Theatre (new writing, lgbt)

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  • C venues – C aquila - studio
  • 19:40
  • Aug 10
  • 50 minutes
  • Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: The Voice Matters Theatre Company
  • Warnings and additional info: OtherSexual Themes
  • Babes in arms policy: Babies do not require a ticket
  • Policy applies to: Children under 2 years


Tonight’s the night. You know, the night. The night Stacey and Sam are going to… you know. But when the clothes come off, Stacey flees the scene, leaving her bewildered boyfriend half-dressed behind her. Embarrassed and confused, Stacey struggles to unpick exactly what her problem is with sex. From her unsympathetic boyfriend to her eccentric friends, no one seems to quite grasp Stacey’s dilemma, let alone herself, until she meets Owen. The story of a girl who wants everything and nothing to do with sex all at once, fighting the stigma surrounding what is ultimately just another sexuality.

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Susan F 95 days ago

Authentic portrayal of the complexity of human relationships. Engaging performances all round with some slick choreography. If you enjoy thought-provoking drama, highly recommend.

Lynn McEwan 96 days ago

Wow....a lovely piece of theatre exploring various aspects of sexuality and the problems that come with it when trying to discover who you are sexually. It was well written with the subject matter handled with sensitivity, and the performers were excellent....you left the show feeling a bit better educated in a subject that probably isn't talked about enough,although thankfully times are changing. The whole play was brilliantly executed, well done to the lighting and production team....I'd thoroughly recommend it.... but catch it soon,as it is only on until the 10th!!

Robin H 96 days ago

A beautiful piece on a topic that needs to be talked about more. With wonderful movement pieces and heartbreaking speeches, you left the room feeling educated and inspired to learn more. 5/5, a must-see, will definitely be keeping an eye out for more from The Voice Matters Theatre Company in the future!

Calum Fleming 96 days ago

Saw Purple at EdFringe and really enjoyed it! Particularly pleased to see the topic being given space but the bonus was that it was done with a really touching and authentic narrative. The cast worked well and the odd moment of abstracted choreography was just the right amount to give some extra flair as well as further the story in a physical way. Looking forward to what they bring next year!

Alexia K 98 days ago

A touching story on the confusion that comes with settling into one’s sexual identity. 2 intertwining stories that treated every single character with care and attention. The performances were so impressive and the pace spot-on, I did not want it to end.
The aspects of physical theatre felt new and necessary, fitting thematically and tonally.

Issy Halpin 98 days ago

Beautiful play both in writing and performance. Got lost in this thoughtful exploration of sexuality. Highly recommend - a must see!

P Goerke 99 days ago

A beautiful play about the struggles of figuring out your sexual identity when no one seems to understand just what you are feeling or saying. The plot was remarkably relatable and felt as if someone who understood the matter wrote it - not someone simply exploiting the issue. It was nice seeing representation for the lesser-known parts of the LGBTQ+ community being executed this well. The actors and actresses did a great job portraying their respective characters causing strong emotions towards their actions. Overall, a must-see for anyone who might have been in a similar situation in their life but even more for those who have had the privilege of never doubting who they are.

C Warren 99 days ago

A fantastic piece of theatre! Educational, eye-opening and moving, Purple tackles a complex topic in a very classy, informative and interesting way. Would highly recommend!

Bilaal Ahmad 99 days ago

Amazing play that explored asexuality in very organic way. Rather than being very in-your-face with the message, the play followed the story of an asexual girl instead, and as she learned about asexuality so did we. A good play to talk and think about afterwards so I would definitely recommend seeing it with others.

B M Turner 99 days ago

A magnificent piece of new theatre, excellently executed and perfectly presented for the modern audience. The writing is great and is performed with finesse. We left educated, inspired and delighted by our evening with the VMTC! A must-see at fringe.

P McP 100 days ago

A confrontational, well-orchestrated, important production. Opens up a very important conversation in an incredibly sensitive and crafted manner. Go go go see it!

JennyK 102 days ago

The girl is confused. Youth is the time to be confused. The play delivered by the young and undoubtedly talanted performers was the delightful touch to my memory of my youth. Would recommend to young and middle age audience.

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UK Theatre Web (4/5 stars) 92 days ago

One girl’s struggle with sexuality. Sensitively considering sexuality as a viable option. After a lively start they rapidly progress through a selection of short scenes which effectively establishes a variety of characters in a close friendship circle. The actors all play well, including some well choreographed group scenes

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