timely one-woman show explores Katie Arnstein’s experiences at the start of her acting career. Punctuated by charming renditions on the ukulele, we are guided swiftly down this yellow-brick-road, dropping us off at pivotal moments in her life: ones which inspired her love of acting, the need...

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Feminist Fringe (5/5 stars) 89 days ago

Sexy Lamp reveals the hard truth about sexism and exploitation in the arts industry and explores how being taught to always say YES in drama school can be extremely damaging. [...] The performance is honest, truthful and captivating, Katie tells the story in a way that makes you want to listen.

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The List (4/5 stars) 91 days ago

Katie Arnstein stands up against sexism in the entertainment industry with a personal tale...

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The Guardian (4/5 stars) 92 days ago

‘We saw your boobs! We saw your boobs!” The words from Seth MacFarlane’s opening number at the 2013 Oscars – in which the host name-checked the nude scenes of female actors in the audience – are heard at the start of Katie Arnstein’s smart solo show about acting, sexism and...

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Life as Theatre (4/5 stars) 96 days ago

Kelly Sue DeConick’s sexy lamp test boils down to a very simple concept; if a woman in a film could be replaced by a lamp without altering the plot in any way than the film fails the test. The fact so many still can’t jump over this hoop is a sign of how far the industry still has to go in terms of giving females proper representation and interesting arcs, not just window dressing for the male protagonists’ stories.

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Musical Theatre Review (4/5 stars) 96 days ago

An hour of thought-provoking charm that keeps ticking over in the mind thereafter. Strongly recommended.

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Bouquets and Brickbats (4.5/5 stars) 96 days ago

his piece is so charming and well-crafted that it’s impossible not to warm to it – and it’s outward-looking too. Arnstein doesn’t just tell us about how she‘s dealt with her problems: she opens up her outrage; this is a call to arms.

Arnstein is immensely likeable.

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The F Word 97 days ago

It could be a pretty depressing tale of discrimination and sexual assault, but instead it becomes a story of hope and kindness. Arnstein’s a warm and confident performer and though the show is simply staged, she makes good use of lighting.

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 106 days ago

Katie Arnstein has brought her joyous mix of caustic wit, a cautionary tale and a call to arms to her first Fringe. Fresh from success at London’s VAULT festival, Sexy Lamp is from start to finish an accomplished, warm and funny yarn about some less than scrupulous individuals and some...

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