Pink Lemonade

Theatre (new writing, lgbt)

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  • Assembly Roxy - Downstairs
  • 15:45
  • Aug 25
  • 1 hour
  • Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)
  • Country: United Kingdom - England
  • Group: The Queer House and HighTide
  • Warnings and additional info: Age Category: 14 and above (14+)(Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Language/Swearing)
  • Accessibility:
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Token Toni loves a bitta bashment and only dates Black and Brown womxn, my barber holds the cure to lesbian urges and straight women are like junk food. 'Your anxiety must of got lost in the smoke, cos there's that chair behind me, I slump nervously, your hands are over me, quietly you tell me, I've never given anyone a lap dance before, whaaaaaat?' Underscored by poetry, movement and original beats, Pink Lemonade is a solo piece of experimental theatre which explores femxle masculinity, racial fetishism, sexuality and gender identity. Presented by The Queer House and HighTide.

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  • Stairs: 11- 20
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  • Dates: 13 August
  • Interpreter: Stacey Green - Stage Left
  • Type: BSL
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  • Dates: 15 August
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Be aware that this show features:

  • Flashing Lights/Strobed Lighting
  • Loud/repetitive/high pitched/unexpected or overlapping sound
  • Distinctive smells
  • Heavily dialogue-driven scenes
  • Permission to move around and make noise
  • Show guide or synopsis or character list

Show does not feature:

  • Total Audience Black Out
  • Special effects (e.g. smoke/bubbles/pyrotechnics)
  • Latex balloons
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Bibi Schwithal 99 days ago

I'm struggling to find descriptive words for this beauty of a show other than 'hella queer', but I'm gonna try, because I worry it'll be reduced to things like 'necessary' or 'inspiring' or 'brave' otherwise. Pink Lemonade is gorgeous- aesthetically, to begin with, with a beautifully minimalistic set that makes me want to redecorate my bedroom asap. Lyrically, too. There is a rhythm to the writing that feels smooth, then rough, then soft, in all the right moments. There's playfulness around masculinity & femininity, around softness & vulnerability and the edges of how a story should be told. And the story isn't just told: it is danced, and moaned, and cheered on by the audience with groans of recognition. The brilliance of the show comes not just from the stage, but from the entire space- a queer space, a safe space, a space of both joy and pain, fostered by Mika's mighty performance. A brilliant debut.

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A Younger Theatre (4/5 stars) 70 days ago

Mika Johnson knows how to work their audience. Bathed in a fluorescent pink glow, Johnson surrenders to the beat of their mouth. Words tumble into the microphone held to their lips, though at times, their body does the talking. Blending spoken word, original music and movement, Pink Lemonade is celestial. When Johnson’s tongue piercing catches the light, their smile flashes silver – it is a cheeky, knowing grin.

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The Wee Review (3/5 stars) 77 days ago

  Disruption: The Future of New Theatre is a strand at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe that highlights different performances that take new and exciting perspectives on theatre. The performances are co-curated by High Tide and Assembly and one standout in the programme is Pink Lemonade by Mika Johnson. Themes of...

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The F Word 82 days ago

Pink Lemonade takes us on their journey, through a conversation with their mother about how they were uncomfortable having feminine clothes early on, through various bad jobs and bad relationships. Johnson’s words are visceral, quickly swaying between ethereal and beautiful to dirty and grounded, and are immediately enchanting, bringing you straight into their world.

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The Scotsman (4/5 stars) 87 days ago

Combining dance and spoken word, Mika Johnson’s dynamic, witty and moving solo show is about an affair that starts out sweet but leaves a sour taste. ...

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Miro Magazine (4/5 stars) 89 days ago

Mika Johnson's Pink Lemonade is a powerful fusion of spoken word and narrative, navigating queer life and falling for the cis-het stereotype.

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Fest (4/5 stars) 90 days ago

Growing up, Mika Johnson didn’t like wearing dresses or playing with girls’ toys. They note that we are constantly performing, like actors in a play. Combining spoken word, storytelling, dance and plenty of humour, they invite us into a dating life which centres around the concoction of a lemon cocktail....

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Broadway Baby (5/5 stars) 98 days ago

Writer and performer Mika Johnson delivers a powerful, poignant and relatable queer narrative, which voices the story of a masculine-identifying lesbian, navigating life and love through a heteronormative landscape. Johnson conveys a powerful voice for the queer community; storytelling at its best.Spoken word pieces are delivered to a backdrop of...

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The List (4/5 stars) 98 days ago

Crafty introspective on gender, sexuality and race...

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Whats On Stage (4/5 stars) 103 days ago

Mika Johnson's new piece – their debut at the Edinburgh Fringe – is sly, funny and full of a refreshing clarity. The story they tell is a very personal one about the meaning of trans-identity and the difficulty gender and sexuality labels pose when it comes to love. It's a...

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