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A play, a pie and a pint all included in your ticket price! Contemporary interactive play and great craic. See website for further details: mcsorleysbar.com/events

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Chris G 91 days ago

There appear to be at least three shows under the APAPAAP banner this year. We saw Jonathon Oldfield’s ‘I Just Want Someone to Know I Was Here’ at a McSorley’s. The venue was great, and the pies and pints were in fine order. Despite his tender years, Oldfield is a skilled and engaging storyteller who quickly built a rapport with his audience. At the heart of the show is the mostly true tale of the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient artefact recovered from a shipwreck in 1901, which Oldfield uses as the basis of some gentle musing on the nature of memory, belonging and loss, throwing in some family history to illustrate his points along the way. It’s not flawless, and some could see it as a little pretentious, but there are far worse ways to spend an hour at the Fringe. I enjoyed it, but, as others have said, call it storytelling, call it spoken word, or a performance piece, this show is not a play. They seem to be stretching the Play, Pie, Pint brand too thinly at the moment and that’s a shame

Donnie Zuo 91 days ago

The young man was surely talented and got great energy, linking memories of his family members with the ancient tale of treasure box. His story exploring the contrast between the mundane and the grand, the individual and the cosmic, the periphery and the everlasting had some sparkling moments, but the idea needed more polishing to really connect with the general audience. McSorley's was a great place, and the pint and pie were nice. My first ever Fringe show, watched with two good friends. (a belated review on the Aug. 14 show, sorry)

Fiona A 94 days ago

A complete contrast to the legal ‘A Play, A Pie and a Pint’ of recent years. Today was I just Want Someone to Know I was Here. A gentle and amusing show but not a play. It was storytelling, so a bit misleading. Nice little show nevertheless.

Lorna T 97 days ago

Saw ‘I Just Want Someone to Know I Was Here’ today. A moving, funny and lovely piece of theatre, by a fantastically talented and charming storyteller, Jonathan. Pie was lovely too! Had a glass of orange juice as an alternative to a pint.

Chris Glasbey 103 days ago

The pie and the pint were both excellent. But no play! Instead it was an Australian man singing comic songs. I walked out.

1 star

Elizabeth Westwater 104 days ago

Disappointed, this was supposed to be a play, instead we got Michelle McManus, if I had wanted to see her I would have booked her show, no explanation was given as to why! This was not what I paid for

Louise Lambert 105 days ago

Went to this show on 5th August and was very disappointed. Any other “a play, a pie and a pint” has always given you the choice of a glass of wine instead of a pint - not McSorley’s. As my friend and I are both in our early 70’s a pint does not suit us. We could have had a soft drink but as we have always had wine in Le Monde at previous shows we were very disappointed. The pies were late coming out though they did taste good. Our main disappointment was the Show. A youngish man singing songs he had made up which were not even funny and had no continuity to them. No way could this be described as a play. We were lucky as it was 2 for 1 on the 5th - would have been more unhappy if we had paid full price. Got to say the staff at McSorleys were fine.

Removed 94 days ago

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UK Theatre Web (3/5 stars) 91 days ago

This show does exactly what it says on the tin; you get a pie (tasty), a pint (well, I chose wine) and a play. [...] An entertaining, and filling, way to spend a lunchtime.

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