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Rave is an immersive experience that invites the audience to explore the vast and diverse world of electronic music through the lens of Pharos' unique sound. Blending elements of various genres, Pharos creates a sonic journey that spans from introspective and ethereal to ecstatic and euphoric. Using cutting-edge technology and innovative sound design, Rave offers a multi-sensory experience that engages the audience's body, mind and spirit. The pulsing rhythms, soaring melodies and mind-bending visuals create a captivating and unforgettable performance that celebrates the power of sound and technology to connect us to ourselves, each other and the universe.

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Gareth Gray 38 days ago

The description of this immersive 'show' was misleading to say the least and it's not often that I feel compelled to leave a negative review, but in this case I feel it's my moral duty. The visual aspect was totally underwhelming and felt a lot like a some kind of low budget High School Art project. It lacked any kind of cohesive narrative and felt a bit lazy. The 'cutting edge' technology is an LCD projector. From an audio perspective, it's a pair of PA speakers - music and sound quality best described as average I'm not sure who has been advising the 'artist' that this production was worthy of a paying audience but I really feel they haven't been entirely honest with him. If I could request a refund - I would. Totally disappointing and best avoided.

Nick Grosso 45 days ago

DO NOT SEE THIS! You sit down and watch an AI-generated video for an hour. The “artist” is trying to pass this off as art, when it is really a computer algorithm generating images. Note the lack of transparency that this was made with AI. On top of that, the show is not immersive at all. You watch the “film” on a small projector screen and music comes out of two onstage speakers. It’s boring, lazy, dishonest, and it goes against the creative spirit of the Fringe. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Anelda Grove 46 days ago

Great music and enjoyed the visuals but were deeply disappointed by the lack of it being an immersive experience. No one wanted to be sitting down and watch a rave. Do away with the seating and project the visuals everywhere. We left 15 mins in and went to a club for an actual rave.

Maria vK 46 days ago

Sadly not worth it for me.
Sitting down to watch a little projector screen and listen to ambient tech did not fulfill what was promised in the description.
The visuals looked impressive and trippy, but they are done with AI, which I find problematic, as AI image generators take exisiting images (art of other creators) and mash them toghether without giving credit. So you are basically showing other peoples work.
The idea and concept are good but it needs a lot of work, and some actal original visual art

Marisa Carrasco 52 days ago

The music and visuals are great but The music is low and you are seated so.....no worth it for me.
The idea of the show is amazing but it has to be standing, bigger screen and louder music...then....you can inmerse with the music.

Raver89 53 days ago

Good music but not a rave! Seated audience - why not let people stand and dance?
Sound and visuals could definitely be more immersive.

Good concept but could be so much better given the cool venue

Frederique Lemieux 58 days ago

Not quite the immersive experience suggested in the description. The visuals and music are great, but it's just a seated show watching a projector screen with visuals, and music playing at a low volume that doesn't really "immerse" you.

It falls VERY short of its true potential, for an immersive experience it could have done a hell of a lot more, especially considering an incredible venue like the caves. Probably best just to spend the money and go to an actual rave...

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 42 days ago

An on-screen acid trip that’ll suck you in and spit you out.

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