Revenge – For the Count of Monte Cristo

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Revenge is a dish best served cold. Alexandre Dumas' classic tale of revenge, set in post-Napoleonic France, is reworked as a powerful and dynamic rock opera. We begin amidst Edmond's imprisonment and follow his escape and transformation into the Count of Monte Cristo. He plots and studies his enemies, those responsible for his false arrest and 14 years in jail. Will vengeance destroy his soul, or will he be able to escape his own terrible thirst for revenge?

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Iain Munro 36 days ago

The music was AMAZING! I wish I had it on a CD! Infact, I wish I had 1000 CDs, it was so good!

Ailsa M 36 days ago

What a great show, music and vocals were fab, what a rock Opera it is!!! Sword fights were fab and costumes were just great!

Antje 39 days ago

Fast paced, fun reimagining of the classic tale, with a confident, talented and enthusiastic young cast. Our entire group enjoyed the show - thanks for a great evening's entertainment!

Ele 39 days ago

Truly awesome show! Great music, fantastic drama and fast paced storytelling. Thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 10/10 would watch again!

Joanna 40 days ago

Great rock opera with really good voices, emotion-laden, good sword fights - what more can one want?

Sean P 41 days ago

Really tight ensemble cast with a well abridged version of the story and a nicely paced build to a moving climax. Thoroughly enjoyable entertainment!

Hito Saseke 41 days ago

First comment:
A cast list needs to be much more obvious for this production as the cast needs recognition for their hard work. I only managed to find the cast names after a staff member directed me to a QR code.

On the show:
The show is a short whirlwind of emotion, intensity, anger, and of course, REVENGE

The music is excellent, the lyricism especially is powerful and doesn't pull any punches with showcasing characters emotions.

The standard of singing was very high across the board. Particular mention must go to the lead of the Count, Lewis Carlyon. The Count operates at a high intensity throughout and maintains high energy whilst singing powerful rock Opera

Shannon Daly plays a convincing performance with power music theatre vocals

A highlight of the show is the sword fights at the end with Oliver Dir, Carlyon and Ross Jamieson

All performed with good singing too

I was impressed with this show.

Anne 42 days ago

Loved it! Full of energy and great storytelling.

Lori C 44 days ago

Excellent performances. Lead was outstanding

Melissa 46 days ago

Great vocal performances and an enjoyable show!

alison d 46 days ago

I loved this musical. It had a great rock opera vibe and the songs were excellent. The cast were all fantastic. I loved Lewis Carylon’s performance as Edmund and Ross Jamieson was brilliant too. Shannon Daly has an amazing voice and what a range! I would recommend this to all musical theatre lovers. Great direction too.

Claire Reidie 48 days ago

This show was out my usual comfort zone being a rock opera but it drew me in and I enjoyed it. The cast all had amazing voices. Would recommend

Micha & Shila 48 days ago

A great version of the essence of Dumas' book, fresh and gripping plus a musical score working surprisingly well with a more than 175 years old story. This and the utterly amazing cast definitely deserve a fully booked venue. Five stars from us.

Dylan Foster 49 days ago

This was a brilliant performance put on by a talented passionate group of performers. They highlighted all the best parts with such enthusiasm, it sucks you right in! A must see show!

Graham Robertson 50 days ago

Visited "Revenge" last night and wasn't disappointed . What a highly talented ensemble telling the tale of "The Count of Monte Christo". In essence it cuts straight to the chase being the second part of the novel - after "The Count" has escaped the Chateau D'If and is exacting his "revenge". A talented young cast sing their way through the tale as a rock opera and it works. Everyone is in great voice and display fantastic acting chops. Without spoilers there's a well choreographed fight seen too. Something for everyone here. You will not be disappointed.

Calum Philp 50 days ago

Incredibly impressive singing and acting from the entire cast! I was unfamiliar with The Count of Monte Cristo before watching this show, but the story was told so compellingly that I now want to read the book it's based on!

Gary Young 51 days ago

EXCELLENT - This was an excellent show, with great acting and strong singing by a very talented cast. Lewis Carlyon played the lead role brilliantly and was supported by a great cast. Highly recommended.

JULIAN Embleton 51 days ago

Just like it’s sister show Ripper, this was a really enjoyable hour spent with a very enthusiastic and talented cast handling the great story of Edmond Dantes’revenge with real believability
Great music, singing and storytelling and a definite one to add to your Fringe list. Excellent.

Bernadette 53 days ago

Absolutely fabulous show, the whole cast were fantastic especially Lewis (lead role)!

Faye Antonopoulou 54 days ago

Great acting, beautiful voices, rock opera style, ingredients that offer you a unique experience! Well done!

Rebekah Wright 54 days ago

Outstanding performance from the whole cast! As a first fringe experience this show was incredible.
Lewis Carlyon lead the cast excellently and his outstanding performance told the story perfectly! A full show in song is a challenge but this cast made it look easy!
Will definitely be going to another reconnect regal theatre performance soon!!

Brian Moodie 54 days ago

Exceĺlent. Definitely worth a visit. Very professional performance in a very intimate venue.

Phil 55 days ago

Really enjoyed this show - you quickly get into the whole Rock Opera style and the characters were played with real conviction. Would definitely recommend!

Jeremy Strickland 56 days ago

a wonderful show, the venue is in a convenient location as it is close to Princes St, but is a bit hidden away. A gem of a location - fairly priced drinks and polite service

I very much enjoyed Revenge, the show was entirely sung through and there wasn't a missed note in the whole production

A special part of the show is the ending sword fighting scene with the count and his nemesis fernando the movement was extremely clean and im very impressed with the two gentleman managing to sing so highly and clearly while doing an intense fight

4 stars from me, with a fuller set the show would receive 5

Kiera 56 days ago

An amazing show, with incredible music. Definitely worth a visit! Standout performances from Ross Jamieson playing the villainous Fernand with outstanding vocals, and Lewis Carlyon leading the cast with a mighty stage presence.

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