Scream Phone

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  • Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose - Doonstairs
  • 17:00
  • Aug 26
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 16+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Swipe Right Theatre
  • Warnings and additional info: Audience Participation, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Language/Swearing
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After the success of 2 Become 1, Swipe Right present their deliciously dark musical Scream Phone – directed by Pappy's Tom Parry! The girls are having a sleepover and you're like, totally invited! Pillow fights in their underwear, singing into hairbrushes, and gossiping about their crushes, what could possibly go wrong? As long as they don't answer the oversized pink phone... dun dun duuun! Based on the retro game Dream Phone, they'll take you on a killer journey back to the 80s with an infectious original soundtrack. Scream meets Clueless in this hilarious spoof horror musical!

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Teresa 104 days ago

One week back from Edinburgh Fringe. Boy it was a blast. Knackered and skint and I was only there 10days! Just stumbled across this site but had to leave a belated review. I attended 38 shows this year and this was the one I enjoyed most. Wasn't the "in" one or the "must see dahling" but it was Brill. Three girls (talented women actually) presenting a self written piece of inspired nonsense that made me yearn to be an actress and singer of their calibre. This is what the Fringe does best- introducing numpties like me to talent that isn't, be should be, in the media spotlight.Bravo ladies - please take a belated well deserved bow.

Bernie 108 days ago

Well that's the Fringe finished for me. Had to let @swiperight know how much I enjoyed their show.Scream phone was just that literally a scream and LOL moments throughout. Wonderful harmonies and a clever plot. Will remember a wonderful hour spent in cool,cool company.

Vera Korahi 110 days ago

OMG. Was this a show or what. Hilariously rubbish whilst brilliant. These girls are stars.They sing, dance and act but most importantly are so COOL! Please can I be a Beaver Babe?

Janet Hughes 110 days ago

Gutted. Was going to see this today for 3rd time but having to go home at short notice. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show.3 supremely talented artistes with comic timing to DIE for! If this production isn't snapped up by a major venue then someone is missing a trick. Please bring it back next year -I promise to bring all my Lancashire friends!!!

Jessica Harvey-Olayemi 110 days ago

Absolutely brilliant from start to finish! Amazing writing, perfect comedic timing and an absolute must see! Almost gutted we saw it first because it's set such a high standard and wish we could see it again! If you're thinking of going just do it!

Jonny 111 days ago

Fucking brilliant. Sorry to be blunt but it has to be said.

Clara 112 days ago

What a show. Absolutely glorious! God these girls are talented.

Iona Morgan 113 days ago

Couldn't leave Edinburgh before seeing this show again. The cast are fantastic and the writing inspired.So so silly but brilliant at the same time. It deserves to transcend a fringe setting.

Pippa 114 days ago

Want to see 3 brilliant comic actresses who have pitch perfect harmonies? Scream phone fits the bill perfectly! What a silly, LOL riot of an hour this was.Loved,loved, loved it!!!!!

Sandra Dawson 115 days ago

Brilliant. Best show I have seen this fringe.

Karl 115 days ago

Great show
So tight a combo of a cast. Believe me making a production look this easy and effortless is a skill. Bravo ladies.

Mimi Laurent 116 days ago

Loved this show. Good singing from ladies and very scary but nice.

James 117 days ago

My wife and her friend dragged me to this after they saw it last week. Wasn't expecting much as 1980s music not my bag. God what a surprise.Loved the wacky spoof humour, scary setting and boy can these girls sing. Highly recommend but judging from the crowd size they are doing fine anyway! Thanks Sandra for persuading me to come along!

Sarah 118 days ago

These girls make a brilliantly executed show look easy.Silly-yes.Rude -maybe. Genius- definitely!

Katie Mulcahy 119 days ago

Just go and see this show. Seriously.
Hilariously funny, incredible vocals from all three ladies, and brilliant story filled with teen-comedy nuances. Absolutely bloody phenomenal. You will not regret seeing this. Book it now!!

Mr Godfrey 121 days ago

Sometimes you see a show that really sums up the ethos of the Fringe, and in this instance, it is simply the joy to be had in something that is made purely for fun. And what a joy it is. The three girls and phenomenally talented, each getting several chances to show off their vocal prowess, and on top of that, the over the top, campy nature of the piece ensures there are plenty of laughs all the way through. A real treat!

JOHN C 121 days ago

Absolutely brilliant .Seen so many so so shows.This is the biz. These ladies should be on the west end.

Sian 122 days ago

See it. Just see it Half way through my fringe and this is still the best I have seen.

Lara 123 days ago

What a show.These girls are stars.

Janice Wilson 124 days ago

Genius!!! Classic festival. A great show that you’d only see at the festival and which we delight in! Absolute hoot! Great fun. Absolutely loved it. Great fun. Can’t recommend it high enough!! Treat yourself ... see these girls!! And we’ve seen a lot of shows at this festival!!!

Peter Todd 124 days ago

Back in soggy Warwickshire after an equally wet week in Auld Reekie. Spent a fortune, drank alot of lager and wine and saw 30+ shows. This small casts' production was the most surprising. Wasn't sure what to expect but the energy, cheekiness and great vocals blew me away. It's a piece of fluff theatre superficially but the timing and delivery point to a well honed script that delivers plenty of laughs- somthing missing in many more publicised productions me and the other half saw.Unfortunately we saw it on our last day but would have liked to see it again later in the run. Maybe next fringe.....?

Bryn Arthur 125 days ago

Clever, lol show. Great vocals from an enthusiastic cast.

Helena 126 days ago

Very clever production. The talented cast deserve to see this show take off. Smiling all the way to my next show..

