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Dewey Finn, wannabe rock star, decides to earn some cash by posing as a substitute teacher at a prep school. There, he turns the straight-A pupils into a mind-blowing rock band. But can he get them to the Battle of the Bands without parents and the headmistress finding out? Based on the Paramount movie by Mike White. Book: Julian Fellowes. Lyrics: Glenn Slater. New Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber. ‘If you are looking for not just a musical, but one of the best comedy shows at the Fringe, look no further’ ***** (

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Sarah Docherty 33 days ago

I wish I could apologise to everyone who was sitting next to me for my constant laughter!

Went to support my friend Stephen Donaldson (who was fantastic may I add) and was blow away by the sheer amount of talent present on stage!

I have to say major props to Dewey who gave it his absolute all, legit nearly had me on the floor! His acting and singing was nothing short of incredible.

Selvie Hayward 36 days ago

This was incredible. All actors in it were amazing, and vocals out of this world. This specific production and cast would not be out of place on the West End! You are all stars. Wit, humour and fantastic renditions of songs! I am so glad I went to see this!

Shawn Chen 40 days ago

I really like this edition. And the group of talented performers really surprised me especially Summer and Miss Mullins.Tomika’s voice and Freddy’s drum play was incredible.Love the whole cast and can’t wait to watch they perform again.

Karen Tod 41 days ago

Wow what a show! I have seen the west end version of school of rock and this was just as good. Outstanding performances from all the cast. The actor playing Dewey Finn was amazing. Thoroughly recommended.

Claire 41 days ago

I saw the show this evening (13th Aug) and was blown away by the talent of the entire cast. The energy throughout was admirable. They must all be exhausted after every show! I don't like to pick out particular roles as I know how much work goes into shows like this from each and every participant so all I can say is bravo!
Stick it to the man!!

Russell Croal 41 days ago

A brilliant show! Throughly enjoyed School of Rock on Saturday evening. An amazingly talented cast of young people supported by some great adults too. As good a production as the one at the Playhouse last year. Well done.

Jean Bell 41 days ago

Me and friends came to see this production on the 12th of august and was blown away by the talent on stage! First of all the kids band was very impressive and all the ensemble were very strong putting there all into every number. Stand outs for me where dewy Finn (played by Aidan Cross) and summer Hathaway (played Violet Beattie) who both showed brilliant comedic acting and stage presence, they both played there characters perfectly and had great voices as shown in there solos and group numbers! As a whole, this production is a must see show with a truly talented cast. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bridget Nicholson 42 days ago

What to say about School of Rock. Wow, incredible, just rocking great fun!

As a fan of the movie I was unsure what to expect, with see musical that have came as a movie first I was no sure if I like it but wasn’t I wrong. I loved it and couldn’t stop smiling through the whole show.

Let’s start with the amazingly talented Aiden, what a difference a year can make. I’ve always been a fan of his stage presence from seeing him as a younger performer to seeing him play Mac, Gomez and Ally last year and he’s always just great but wow this character may as well been written for him! Outstanding energy, commitment and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him reprise this role one day on a big stage - west end!! Only thing why did he need to keep jumping on that sofa and jumping off the staging I was so nervous he’d hurt himself

Pete 43 days ago

Wow, what an amazing show , a truly impressive collection of talent on the stage , keeping you utterly entertained from start to finish . Have to mention three stand out performances, Aidan Cross who plays Dewy Finn perfectly, bags of energy, brilliant singing and great comedic delivery. Violet Beattie nails her character Summer with her loveable bossy ways and opens up the second act with a great song .Elyssa Tait who plays the shy Tomika , comes into full bloom with her stunning rendition of Amazing Grace which literally gave me goosebumps, and her heartfelt number If Only You Would Listen captures the moment spot on .Well done to all ensemble cast too . Only a few nights left , grab tickets , you don’t want to miss this one, Brilliant !

Angela Mckellican 43 days ago

I loved this show so much and they really made me want to be part of their band! Dewy was amazing , what energy and even when he broke his finger he carried on regardless! The girls in the band were so good, I didn't actually believe they were actually all playing the instruments! Absolutely fantastic. Their voices were all amazing especially Tomica (Katie Stuart) who was absolutely mind blowing with her rendition of Amazing Grace! The casting was perfect, I've come to realise this is par for the course with Captivate Shows. Alice as Summer was spot on too and played the role perfectly. Really enjoyed this show!

