Public – The Musical

Musicals and Opera (musical comedy, lgbtq+)

  • Pleasance Courtyard - Pleasance Two
  • 18:30
  • Aug 28
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: Stroud & Notes and The Pleasance
  • Warnings and additional info: This show contains strong language and references themes relating to homophobia and mental health struggles including panic attacks.
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Usually avoid public bathrooms? Here's one you won't want to miss! This award-winning new musical follows four unlikely strangers who find themselves trapped together in a gender-neutral public toilet. With an hour to kill until maintenance arrives, the group navigates unexpected challenges, pungent opinions and some seriously sticky conversations. Created by queer-led theatre collective Stroud & Notes, Public – The Musical explores stories of identity, connection and compassion, alongside an electrifying pop/rock score. This will be a trip to the bathroom you'll never forget! Winner of the Pleasance's Charlie Hartill Fund and VAULT Origins Award.

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Rebecca Moessmer 30 days ago

Absolute wonderful musical, all four actors had AMAZING voices, the songs were fantastic, and I‘d love to have a recording of the musical (I’d buy it in an instant!).
It was a very nice exploration of these very different characters and their inner struggles and various experiences, with a lot of compassion und understanding for every one of them.
I actually wanted to see the musical twice (the second time was unfortunately cancelled because of illness, then it was sold out and then I had to fly home), but maybe they‘ll return one day to Fringe? I sure hope so!

Ara 33 days ago

Enjoyable from start to the end.


It has to return next year


Foteini Penna 34 days ago

One of this year's highlights!!

Paul 35 days ago

Just brilliant.
The right mix of fun and serious storytelling. Every character was so believable and so relatable. I want to see more by these people.

Rebecca Ellsworth 38 days ago

SEE THIS SHOW! Funny, moving, great songs, and incredibly strong cast. It’s tight and polished and 100% ready for a professional run.

Peter Mills 38 days ago

I’ve seen many musicals with just four characters who gradually reveal their true feelings during the hour. But this is one of the best I’ve seen. Funny, poignant with some very clever and witty songs. The four performers were excellent and you ended up rooting for all of them in one way or another. It felt very fresh and vibrant and I hope it has a future beyond the Fringe. Highly recommended.

JuleS 41 days ago

Musical comedy at its best. The setting was pertinent to the message and provided some moments of hilarity too. Singing right on point from all four cast members and comic timing was fab, especially "Zo". Loved it.

Andrew Shillaber 41 days ago

My stand out favourite of my first ever Fringe and just happened to be my first show - what luck! The fact that it is set in a public toilet is really secondary to the characters, their surprising stories, how they interact, the credibility of the interactions but the songs blew me away - no cheap gags in the lyrics but well crafted songs. Further to a previous review, I'd love this to be expanded and get on the west end - Im sure there is potential for this to happen. Wishing there was a soundtrack to buy too. Miss it and miss out!

Violaine Bigot 46 days ago

We love it!
We didn't know what to expect from a musical performed behind closed doors in a toilet, but it's a success! Very different from the others we saw in the Fringe, with a lot of humour and deeper themes.

Hannah Golding 47 days ago

We saw this on the back of a recommendation from a friend who had seen it (and even missed another booked show for it) and we were so glad we did. One of the most polished pieces we've seen so far with a good combination of comedy and thought-provoking discussion. The songs were great (and some we could see being extended if the show came to the West End as a longer length) and the performers were fantastic. It's definitely a "go see it or regret it" show.

Eva Bailey 47 days ago

One of the best shows I've seen this year at the Fringe. The actors all have ridiculously good voices (it was some of the best musical theatre singing I've heard maybe ever) and the premise of four strangers being forced to get to know each other was simple but highly effective. This is a glorious show about identity and tolerance with a feel-good, catchy soundtrack. I can see it heading for very big things in the future! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jason 47 days ago

No doubt the best show out of 16 we seen this year at the fringe - Funny, relevant, makes you think, great vocals acting and beats - definitely made me think and update my views, without it being a telling you how to think type of show. Kept telling everyone to watch and you should too!

Christian Staudte 47 days ago

In my opinion one of the best musicals I went to during the Fringe festival. Stunning voices, an absolutely great cast and a creative and extremely well-written story. I loved every second and would watch it again at any time!

Tate 48 days ago

Awesome musical. The songs are catchy, well sung, amazing voices, especially the cyclist! Took me by surprise but was sooo good. Loved the storyline too.

Pula 49 days ago

The most phenomenal musical I’ve seen this week and some of the best performers I’ve heard, possibly ever. Not only did this have a fantastic soundtrack, the story was a very sweet story about identity which was both entertaining and touching. Definitely my pick of the Fringe from all the performances we’ve seen this week

Ross Fraser 49 days ago

Seriously fun musical features 4 young people (who happen to have 4 of the best singing voices around) trapped in an out-of-the-way all-gender restroom. The awkwardness and potential hostility among the gay, straight and NB characters warms up amid illuminated songs. Although the context is humorous, a gentle reminder that we need to save our honeybees is much appreciated.

The Coupes 51 days ago

5/5 stars. Fantastic cast with great voices, amazing musical hits, tackling contemporary real life issues. A thought provoking piece with a simple but effective set, funny and enjoyable another must see!

Mx Mike 52 days ago

Loved every second of this. The cast are incredibly talented. Hilariously funny with catchy songs and has a lot of heart at its core. An important show about queer identities, social pressures and the beauty of human connection. Thank you

ROBERT GOODALE 52 days ago

5/5 Stars. This is one of the best musicals that I've ever seen. Not only does it have a brilliant score but it also tackles issues which most writers would steer clear of. Utterly pertinent, hilarious and superbly performed, this show is the must-see of the festival.

karen mcleod 52 days ago

This show is hilarious with 4 fantastic actors who have amazing singing voices!
The storytelling is witty and very current, and the songs are catchy and really draw the audience in.
5 stars - don’t miss it!!!

Lynda D 52 days ago

We went in to this show tentatively and unsure what to expect, but soon found ourselves enjoying the story that raises a variety of issues about diversity and inclusion as the story behind each character is revealed. I think most people can relate to at least one of the depicted characters. Particularly impressed with Andrew’s amazing vocal range!

Ry Herman 53 days ago

Really enjoyed this -- best show I've seen so far in the first week of Fringe. Great dialogue, great songs, great acting.

Becky 55 days ago

If you like archetypal middle-class characters, a dull plot, incongruous riffing and characters talking dialogue in one accent but then singing in an American accent, then this is the show for you. Joe Public will love it, but if you like musical theatre with integrity, this will offend you.

Ken Finkelstein 55 days ago

A wonderful show with a killer score and fantastic talent. Heading back to catch it again before I fly home. This might just be my pick of the fringe this time round.

Cee 55 days ago

5/5 stars
Public has been the highlight of my Fringe so far - a really original concept, which sensitively balanced different perspectives on gender/sexuality politics all whilst keeping the audience engaged with an incredibly catchy soundtrack. I was in awe of the cast throughout, each performer had amazing vocals and managed to evoke genuine emotion. Definitely one to watch!

Kathy 57 days ago

A very professional and well written musical diving into deep discussions on opinions and attitudes towards LGBTQ culture and mental health issues. I really liked that it balanced criticism both towards those who refuse to learn but also those who take 'the crusade' way too far - felt very balanced and humanised every character. The songs are catchy, pitch-perfect and funny. Genuine jaw-drop/gasps round the audience moment when Andrew starts singing solo - oh my god. His voice. Worth the ticket for that moment alone. Thoroughly enjoyed!

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