Steve T 128 days ago

Great show . Talented cast , definitely recommend . Was terrific when I saw it in London Vaults festival but has evolved into an even better show - added songs and scenes are terrific.

Vixen 128 days ago

Seen the show twice now. Noticed nuances I missed first time!. This ensemble is so tight and in sync. The girls are all great vocalists and comedians but special mention to the lady playing Janice
A stand out comic.

Georgy 128 days ago

Saw the show yesterday. Fantastic , funny and slightly naughty. The cast are brilliant and deliver the cheese in huge, lovely chunks.Beaver Babes forever. Loved the badges btw.

Pete B 129 days ago

Loved this show. Spoof of all the horror films of my childhood but with a cracking soundtrack. The cast are fantastic and seem born to this type of show. Loved the wee badge as well.Apparently I am a frigid slut- who knew? Fantastic. Cannot reccomend enough+

Paulie Cox 129 days ago

Brilliant.Brilliant.Brilliant.. I am Janice-I I wish!!!

Karen Kohl 130 days ago

These ladies are all SO talented. I was impressed by the comedy and singing even before I realised they are also the writers. The show is exactly what I want at the fringe
Pure entertainment. No politics or guilt trips- just 60 minutes of hilarious nonsense. BRAVO.

Tom Curton 130 days ago

Brilliant, sexy, cheesy.FRINGE. What do you want for your ticket?Go see. These gals are stars of the future.

Alice Cord 130 days ago

Going home today:-( Had to give a shout out to the Beaver Girls.Possibly the best hour I have spent in my 8 years visiting the Fringe. Go see it .

Iain MacDougall 131 days ago

Hilarious. Laughed from beginning to end. Great tunes and great singing from some talented performers. Might even go again. Don’t miss it.

Mark 131 days ago

See this. Just fucking see this. Hilarious and these babes can sing. I also believe they wrote it!

alan s 131 days ago

Back home after red eye flight
21 previews! My choice in reverse order:
3.Frank Skinner.Still got it but I preffered him presober.
2.Hal Cruddenen. The chubster was excellent
1. Scream Phone
This was a walk in to fill an afternoon slot
The young cast were amazing .Not a big fan of horror or musicals but they won me over.Deserves to been seen by fringe devotees who enjoy witnessing emerging talent.

Carol 132 days ago

Great show.clever and very,very funny.

The Tourist 133 days ago

Agree with previous post. This show is awesome. If it were in the States it would be selling out. So funny and ever so slightly sexist dark!

Sheila Scott 133 days ago

I dont get Edinburgh fringe. I have seen 4 shows. Two with "names".This is the best by far but poor attendance that belies the wealth of talent on show.These girls are mega talented . Do yourselves a favour and go see.

zac jones 134 days ago

Still smiling. Spoiler: this is not Chechov but it is pure fringe. Likeability +++++++++

denise gold 134 days ago

Cracking show. First night hiccups aside, the girls put on a hellav show. Great comedians who can sing .Recommended .

chelsea girl 134 days ago

Got my tickets for saturday! Saw this in London. Very cheesy but sooooo funny.

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The Play's the Thing UK 105 days ago

Scream Phone is a gloriously fun, wonderfully camp pastiche that will have you screaming with laughter from start to grisly finish.

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Culture Bean 110 days ago

Female led theatre company, Swipe Right, has knocked it out of the park with Scream Phone. This comedy spoof musical combines scream, dream phone and some banging 80s tunes. I had the time of my life, which doesn’t actually make the song list but you get my drift.

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The F Word 114 days ago

A dangerous inmate has escaped and three best friends are having a totally 1990s sleepover – what could go wrong? Scream Phone takes the pastiches of US teen movies and slasher films and merges them together in a camp delight that leaves me tingling [...] laughing and bopping along and, for something with such a focus on murder, it leaves me feeling like I’ve had a great time.

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Musical Theatre Review (4/5 stars) 119 days ago

For guaranteed laughter at teatime, there couldn’t be anything better than this show – expect earworms aplenty for hours afterwards.

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The Stage [paywall] (4/5 stars) 120 days ago

For those not in the loop, the Dream Phone was a board game in which girls got to chat to the guy of their dreams. The centrepiece was a large pink phone with recorded messages and if you were a young teen in the 1990s, it was the next step...

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ThreeWeeks (5/5 stars) 121 days ago

Based on the retro game Dream Phone, ‘Scream Phone’ introduces three girls at a sleepover, about to experience a night they’ll never forget. Receiving several spooky calls on an oversized pink phone about a mysterious admirer, the characters explore who they think might “fancy” them and why. Boasting parodies of...

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Musical Theatre Review (4/5 stars) 121 days ago

Swipe Right have developed their style and their skill from the 2 Become 1 show of 2017. This pastiche based on ‘Dream Phone’ (a ‘secret admirer’ board game) combined with the basic ingredients of any slasher movie is laugh-out-loud funny.

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Musical Theatre Musings (4/5 stars) 123 days ago

Scream Phone delivers exactly what you hope it would: a laugh out loud mickey take of American High School horror movies with a liberal dose of 80’s cheese thrown in for the perfect comedy musical.

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Culture Fix (4/5 stars) 125 days ago

Natasha Granger and Kerrie Thomason write Scream Phone a high comic homage to classic eighties and nineties horror films. This blend of raucous comedy and high camp eighties musical presents big laughs and plenty of crowd-pleasing appeal.

Scream Phone delights in embracing the camp of eighties’ popular culture. An unrestrained sense of humour and failure to take itself seriously ensures that it is a kitsch delight from start to finish.

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