Sylvia Cowie 43 days ago

Wow, what a show! I knew it would be good as Captivate always produce great things, but I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the show itself. How wrong I was! The script is brilliant - really funny and cleverly written, and the music is so catchy. Of course, this wouldn't matter if it wasn't performed well, and it could not have been better! Aidan Cross is simply unbelievably good as Dewey Finn. His comedy timing is perfect, and his energy is unfathomable, he must be knackered! Running and jumping around, all whilst holding the show on his shoulders; singing a huge rock score; playing guitar; and engaging with the cast of children - what a talent! His interaction with the kids is lovely, and I'm sure they all look up to him as a performer as much as they do as "Mr Schneebly". The girls in the on-stage band are phenomenal musicians - it must be really nerve-wracking but their skills are impressive, matching the off-stage professional band. Violet Beattie leads the kids brilliantly as the manager, Summer. She shows comedy acting skills throughout, including her apparent lack of ability to sing, but then blows the roof off, opening Act II with Time To Play. Elyssa Tait also shows surprising vocals as Tomika, after remaining silent for most of Act I, she suddenly blows the audience away with a stunning a cappella rendition of Amazing Grace, leading the band from then on. The kids' ensemble are clearly having a ball, and are all really talented singers, actors, and dancers. Their voices and harmonies in If Only You Would Listen brought a tear to the eye. Ollie Hiemann is a perfect Ned - nailing the goofy aspects of the character but then also the hilarious transformation at the end of the show. Lucy Pedersen plays Patty well, and it must be hard to be the straight one while the whole cast are having fun around you! Dannielle Logan leads Horace Green well as the strict Ms Mullins, and her vocals really shine as her character develops. The adult ensemble do a great job of switching between parents and teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and would encourage anyone and everyone to go and see it!

Rico 44 days ago

I went to see School of Rock on Wednesday 9th after being given a flyer. I'd didnt expect much as didn't even know it was a musical and thought it was just a film but it was a huge surprise. The kids who actually played their instruments live were amazingly talented, especially the girl drumming! The other kids were brilliant too. The girl playing the shy girl (forgotten her name) had a lovely voice. Some of the kids in the chorus were really brilliant at acting in the background with their facial expressions and gestures. A girl with blonde ringlety hair and a short haired girl were brilliant at working off each other and made me notice them quite a few times.
For me, apart from the brilliant guy who played Dewey, the person I'll remember is the guy playing Ned. His entrance in his rock god gear made me choke with laughter and him and Dewey must have brilliant off stage chemistry too as you could tell they got each other. Anyway - it's my favourite show I've seen since i arrived in Edinburgh - go see it!

Ali Johnson 45 days ago

Went to see the show today (9th August). Aidan Cross's energy was infectious and his voice amazing. His comedic timing had us laughing out loud several times.
Ned was a brilliant best pal for Dewey and Patty was perfect at being unlikeable! Rosalie had a beautiful voice and the adult ensemble took to each role with energy and enthusiasm.
Now the! The whol group of kids whether they had a main part or ensemble were amazing. They genuinely put their all into every number and had me smiling and tapping my foot all the way through. Well done everyone!

Bobbie Minshull 45 days ago

What a fantastic show. Funny and full of very talented youngsters. Special shout out for Summer who was sassy, funny and very energetic with a great voice.

Ian 45 days ago

Simply amazing. With such a talented cast (Aiden Cross is absolutely stunning), great direction and of course great music one of the best shows I've seen on this year's Fringe. Get the ticket while you can!

RUTH MCDONALD 45 days ago

Wow what a show from Captivate Theatre at the fringe School of Rock was unreal! Quality of the singing and band was amazing and really funny too. Highly recommended

anna yates connor 46 days ago

i seen this yesterday (8th of august) and i was blown away by all of the talent everybody had! my favourite characters by far had to be tomika and ned. tomika ls actress had the voice of an angel and ned’s actor was just so funny and also sung incredibly (as did everybody else) highly recommend this show!

Douglas 48 days ago

Had only seen the Jack Black film until now and wow they really do fill those boots well. Amazing cast.. the main actor, who plays Dewey Finn is superb; his energy, comedic talent and singing throughout 2 hrs +. Fabulous acting and singing from Rosalie Mullins. The cast is roughly 12 adults and 23 kids who form the band.. live instruments and so many brilliant performances. Tomika's stunning solo songs, particularly of Amazing Grace top off an amazingly talented cast. Definitely go along.

Rachel Century 48 days ago

Wow! What a show! The energy among the cast was incredible and there are some amazing voices by the female leads - Miss Mullins and Patty. The kids are amazing, playing instruments live and singing.
The show makes the most of a limited set to great effect. Each song was better than the last and I wanted to get up and dance to 'stick it to the man'. Special mention must go to the main actor, who plays Dewey Finn. Such stamina, energy and a great voice. We really enjoyed the show!

Nancy Edinburgh 49 days ago

Fantastic show. Very entertaining with fabulous live music and singing. Would highly recommend.

Linsey Campbell 49 days ago

What a fantastic show! Funny, emotional and full of great music. Superb performances from the whole cast with live instruments and amazing vocals. Would absolutely recommend to brighten your day!

HZ 50 days ago

Marvellous!!!!! So much better than expected, must see!!!!!

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All Edinburgh Theatre (4/5 stars) 46 days ago

A hugely enjoyable show which will have you singing on your way out of the theatre.

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