Queer Street

Theatre (lgbtq+, comedy)

  • theSpace @ Niddry St - Studio
  • 16:20
  • Aug 22
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Otterly Fabulous Productions
  • Warnings and additional info: None
  • Accessibility:
    Relaxed Performance
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Once upon a time, a load of gays and their cishet best friend walk into a bookshop, looking for love. Except of course no-one can agree, people are hiding things, and anyway, love is always unrequited so what’s the point? Meet Gee and Zae. Rich and Davie. Kallie and Chad. Three couples – or at least, they should be. But they don’t know that yet… Is marriage a patriarchal construct? Should best friends ever date? And what’s so great about queer tragedy anyway? Answers abound in this romcom, featuring eccentric authors, jealous exes, and fabulous, fabulous otters…

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Duncan Thacker 40 days ago

This play attempts to display a diverse range of queer people and queer relationships.

The play fails to do this. This failed on two significant points—the lack of non-monogamous relationships, discussions, or expectations. This oversight throughout the play thoroughly washes away any representation of progressive or existing queer relationships.

It also fails any discussions of asexuality in queer spaces. Every queer character is seemingly deemed valuable when in a queer relationship, almost neurotically there is no sense of personal queer joy and each queer person is "happy" when in a relationship. This is particularly abhorrent because it, unfortunately, perpetuates stereotypical relationships when it has all the opportunities to have interesting and progressive discussions with diverse characters.

The name Queer Street for this play is undeserved. This play is not about queer people it is about some queer relationships. It represents a small section of queer people, while everyone else in the queer community has no place to exist in this play. I am not suggesting that you need every queer label for every queer person, however, to earn a name like Queer Street you must at least discuss progressive queer ideas.

Outside of these issues, some characters are completely willing to throw away their personal beliefs, I feel, without sufficient justification or transformation in the characters.

isla west 41 days ago

smiled the whole way through

Iris Andromeda 41 days ago

A beautiful story of queer love set within a queer bookshop - amazing to see more shows with such positive representation!

Morten Dyrkilde 43 days ago

clever, funny, cute and wholesome. brilliant performance fro. start to end and it ended way too soon. cannot recommend this enough!

A Smith 43 days ago

An utterly charming play showcasing the complexities of queer love and friendships. It was lovely being able to see LGBTQ+ folks simply exist and laugh and love, and the actors had so much chemistry with each other. It was a joy to watch and I'd definitely recommend it, especially for people who want something to brighten their entire week.

Alice Rhodes 43 days ago

Queers and books... my two favourite things paired together in this sunny show! I loved the idea that this story represented a utopia where queer people can live, hang out and run a bookshop without the need for the entire story to revolve around what their label is, and that was beautiful to be a part of in this show. Another step closer to (I hope) more true queer representation in fiction and media everywhere!!

Beth Mc 43 days ago

This show was so nice- we had to watch it twice! We loved speaking to the cast mates handing out flyers alongside us so much that we had to go see their show. We were not disappointed! The story follows young, LGBT+ characters (and their token Cis-Het) navigating all different displays of love and relationships. There were moments of sheer joy and moments of sadness; this cast had me hooked and took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I even ended up audibly saying ‘what?’ upon my first viewing as I was so engaged and invested in their lives! There were no weak performers and I would recommend this to any person who is looking for a feel-good show at the fringe!

Sally Beety 54 days ago

A fun and colourful performance. I appreciated how hard everyone was working to make the show as entertaining as possible.

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